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3 Quick & Easy Solutions To Stop Your Sugar Cravings Part II

In part one of the sugar crush series we saw what happens when your sugar crush gets the best of you. Letting that sink for a little it’s time to move on. In this part I show you quick and easy solutions to stop your sugar cravings.

In Defense of Facts

It's been too long. Summer "vacation" is here (I'm using the term vacation liberally here) and I'm trying to get back into some activities that I have been neglecting: training, leisure reading, and writing (here and all the research I've been doing). I hate to have to start off with this thing that's been on my mind but I just can't help myself.

3 Common juicing mistakes that you should avoid.

Juicing is amazing and if you do it right, you are opening your body up to another universe of marvelous supplements that you may somehow or another have attempted to get in your eating regimen. It is one of the most ideal ways you can surge your circulation system with high measurements of vitamins, minerals and cell reinforcements that will give you an amazing boost of life.

How Safe Is Your Gym Equipment? 7 Things to Consider

 The equipment at your local fitness facility (or in your home gym) is probably designed to keep you safe. But at the same time, these pieces of equipment often involve fast moving parts, or heavy weights, or are used while you’re in a vulnerable position.

A personal invite to stronger living

That's great just remember that one size doesn't always fit all. Have fun with it and modify as you see fit.  Also, if you ever have any specific questions about your routine or how to optimize your use of the machines, free weights, or core exercises, let me know.  If you can prioritize sleeping smarter, lowing chronic stress and inflammation, utilizing better hydration strategies, and creating quick and easy healthy snacks from more nutrient-dense items that would be great and you will on your way to living stronger. 

A Few Tips To Spice Up Your Health

Spices can really improve health, and can even help you to reduce the chance of cancer. They can slow down or fight off the growth of tumors, and to top it all off, they add flavor to your food. Don't skimp on the spices, you never know how many health benefits you could be getting just by adding a touch of this or that to your meal.

Special episode shared!

So, I'm a little bit of a podcast junky. I like finding and staying in-tune with the leading health concerns of our day.

When more calories are better.

A strong immune system and intact musculoskeletal system are kind of the minimum requirements for doing life well. Getting adequate protein and nutrition is essential. What’s enough you ask? How strong and healthy do you want to be? Do you want the minimum or the optImum? Average rates of death and disease or above? Bottom line: if this is important to you, get it into your body any way you can. For example, you can eat more spinach when it’s cooked vs a spinach salad. If you don’t like broccoli get the phytonutrients from a quality supplement.

Treating and preventing shoulder pain.

Having any issues with your shoulder can be hurting, popping or even tightening, it is very important to take it seriously before the damage can extend. Depending with the condition that you are experiencing, you should to talk to a specialized medical practitioner and initialize a customized treatment plan as well give solid advice on how you can ensure there is easier and quicker recovery. Each shoulder condition is unique and proper care must be administered to the individual. The following are the three major ways that you can prevent and contain shoulder pain

Top 5 Health Benefits of Playing Baseball

According to pundits, Baseball like other sports has many benefits to individual players. These benefits range from psychological empowerment, character sharpening, and have tremendous health benefits. Health is a widely studied field in general sports, and fortunately, many professional and hobbyists baseball players exhibit positive impact due to playing baseball. The benefits that a baseball player get from playing baseball overweighs many hours spent on the matches and physical efforts.