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I have the best, most passionate clients ever! They all come into my studio and kick butt, working toward their goals but never forgetting that it is the "Journey " that is of most importance!


It's another great day in the Columbiarivergorge to train for the #CanadianDeathRace2015 ! #Thetrainer #insideoutfitness #hoodriver #personaltrainer #functionaltraining #fitness #ultramarathon 

Try this!

The "Altitude Training Mask" works great for helping you regulate your breathing! Give it a try! #Thetrainer #insideoutfitness #hoodriver #personaltrainer #functionaltraining #CanadianDeathRace2015

Awesome clients!

My clients are awesome! One of my clients, Erik, came up with the idea of walking here at home for the entire time( exact time I will be  running the #CanadianDeathRace2015 on August 1st 2015) I will be doing my race! They call it "IOS( Inside Out Fitness) Death Support "How cool is that? His girlfriend, Orlanda, will join in and Jean, another client, seems to be on board as well! Don't know how many others will do it but I absolutely love the idea! What wonderful clients!

Canadian death race!

Take responsibility! You will be glad you did!

Change your mind and stuff really changes!

Small and move ahead consistently!

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