Blogs about Marathon Training

Goal Setting Success!

Chose a goal and make a PLAN!!!!!

Shamrock Marathon 2015

The Shamrock Marathon has become one of my favorite spring races.

Triathlon Training part 2: "The Need for Speed"

Ok triathlon athletes (this blog is also for biathlons, marathon, and other races you compete in) at this point you should be well within your conditioning phase. Continue with your squats, lunges, single leg touchdowns and core training. It’s time to add some speed training.

Marathon for Momo #4

Marathon for Momo number 4! Training was tough in the summer lots of hills in Rhode Island and lots of long runs alone but manageable. I was fortunate to find an awesome running partner about six weeks ago and we paired up very well with her fast pace and my slow pacing. And I was able to do some of my long runs with a Griffin friend in Rhode Island. Feeling strong and confident in my running, on a whim I decided to participate in the reach the beach relay during my training as well, which was a great challenge for me.

We got the Ultra for you!

Orlanda kicks butt outside the studio!

"Rick's Butt Kickin 24 Hr. Gorge Ultra Run Challenge"!

Cant find the perfect racing event? Create it folks!

My Tips for Running your First Full Marathon

-Do it with friends

My Boston Marathon Experience

Hello my name is Laura LaValley Morris from Massachusetts. I ran the 2013 Boston Marathon. And this is my story. My motivation to run the Boston Marathon stemmed from my daughter Momo’s journey with childhood cancer that began when she was two and a half years old. Running a marathon is the most symbolic way for me to represent her battle and courage.