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How does fiber lower cholesterol?

The body is an amazing thing. It is designed to take care of itself. Now, we all here that fiber is good for lowering cholesterol. True, but how?

Soy Joy


It's Working

I went for another test on my cholesterol last week and all my numbers are looking better.  My LDL is up a little so I still have to work on that.  High cholesterol does run in my family so it is something I have to be aware of every day.  I'm doing everything possible to lower LDL but it is resisting.  I have been more active with yard work and am looking to add riding my bike outside to the mix of activities.  I think if I lose maybe 5 more pounds, that will help the LDL.  Being tall, I don't want to lose too much weight because then I would look sick

Do Statins Make It Tough to Exercise?

www.bethesdapersonaltraining.comDo Statins Make It Tough to Exercise?By GRETCHEN REYNOLDSNew York TimesMARCH 14, 2012, 12:01 AM 

Top 6 Reasons You Need Cholesterol

 Wait! Why do you need cholesterol? That’s the reaction of most people. Modern science and medicine have made cholesterol look like a devil. So this is an attempt to play the devil’s advocate. Did you know that the liver produces 75% of the body’s cholesterol and that it is found in ALL cells of the human body? Now irrespective of your brain sizing up cholesterol as good or bad, take a peek into what it does for your body. Here is the top six reasons why you need cholesterol: