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Huge List of 94 Best Body weight Exercises Ever for Men & Women !!

Just like the gladiators, the strongest and fittest survive ... and they also get noticed. The Spartacus Workout: Body-Weight Excercise is a proven, high-intensity workout that trains every inch of your body at homeJust take 30 minutes to pump up your body and TURN ALL YOUR MUSCLES ON!

Los Angeles Sentinel interview with Ant Cephas on mobile gym training with various types of equipment.

Cruise by Rancho Cienga Park, Kenneth Hahn Park, or any local park in Los Angeles, and you will see people pretty much roll out their own gym as they unload all kind of workout equipment.   

Revolutionary Road to Building Capacity

A Ferrari F-430 can go from 0-60 mph in about 4 seconds, depending on the year it was made. But it's a machine.