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Cycling Safety Tips from Pro Cyclists

9 Tips for New Cyclists Trying to Stay Fit


Sustainable Training

 Sustainable Training

15-16 weeks Trying. Good Stress.

16-17 Weeks Pregnant Tomorrow Crystal

It's Just Like Riding a Bike

While recently visiting my peeps in Miami, I attended a cycling class at a popular boutique indoor cycling studio. I'm extremely picky about instructors and workouts, but I'm training for my next triathlon and rather than skip my workout completely I prepared myself to do my own thing if I needed to because of whatever foolishness I would encounter in the class. I was hoping to be pleasantly surprised that the class would follow safetly guidelines and that the drills would be effective, but that is not exactly how it went.  

5 Tips to lose weight cycling

Cycling is just one of the very best means to drop weight and also maintain fit, so we've thought of our leading 5 pointers to ensure you will reach your goals in double-quick time. 1.

Hello Saturday Night!

So WOW! Starting from last Saturday rested then Sunday went to a fulls day training of BOlly x and today a fulls day of PIYO training. FUn FUN! SO just got home shower is running. Ill be back for more updates. HaPPY END of the week! And p.s No coffee. 

Tilt Cycling Summer Special!

8 Positive Ways Cycling Impacts the Body

There is no shortage of ways to get fit these days, and many of these methods are arguably effective. The most effective exercise regimen, however, is the one that you enjoy the most and that you will be able to commit to doing consistently. A popular fitness craze is long and short-distance cycling. Avid cyclists tout the health benefits of bicycling. These include increased cardiovascular health, muscle strength, and agility. But that's not where the list ends. If you're interested in taking up cycling for fitness or for sport, here are a few things that you should know:

5 Tips for Exercising in Heat

5 Tips for Exercising in HeatMay 12, 2014