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Stretching is a waste of time (I didn't say that)

So I came across a video by a couple of physical therapists that explained how stretching is a waste of time unless it addresses a specific issue. These guys were thorough, had a bullet point reference on the matter and explained each point clearly. While I somewhat agree with the science of it all, I vehentmently disagree on the holistic side of it. 

FUN.68 from Client's view

وقتی یه کاری رو شروع می‎کنیم همیشه دوست داریم مستمر و مداوم ادامه‌اش بدیم، اما گاهی این کار خیلی سخته به ویژه وقتی قراره اون کار ما رو کیلومترها از دایره‌ی امنمون خارج کنه؛ دو ساله که متعهد و مداوم سر کلاس‌های Functional صبا حاضرم، این تدوام یک انگیزه‌ی قوی می‌خواد و این همون چیزیه که یه مربی محشر می‌تونه به وجود بیاره، یک مربی که آ

Taking Care of the Calf, Agility and a Great Recipe

A few ramblings all newsletter style.Read up on what I think is a forgotten calf stretch (at least I don't see anyone doing it) a new toy I bought myself and a GREAT recipe for the vegetables lovers. I made this dish the other night with some roasted chicken and Mmmm mmm! My wife loved it, I loved it and my two Pugs may have gotten a piece of carrot or two. 

Research presentation at the 2017 ACSM Annual Meeting

Trying to bring more scientific evidence to the health and fitness industry! Poster presentation at the 2017 ACSM Annual Meeting in Denver, CO. The top researchers in sports medicine and exercise science from around the globe are here! 

Invited International Presenter at FIBO European Convention 2017

Presenting the latest exercise recommendations and practical application solutions for physically inactive overweight or obese clients at the largest European educational event for fitness professionals in Cologne, Germany.

Invited International Presenter at PFS Convention 2017

Saturday, March 25, 2017, 5.00pm-7.00pmWorkshop 1 - Circuit Functional High-Intensity Training: From theory into practiceSunday, March 26, 2017, 12.00pm-2.00pmWorkshop 2 - Resistance Training & Cardiovascular Exercise: How can I combine them?Nicosia, Cyprus

Functional Training: Shoveling Snow

I know, I know: what we call “snow” here in North Carolina is different from the places with REAL snow. And even I have to admit that one inch does not seem noteworthy. But it ultimately does not matter how much there is to shovel. My point is that we train people so that they CAN shovel snow without needing ibuprofen or a visit to the chiropractor after the event.   

Abstract Podium Presentation at NSCA National Conference 2016 in New Orleans, LA

A 4-month circuit functional high-intensity training progmam improves body composition and performance in sedentary overweight or obese women.

Top global fitness trends under the microscope of science-based research!

39th Annual NSCA National Conference in New Orleans, LA.