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I am physically active but I don't like to exercise. Exercise helps when I sit on my butt all day. I jog but don't run but I'm too good for a walk/run. I do active rest days such as biking on my days off from working out which sometimes looks like doing drills or every day range of motion activity to work on form, posture, lifting mechanics, muscle sequencing, general fine and gross motor movements and/or recovery rolling out which can be painful. Ooch! Sometimes I do yoga or take a true rest day and focus on breathing, reflection, meditation, or good old prayer.


Livingston County Tough Mudder Boot CampSaturday Mornings 9am – 1030 amStarting May 4, 2013 – June 22sd, 2013 Drop in session at event $ 20.00 eachPre-registar; $ 100.00 each(Full Session Package of 8 training with 2 month exercise Plan &Dietary advice)