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100 calories of candy ≠ 100 calorie of leafy greens

Calorie deficits are essential in weight loss. Putting the body in an energy deficit is the only way to lose, it's very simple. Google 'twinkie diet' and you'll find a man who lost weight only eating the junkiest junk food of them all. The man's TDEE is 2600 calories per day, and he ate 1800 calories per day. Obviously, he lost weight - 27 lbs to be exact. Quantity of food comes first, but quality is also important. 2000 calories of pure sugar vs 2000 calories of lean proteins, vegetables, and healthy fats - which one do you think is better? 


March is here.  Today I continue to be focused on the nutritional needs of our body.  Our food intake is not only about energy balance.  Recently a new field of study has emerged called “nutritional psychiatry”.  In an observational review of the data, Jacka (2017) notes that mood is not only effected by what we do eat especially during our emotional binges which are those times when we consume to excess (for both sad and happy occasions).  Our mood is also found to be effected by what you do NOT eat.   Once again, we are looking for a balance

ID Life : Solutions for Great Health

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What are “Good” Carbs and what are Bad “Carbs”?

H20 yo! (3 of 5) - Mother nature's energy drink

I used to reference the RDA measures for water intake and discuss 3.2L for men and 2.9L for women to my clients. I would mention that some hydration comes from your food (like the 9-13 servings of fruits and vegetables you should be eating everyday) and some from the liquids you drink (straight water and other beverages). Empathetically, I might quote a company that manufactures high tech body composition testing equipment who use total body water readings and admit to using a suboptimal average in their calculations because virtually everyone is dehydrated to a degree.

Making Healthy Breakfast Choices

By the time most people get out of bed, they are running around getting ready for work and not  thinking about eating breakfast.   If you skip breakfast on a regular basis, it's not a good idea!!   You may think you will lose weight but think again.   Some potential problems include a slower metabolism as the body moves into starvation mode.   Later in the day this may lead to a huge and unhealthy appetite that can lead to weight gain.   Cognitive abilities can also suffer such as getting headaches, feeling fatigue and being less ab

What makes up my metabolism and how does it affect my weight loss?

According to the ACE Health Coach Manual:Metabolism is made up of:1.        Basal metabolic rate – the amount of energy required for vital, resting bodily functions without food. The more muscle your body has the higher the basal metabolic rate so strength train to burn more calories.·    60 -75% of daily energy needs

More Than Just Fat Loss: Metabolic Flexibility, Part 1

More often than not, people are searching for fat loss.  That is their goal.  Sometimes the word “fat” can be a little harsh to some.  Thomas Cox, the founder of MealFit, says, “The worst thing we’ve done as a society is label someone as a macronutrient.  We literally call people fat.”  Fat is a harsh term because of what we have made it to be.  Now people prefer the term “weight” as in a goal of weight loss.  Weight can be a number of things.  Fat is fat.  So we need to d

Fat-Burning Zone Myth

You've probably heard it before. It goes something like this..."If you want to lose a few pounds you need to do long, slow, steady-state aerobic exercise in the fat burning zone." Well, if you know me then you know I love debunking fitness myths, busting excuses and not playing nice with the latest weight lose "gimmicks"

Meat Sweats Taste SO Good!

Meat sweats.  What are the “meat sweats”?  Well, in college, my buddy Vons was the first person I heard who used the term.  I chuckled, and then asked, “What the hell are the meat sweats?”