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Chris Grace is the relaxed and friendly 42-year-old co-owner of Mission Fitness Center, a boutique gym in San Marino’s elegant Mission District. There he trains a wide diversity of clients, ranging from teen football players to senior matrons.But last weekend, he was also awarded as the strongest 40– to-44 year old man in California in his weight class, breaking state records.

Two Different "GPPs" Will Lead To Your Success In Fitness!

This world is truly over-informed.  Think about it.  Every other infomercial has something to do with fitness.  These 'Fitness Transformation' TV shows are running rampant.  The internet is absolutely LITTERED with different programs that will all gurantee you the same result, "Lose weight in 21 days!" "Get diamond chisseled abs with this diet and exercise program in 30 days!"  "Become a different, healthier, and fitter you in 90 days!"  

Workout Routines For Men



Shout out to all those people who live in Dallas, TX. For a short time I'm offering a free success session and personal training session at T. Boone. Pickens YMCA. No obligation what- so ever. Please contact me at to book your spot today. Hurry spots are limited. Thanks your awesome. 


One client asked me " what exercises are we doing today?" I said

Want to get Fit this summer at about 1/2 the cost of one on one Personal Training?

Grab a freind, co-worker or someone who is about your fitness level and train together! It gives you the benefits of personal training at a much lower fee. You get to have FUN with a friend and receive the same amonut of attention as personal training. Sweating it up with a friend also gives you accountablity to KEEP going. Call today to set up an no obligation consult.

What Type of Exercise Suits Your Lifestyle?

 In 2010 the world is your oyster when it comes to health and fitness. Not everyone prefers to work out in a gym, and rightly so. Mountain biking, hiking, kayaking, and rock climbing have become really popular with the masses. The skill, fitness and dexterity needed for these sports is simply astounding. Not to mention the thrill factor. 

THIS IS SO PRECIOUS..............

What i'm I, the crazy balance guy talking about?

Body Weight Training

 Good Morning! Today I would like to talk about how to properly incorporate bodyweight training into your workout routine. While weight training IS absolutely essential for your progress, it should NOT be the only way that you are training. You do not have to walk into the gym and put up as much weight as possible every time you work out. If you can move your own body via push-ups, pull-ups, body weight squats, ab wheel rollouts, etc., you are better off than people who lift heavy weights yet cannot do a pull-up. 

Is Synergistic Dominance Affecting You?

 Good afternoon! Today I would like to talk about synergistic dominance. Lately, I have seen a few people with this problem so I figured I would dig a little deeper into it, especially because most people do not even know that it is going on in their bodies.