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The One Leg Squat Watch Points

The one leg squat watch points from Daniel Wellard at Physio4life

What to do for Arthritis in the Knee

Many times as we age arthritis can build up in certain joints. The knee is one of the joints that is more susceptible to arthritis.

Fitness Exercises For Men At Home with Busy Schedules

We all know that health and fitness should be a top priority in your life no matter what. After all, you only have one body and the better care you take of it now, the better off you‘ll be later in life.

Burpees, why they are so popular

Most people have heard of a Burpee, some know what they are, some don't, and some think they might know what they are but aren't exactly sure. Whether you are a beginner or an advanced athlete, burpees are becoming very popular in workouts. When completing a burpee, a person drops down to a low squat, places their hands on the ground and jumps their feet back behind them so they are in a push up position, does one push up, jumps their feet back to the squat position and then the person jumps straight up in the air (burpee #1) and returns to the squat position to start burpee #2.

3 Art Therapy Exercises to Promote Health and Healing

While it may sound like a foreign concept to some, art therapy is actually a very practical form of therapeutic healing. From PTSD and depression to stress and anxiety, art therapy can have profound effects on a person’s mental health and well-being. The Value of Art Therapy 

Functional Fitness Training

WHAT IS FUNCTIONAL FITNESS TRAINING?Functional fitness training can be described as any program that includes exercises designed to mimic and/or help you to perform daily tasks or activities safely and efficiently.

IHFA’s Official Five Minute Dynamic Warm Up for Physical Activity

As discussed in our blog Components of a Workout, we recommend completing a Dynamic Warm Up prior to structured exercise or before participating in other forms of physical activity.

WOW! Workout of the Week #10 – 2/18/2013

More Super Setting this week!Super set A1 & A2; then B1 & B2. Finish with straight sets for exercises C1, D1 & E1 without super setting.

WOW! Workout of the Week #9 – 2/8/2013

This week we’ll take the same exercises we completed last week and rearrange the format of the workout…

WOW! Workout of the Week #8 – 2/4/2013

This week you’ll be super setting 5 pairs of exercises as follows:Exercise – Sets/Reps