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Reality knocks hard

Huge Eye Opener from CDC

If the CDC does not allow these products in their offices, why are you still using them? Are you aware that people who may seem unsociable may actually have multiple chemical sensitivity? Being around chemicals causes irritations that you may not be aware of ...yet. 

5 Gym Germ Hazards You Should Watch Out For

Going to the gym is beneficial for your health. Many people would say that this is a no-brainer, but the reality is a bit more complex.  Namely, without alertness to the dangers that creep in gyms, you may get more than sculpted body and mean muscles there. It is quite easy to catch the other gym visitors’ germs and this can induce health problems such as cold, athlete’s foot, and even deadly infections. Here are some of the most perilous and common threats and how to keep them at bay.

Having Your Pumpkin Pie And Eating It Too, while knowing the difference between skill building and will power

This pumpkin pie was a treat given to me by one of my Pilates clients after my first lumpectomy last November. And yes, it's not a cancer fighting food. It's a celebratory one. "Once in a while a little treat is ok," said my doctors and nurses when I called them about this little slice of pie. Hey, I didn't want cancer again. So this is a case where I was told, it is okay to have your pie and eat it too.

How to find the Best Dental Clinic near your Local Area?

Social media is not restricted to the young! Nor is it restricted to big business organizations. Even dental practices such as yours can benefit greatly by engaging with people on social media. Keep this maxim in mind and you will always know why social media is important for your dental clinic – your practice is made because of your patients talking about it.

Weight Loss vs. Fat Loss


6 Natural Remedies for Kidney Stones

The kidneys are one of one of the most important organs in the body. The kidneys help to detox as well as filter contaminations from the blood, along with waste products from your pee. Kidney stones form when the kidneys are not able to refine toxins successfully. Particularly, a crystallization of unrefined minerals builds up.

Mistakes to Avoid as a Practicing Life Coach.


Most people who wish to undergo orthodontic treatment would like some flexibility when it comes to paying for the cost of the treatment as it is an expensive affair. Many of our patients want to know if Medicaid would be able to cover their charges or if there is some way we can help them to pay in a manner that is less burdensome for them. We will try and explore all the options that you can utilize to get on with your treatment without having to stress too much about how you will meet the costs.

Is Your Exercise Program Suffient to Keep You Independent to Age 90+?

Active aging, being physically active, exercising regularly and staying engaged in life are important in the maintaining our function, health, fitness and perfomance. But, face it, when we get older, the body is changing and the exercise program we have been doing may not be appropriate when to maxizing function and fitness is the goal.