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Invited International Presenter at FIBO European Convention 2017

Presenting the latest exercise recommendations and practical application solutions for physically inactive overweight or obese clients at the largest European educational event for fitness professionals in Cologne, Germany.

Introducing ACE Health Coach certification in Greece

Raising the bar of professional credentials in the health and fitness industry in Greece and introducing the ACE Health Coach certification nationwide during the 26th International Health & Fitness Congress by the Greek Athletic & Fitness Training School (GRAFTS) in Thessaloniki, Greece.

The Trip Of A Lifetime

A Trip of A Lifetime - AntarcticaAntarctica is one of the top 25 places to visit on the planet.

Tips for Searching for Affordable Health Insurance

Tip 1 : Make a decision if a Basic plan Fits Your Requirements Among the simplest ways to maintain your regular monthly expenditures incheck is to choose a high-deductible health plan (HDHP). You'll have reduced costs, yet also a great deal even more risk if something unexpected ought to occur-- they're called high-deductible prepare for a factor. 

Experience Risk-Free Smoking With High-Quality E-Liquid Juice

3 Steps: How to Lose Weight in 10 Days

 Whatever you should lose weight weight can be discovered in your own home. In 10 days, you can safely loss 2 to 3 pounds; any more than that in such a short time means you probably have actually lost water weight and will just as rapidly regain it. 10 days should be enough time to take on new habits for continuing to reduce weight gradually or to maintain your weight loss. 

Nutrition and Balance

March is nutrition month so I want to cover some nutrition information today. When you eat food, it reacts upon your body in various ways. One of the ways in which it impacts your body is in regards to what it leaves behind inside your body. Some foods leave acid, such as, sulfuric acid, carbonic acid, phosphoric acid, while other foods leave minerals. So foods can be categorized as acid-forming or alkalizing.

An Ounce of Prevention

Good Morni

Armodafinil the best nootropic for sleep disorder

 Nootropics are the next big thing when it comes to smart drugs.A sleep disorder can affect your life in ways that are hard to tackle, whether you have included nootropics in your daily bag of drugs or not this is an article you must read if you are a drug enthusiastic.