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Fitness Now, or Dependence in your Senior Years

Tip of the Day: Leg Day Saturday ~ Exercise & Nutrition is only 2 keys to a great BOOTY.... Being comfortable in your OWN SKIN, being the authentic you, and doing it your way is the #1 step to having a very banging healthy body. When we're happy about who we are, we can do anything.

Stress Making You Fat...

Tip of the Day: Stress making you FAT...

Consistency is key to living a healthy lifstyle



 Men's Health came up with a list( yeah that is their thing because men have a short attention span) with foods that make you happy, healthy and help you live longer. Thought I would share. Introduce these to your pantry ASAP.

The YuBalance Philosophy

Emerging from Yu (a Tao term for being) assembling with the English word for balance (equilibrium, steadiness) is a philosophical approach to attaining sustainable lifelong wellness.  In a culture fixated on instant gratification,

Why sleeping will help you lose weight and make money

If you want to make more money and lose weight you have to read this!