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As we get older we may come to realize that we don’t bounce back or recover as quickly from an injury, or that the ‘spring in our step’ is not there any longer. Regular exercise definitely has a lot to do with how fast we recover, how vital we feel, and how we perform all those daily tasks and recreational activities. Just like financial planning for retirement, planning for a strong healthy body that can pull us through old age, living independent with a high quality of life also takes planning. And we need to be SMART about it.

Break through Your Progress Plateau's w/ any of these 4 Fitness Tips!

Does it feel like no matter what you do in the gym, you just aren’t moving forward? Nothing is more frustrating than hitting a progress plateau, but sadly, it’s something that virtually every gym-goer will face at some point in his or her fitness career.

INFO-GRAPHIC: The Ultimate Guide to Workout Nutrition

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ACSM’s latest guidelines for Exercise Prescription

ACSM’s Guidelines for Exercise Prescription – Updated August 2011Guidelines for improving cardiovascular and respiratory fitness: