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Gaining Weight Without Gaining Fat


The Most Important Meal of the Day Isn't Breakfast! A Post-Workout Meal Can Make or Break the Day

Eating After a Workout

Carbs! The enemy! Or your greatest ally in weight loss?

We’ve all heard it—cut out carbs to lose weight.  Carbs turn straight into sugar.  Only eat complex carbs.  Never have bread!  Put down the cookie, NOW.  Sure, there may be some truth to the effects of certain carbs, but the hype has gone far beyond helpful and into the land of false advertisements.

How bad do you really want to...or what it takes to get lean

P { margin-bottom: 0.08in; } Are you waiting for the “perfect gimmick ” to start eating better, or exercise more ? You are looking at magazines and think...

Pumping Up the Protein for Vegetarian Bodybuilders


In the beginning...

Which came first? The chicken or the egg? The egg or the chicken? Undoubtedly, you have heard this conondrum before. But have you ever wondered why? Some of you wonder why anyone would eat a filthy chicken or its eggs in the first place. Others, just the opposite - they love it and would eat it daily! In the wake of the never ending firestorm of commercials, books, ads, etc., you have been overwhelmed by the sheer ability of the billion dollar ad companies to tell that what you were told you were supposed to hear and is absolutely the answer to your problem.

Summer time delight for the mind and body - Smoothies


Avocados the Super food

Avocados......contain nearly 20 vitamins and minerals

Women and Weight Gain

Does frequent sitting result in weight gain for women? This question was explored by IDEA, Fitness Journal March 2015, and based on a study published in Preventing Chronic Disease 2014; 11, 140286, it seems that way.

Coconut Oil“ Is It a Good Oil?

It seems daily I have people contacting me about my thoughts on coconut oil… Is it a good oil? I am sure that you have seen coconut oil be more prominent in nutrition articles and other nutritional information.