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Pitfalls to Avoid While Dieting


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There are no good diets. The word ‘diet’ signifies a beginning and an end.

The weight loss program 21 day fix-workout plan and diet

Obesity is one of the serious health issues which world is going to face in the future. Obesity is the reason for various heart diseases, diabetes and cancers. The concern about obesity is increasing anticipation in people’s mind. Obesity will shorten your life period by 10 or 15 years. Overweight increase risk of bone fracture, muscle pain and joint pain. About 75 % of children will be obese by the year 2015. Overweight increase blood pressure and the obesity is one of the prime factors for premature death.

So, you want to lose ten pounds!

So, you want to lose 10 pounds!What to do? Well, notwithstanding the Holiday Season, there is plenty you can do to achieve your goal. You just need to allow yourself some time for implementing the first couple of changes and make sure you do not lose more than 1-2 pounds per week. Any faster than that, and your weight might be back sooner than later! If you “shed” fast, you do not build healthy life habits, you do not change your daily actions for a time long enough to imprint the new way of acting as your “usual” from now on.

Slow Cooker Recipe: Butternut Sage Chicken Stew

Does Everyone Need The Same Amount Of Carbs?

I was asked the above question today so thought I would share my answer. A healthy range for carb intake is 45-65% of your daily total according to your personal preference, performance and satiety (that is you feel full enough at the end of the day). That range ensures you’re getting enough carbs for energy as well as getting the nutrients and fibre supplied by those foods that you can’t get with fats or proteins. That’s a very liberal range to work with.   

How to Practice a Successful Paleo Diet

Paleo diet was created by Dr. Loren Cordain and the diet itself is based on research about possible eating habits of our ancestors from the Paleolithic period (period that finished around 10.000 years ago). In the past two centuries, industrial revolution has significantly affected our diet and the harmful effects of artificial additives found in almost every modern food used to extend the longevity of this food have been scientifically confirmed.

Celebrity Weight Loss Secrets and Risks

Celebrities are more worried about their overweight because wherever they go media glare is on them. They spend much of their time on diet plans and workouts for a perfect body and weight loss.

Pack 5 Salads on Sunday Night That Will Stay Fresh All Week

Eating a big salad at least once a day is a great way to maintain healthy habits. Don't have time to cut up a salad every single night? Here's a way to make all the salads you need for your workweek at once. Follow these simple salad-making rules, and your meal will taste just as fresh on Friday as it does on Monday!

Are You Getting Too Much Protein?

Alrighty“let’s see if I got the daily routine straight. Sally decides to start a new fitness routine, start eating better, joins a gym and gets a subscription to some of the latest fitness magazines“good start for you Sally!! So, Sally gets up every morning and makes a protein shake. Why, she doesn’t know. She thinks she read somewhere that you are supposed to do that. A few hours later Sally is feeling a little hungry so grabs a protein bar from her purse“her friend eats protein bars so this must be the right thing to do right?