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As we get older we may come to realize that we don’t bounce back or recover as quickly from an injury, or that the ‘spring in our step’ is not there any longer. Regular exercise definitely has a lot to do with how fast we recover, how vital we feel, and how we perform all those daily tasks and recreational activities. Just like financial planning for retirement, planning for a strong healthy body that can pull us through old age, living independent with a high quality of life also takes planning. And we need to be SMART about it.

How Much Weight Should I Lift?

How Much Weight Should I Lift? It’s a perfectly good question, but the answer is going to vary.

Carbs Before a Workout: Can It Help?

Many sources of information have created a popular belief that carbs are the enemy. This is just not the case.

While I don't feel well

I had to go to a dr today as I had some interesting results and I am getting a little worse. However I was able to bike ride a couple miles.After the Dr I finally got hot and mt stomach started hurting. Been having eating. But today I was able to ride to the food store and while I was getting sweaty I made it. So I guess that means I can start trying. i do not want to lose the summer in bed. Time to workout, get some sun and get nourished. I thing I can. I have been downloading movies and got some new ones and old classics from my childhood..

Exercise for Busy Professionals


Slimmer stomach myth

Doing 100 crunches daily alone will not give you that flat stomach. Along with healthy low fat food and 30 min of cardio a day will certainly slim your tummy down. The truth is you can't isolate fat loss. Fat loss is universal, thru-out the body.

Exercise Done in 30 Minutes or Less


Join The Fight

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Muscle Pain: 6 Tips to Help You to Carry on With Your Exercise Regime

There appears to be no let-up in the search for a health, and great looking, body. And though trends in fitness regimes may change, it looks like the muscle aches of a hard workout are here to stay (check out why your muscles ache here). Luckily, those aching muscles don’t need to get in the way of your fitness regime as it is possible to reduce the pain and carry on exercising, and more exercise could be the best way to reduce the pain.

Morning or Evening Exercise?