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Take the 30 day plank challenge

Challenges are great fun for most people. It is an easy and competitive way to achieve goals. These achievements can be made even more special when they fall in the realm of fitness. So when you read about 30-day challenges to get rid of love handles of flatten your tummy or even become stronger then you simply have to ‘sign up’ isn’t it? And truly it does not get easier than the 30 day plank challenge.

Avoid the Unwanted Pregnancy with Assisted Reproductive Technology


The Science Behind Sweating AFTER You Exercise in Menopause

My client asked me the other day:"I am running on the treadmill and I am sweating a little. You know that I am not a runner, but I am pushing pretty hard for my fitness level. I don't drink much water because I don't feel thirsty. But then about 20 minutes after my workout I start sweating like crazy! This can't be a hot flash right? What’s going on?"

The Gift of Health - 5 top gifts

Here are 5 top gifts of health for 2016. Make someones life better. Give the gift of health.Merry Christmas!1) personal training/health coaching sessions2) massage/spa package3) gym or class membership 3) Fitbit4) juicer5) vacation getaway 

Own Your Menopause. Stop Making Excuses.

 I just saw a website selling a T-shirt with the following slogan on it: “Don’t blame me - blame the Menopause”. Funny right?

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Facts about Pseudogynecomastia and Gynecomastia

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Top 5 Health and wellness Tips for Women