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What Marketing Does not Tell you!

For some odd reason people will believe total strangers on answers for their health questions without any questions to their own backgrounds. Why is this? And what have they learned?Pills are the miracle way to make you look and feel better...FalseBe smaller then you were in Highschool by surgery or lasik....FalseGluten is bad....FalseCarbs are bad....FalseFat is bad.....FalseEat carrots, apples and bananas.... Umm ever heard of any other vegetables or fruits? 

The Art of Setting and Achieving High Expectations

The top educators in the world list "Setting High Expectations" as a priority step to reaching great achievements: a belief that WONDERFUL THINGS ARE going to happen to you!  From your first hot air balloon ride, to switching careers, to changing your health habits: aim high to reach high in your life.  Once you set a high expectation, plan 1. Resources, 2. Timed Steps, and 3. Support to move from belief to reality.  

Get Active! Find your motivation to exercise

We’ve all been there. Too tired, too busy, we skip the workout we planned. We know exercise is beneficial: it reduces stress, helps prevent chronic health conditions, manages weight, and increases energy levels. When excuses are all too handy, motivation is hard to come by.

It's been a while. Here's what's been on my mind this past week.

It has been a while since creating a new blog post.  For that, I apologize.  Not that I am the most important person in your world to pay attention to, but I do feel as though I can provide some good information to like-minded individuals.  So here's what has been on my mind this week.

10 Reasons Protein Is Even More Important for Women

 A mouth full of fudgy frosting on your birthday, a fork full of toasty pecan pie at Thanksgiving, a cold bowl full of cookies ‘n cream on a hot August afternoon: These time-honored treats are among life’s sweetest pleasures, meant to be savored and enjoyed.

Desk Job Got You Down? Power Up With These Healthy Tips

 We all know fitness is essential to our health and well-being. Whether weight loss is on your list of priorities or you’re simply working toward a healthy lifestyle, obstacles may block your process. As adults, we may be busy with kids, the house, work, and countless other demands of our lives. Many responsibilities are unavoidable and must come first. 

5 Fat-Fighting Burger Toppings

5 Fat-Fighting Burger Toppings Melty cheese, sweet carmalized onions, lashings of aioli: it’s often the little “extras” that make a burger memorable—and highly caloric.

Different Kinds Of Sports Medicine Doctors

Whether you are an active athlete or looking at entering the field of sports medicine, you should know that there are many different roles a sports medicine doctor could play. All of these participants are medical professionals who may specialize in or focus on one particular area of sports medicine.Training-oriented and/or non-injury related sports medicine fields

Assure Safety Instead of Adverse Consequences

The Rise of ClenbuterolClenbuterol is one of the fastest growing weight-loss supplements that many people are now preferring, from all over the world. Clenbuterol actually encompasses many features like being an effective thermogenic and also being a great bronchodilator, that compels many people to use it for the sake of losing all those extra weight that simply make one look flabby. The Shared Online Pictures