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Thanksgiving is not your last meal;) Check out my column in the paper!

Nutrition Tips for Staying on Track When You’re Dating

Many people gain weight when they start dating because they will go out to eat more often and drink more often, especially when they are first dating someone.

Mistakes that Keep Millions Overweight

Two-thirds of all American adults are overweight. More than 110 million Americans are on weight loss diets. The average person makes four or five attempts to lose weight each year!

Diet or Exercise: Which is Better for Weight


Foods to Improve Athletic Performance

Shakeology and Nursing

Moms often ask questions about Shakeology and nursin

Secrets of Very Fit People

Many people who want to get into shape are often looking for the Secrets of Very Fit People.

Gaining Weight Without Gaining Fat


The Most Important Meal of the Day Isn't Breakfast! A Post-Workout Meal Can Make or Break the Day

Eating After a Workout