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Four Mental Health Benefits of Taking a Vacation

“In a gentle way, you can shake the world. “ –Mahatma Gandhi

  “In a gentle way, you can shake the world."  –Mahatma GandhiAs our nation responds to the senseless tragedy in Florida with tears and calls for gun control, we each are wondering, what can I do?  Gun control is not the only answer.  Each of us has the answer… and the responsibility.  We have to do the work.  We can not just wait for the government to act.  While gun control addresses the symptom--violence--we can also look at the cause: dis-ease. 

Using Exercise to Boost Your Mental Health


Creating Your Own Reality

Creating Your Own Reality 

Your Brain Health Is Equally Important As Your Physical Health

 Everyone says you should eat less and exercise more and it’s true. Your body doesn’t need as much food as you think, and exercise is vital to maintaining your health. 

Mental Toughness and the Art of Suffering

What To Know About Dealing with Depression During Pregnancy


Have you Ever Lied to your Coach or Personal Trainer? This Could Be the Surprising Reason Why

 After writing this post on why men lie, it occurred to me that lying to coaches and trainers is probably a significant issue, so here we go!

Jack Lalanne’s Key to Being Unstoppable and a Bizarre Discovery about Human Nature

In an interview, I had the very fortunate opportunity to ask Jack Lalanne the questions I had been dying to ask him for 25 years. He was 93 at the time, two years before his passing. What’s your secret? How have you stayed so healthy and committed for so long? What makes the difference between a Jack Lalanne and an average person?