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Do Must Have Apps Equal A Smarter Business?


Sleep: You Need It!

Sleep and work out timing are crucial elements to consider when designing an athlete's training program. Physical performance is best from 3-6 pm in the afternoon, with strength peaking from 2-6 PM.

The benefits of meditation

I  was once convinced that meditation wasn’t for me.

Just Make it Work

Day 5 of our Personal Best 30 Day Challenge and my attempt at eventual transformation has proven more difficult than anticipated.  ARGG!  I am the leader!  I’m the one that has thrown down the gauntlet!    Am I going to let this challenge make minced meat out of me? I have stayed true to my 30 minutes of evening meditation however; my day game is way off.  Ordinarily, I wouldn’t beat myself up about this however; my goal is to augment my spiritual acuity, not redistribute it.   

Human Health and Physiology - Holistic and Otherwise (Part 2)


Human Health and Physiology - Holistic and Otherwise (Part 1)

The fundamental tenet of human physiology lies in the individual's outlook on how body, mind and spirit all mutually support each other in its health and well-being. Having realized that the body acts interdependently - your thoughts, emotions, and body parts all play a role in your overall health - people are now more inclined than ever to consider the wisdom of holistic health coming from a variety of non-local traditions.

Reduce your body fat by managing stress

Eating healthy and training hard at the gym can go to waste if you're not managing your stress. Stress causes the hormone cortisol to be released which can cause increased abdominal fat, elevated blood pressure, decreased immune system and blood sugar imbalance. Try attending a yoga class or tai chi, mediation and being in nature. 

Stress Reduction and Meditation in the Practice of Yoga


STRESS!!!!!!!! :)

Today is "Study Day" at UCA, which marks one special day of the semester when students will call/email/text to ask "When will you be in your office today.... I need to discuss my grade/talk to you about what I can do to get an A in your class....", to which I get to reply "I won't be in my office today."  Oh, the stress of being a student and/or a teacher (and/or ANYONE in the world today, really!)....

Yoga Essence and Energy Center Associations

A yoga essence is a way of living in communion.  Using a yoga essence in conjunction with our energy centers is specific to the symbolism and associations of various parts of our bodies.  For example our 1st energy center is located around the coccygeal plexus and incorporates the color red, community and success, the sound lahm and is associated with the essence of inclusion being without judgment of our bodies or others.  The 2nd energy center is located around the sacral plexus and is associated with the right to feel, symbolic of the