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Aesthetic Solutions

Aesthetic SolutionsAesthetic Solutions is pleased to be an active research center, partnering with pharmaceutical and medical device manufacturers to bring the most advanced treatments to our patients. If you think you may be interested in participating in a future study, please register below and we will contact you to provide study information as it becomes available.

South Lake OBGYN

South Lake OBGYNYour relationship with your Obstetrician/Gynecologist is extremely important to your health. Open communication with your doctor is the key to good health throughout your life, and finding a physician that you can trust with YOUR body is sometimes difficult. Our providers at South Lake OB/GYN are here for you; we listen to your concerns, and offer sound medical advice.

10 Tips to Reduce Stress and Anxiety (The End of the Year Blog)

While I'm not sure that I will be able to give you anything as good as last year's holiday/end of year 'zombie twinkie' blog ( ) I found a couple of handout s(while I was doing some end of year cleaning)

Diabetes Mellitus In Puppy Breeds

Depression has been found become a major cause of suicide. Diabetes is detected by a fasting blood sugar test. Type 1 all forms of diabetes is definitely given insulin.

Weighing In On Type2 Diabetic Issues

However, these human hormones block insulin receptors thereby reducing the response of insulin. Fortunately nowadays there are many others treatment options readily available for dealing with it in the event you find yourself with it. The capture is the fact that the program will cost you $10,000. My personal grandma accustomed refer to it as "sugar all forms of diabetes." Motion pictures, (and a former Red Cross instructor of mine), have actually sometimes puzzled apparent symptoms of low blood glucose and high blood sugar levels.


The holiday season is upon us. You’re feeling thankful that you’ve survived this year’s Thanksgiving, and all those commercials with smiling friends and families are saying, “ ’tis the season to be a smiling bundle of joy.” ’Tis also the season when numerous holiday parties, time with friends and family, sales and shopping, driving and decorating, laughter and games all take their toll on your energy reserves and soon to be, oh-so-fragile psyche.

Eat your fruit, don’t drink it

Did you know there are about 95 calories in an apple but 120 in a small glass of apple juice? An orange has about 60 calories while a glass of orange juice is nearly double that at 112. Plus, if you eat the fruit, you are getting lots of fiber and vitamins and avoiding preservatives and extra processing chemicals. The fiber in fruit not only gives you more bang for your calorie buck, but also balances the natural sugar and keep it from going straight to your bloodstream and shooting your insulin up.


Before starting a new exercise program or diet of the week, ask yourself, am I really ready to change my lifestyle? Because that’s exactly what it’s going to take to reach your goal. If you’re not ready and you begin a new program or diet you will not be successful. You will end up cheating or quitting and then you’ll be disappointed in yourself and frustrated. So, let’s get real. 4 minute abs doesn’t mean you will get a six pack in 4 minutes.

Simple Tips to a Healthier Lifestyle

It’s been said that if we don’t have our health then we have nothing. I would say that is a very true and accurate statement. Yet is surprises me how few people take the necessary steps to lead a healthy lifestyle. Remember that you only get one body, so do with it what you will, but if you aspire to an old age then heed some of my advice below.

Fitness, Health, and Resistance Training

What’s the first thing that you do after you plunk down your money at the local fitness center? Why, you sign up for your fitness evaluation and testing so the club’s fitness expert can design a program specifically to meet your needs. Sounds great doesn’t it. So professional. My gosh, with a program designed specifically for you, you’ll have the body you want in no time.