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Tips on How to Care for your Beard

Healthy hair is a sign of having a good health. In the human body, hair is the fastest growing tissue. The hair follicles derive the nutrients from the blood below it. Any nutrient deficiency will definitely show its affect on the quality of the hair. Some of the food varieties that nourish the hair with all the best combination of nutrients and vitamins are salmon, green leafy vegetables, beans, nuts, eggs, whole grains, oysters, carrots, low-fat dairy products.

Time Management Tip of the Day: YOU'RE LYING TO YOURSELF...

YOU KNOW YOU GOTTA EXERCISE, you know that don't you??? Yep, sure you do! And the #1 comment every women makes is, "I JUST DON'T GOT THE TIME, after the kids, the house, the dog, cat and everything in between, I'm pooped!" YOU DO HAVE THE TIME! YOU'RE JUST NOT SCHEDULING EXERCISE INTO YOUR WEEKLY TO DO LIST! That being the case you're CHEATING on the CEO of your ohana.

Fitness Now, or Dependence in your Senior Years

Tip of the Day: Leg Day Saturday ~ Exercise & Nutrition is only 2 keys to a great BOOTY.... Being comfortable in your OWN SKIN, being the authentic you, and doing it your way is the #1 step to having a very banging healthy body. When we're happy about who we are, we can do anything.

Stress Making You Fat...

Tip of the Day: Stress making you FAT...

Consistency is key to living a healthy lifstyle



 Men's Health came up with a list( yeah that is their thing because men have a short attention span) with foods that make you happy, healthy and help you live longer. Thought I would share. Introduce these to your pantry ASAP.

The YuBalance Philosophy

Emerging from Yu (a Tao term for being) assembling with the English word for balance (equilibrium, steadiness) is a philosophical approach to attaining sustainable lifelong wellness.  In a culture fixated on instant gratification,

Why sleeping will help you lose weight and make money

If you want to make more money and lose weight you have to read this!