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Going Backwards!

So I recently shared I had added some new supplements into my routine to re-energize my workouts. Truth be told, I have been working out for over thirty years now, and it can sometimes be hard to stay focused.

Fitness on a Budget: Your Go-to Guide


Overcome your fear of hospitals

 It might be the clinical corridors flanked by blank white walls; maybe it’s the scent of illness tinging the air; perhaps it’s the doctors and nurses with the same bedside manner as a slab of rock.Whatever the reason, you have a fear of hospitals – and you’re not alone.Known as Nosocomephobia, the excessive fear of hospitals is a blight facing many of us. And while understandable, it could be damaging your health.

Get Your Own Gym in Osborne Park Equipment!

Strength and fitness is a real attention for most individuals nowadays. With riotous lifestyles and anxiety filled work situations wellbeing is an optional attention for a lot of people. With terrible dietary patterns and sporadic suppers coupled with no activity bodies have a tendency to feel the full impact of this anxiety and lifestyle ailments like circulatory strain, heftiness, cholesterol and so forth is uncontrolled. One way that is advantageous is by joining a recreation center.

Get Active! Find your motivation to exercise

We’ve all been there. Too tired, too busy, we skip the workout we planned. We know exercise is beneficial: it reduces stress, helps prevent chronic health conditions, manages weight, and increases energy levels. When excuses are all too handy, motivation is hard to come by.

Ways to Increase Muscle Mass

Everywhere you look in the media is adorned with beautiful people with sculpted bodies. Due to this, it seems that virtually everyone is looking to improve their own personal appearance now a day. While this isn't a bad thing as a healthy looking person is in most cases leading a healthy life, perhaps you're looking to take things a step further. Maybe you want to really bulk up or have even considered going into bodybuilding. If this is the case you're going to not only change your lifestyle, but change it dramatically. 

Finding the Best Health and Beauty Remedies

People are getting more and more aware of the importance of their health and appearance. Today, people of all ages are using different health and beauty remedies in order to maintain or improve their appearance. Those who are young want to slow down the process of aging while those who are a little bit older want to take care of their health. Probably the easiest way to do that is to visit the local retail store and find all the products that can improve the way we look and our health in general.


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What It Means to Commit 2B Fit

When I picked out my business name, I liked the sound of it, etc, but it didn't really sink in until recently that the word "commit" is so powerful!  It makes people either run for the hills or "hunker down" and do what they say they are going to do.  When one says they are going to commit to something, it's when the head and heart come together and make things happen.  Energy is produced to propel one forward towards reaching and conquering the goal, the dream and the desired outcome.

10 Reasons Protein Is Even More Important for Women