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6 Tips to Minimize Those Holiday Calories


The Truth About Ketchup, BBQ Sauce, Mayo, Ranch and More

Food Quality affects Food Quantity, the major key in weight loss or gain!

Was thinking today about the previous post I had written on what ever diet had in common. Came with the not-so-shocking realization that food quality affects food quantity - pretty obvious. What I mean by this is - the higher quality a food is, the lower calories content it will have. Calories are the ultimate determiner in weight loss, along with hormonal balance and digestive health. Froot Loops vs Cheerios? Which ones higher quality? Cheerios of course! Their lower in sugar, higher in fiber, and higher in vitamins and minerals - AND LOWER in calories.

Forget About Calories

Recently a spin instructor told me how a couple mentioned to her that they burn the most calories during her class compared to the other instructors.

Health & Fitness Tracking: Bane or Benefit?

There are a multitude of ways to lose weight and to succeed, it's a good idea to track your progress. Enter a myriad of cool devices! But do fitness tracking devices help in the long run?With the advent of wearable tracking devices (think FitBit, AppleWatch), you can receive constant, minute by minute feedback on your heart rate and pulse, the number of steps you’ve taken, your calories burned vs. calories ingested, your blood oxygenation and sugar levels - even how much sleep you get.

100 calories of candy ≠ 100 calorie of leafy greens

Calorie deficits are essential in weight loss. Putting the body in an energy deficit is the only way to lose, it's very simple. Google 'twinkie diet' and you'll find a man who lost weight only eating the junkiest junk food of them all. The man's TDEE is 2600 calories per day, and he ate 1800 calories per day. Obviously, he lost weight - 27 lbs to be exact. Quantity of food comes first, but quality is also important. 2000 calories of pure sugar vs 2000 calories of lean proteins, vegetables, and healthy fats - which one do you think is better? 

Why you shouldn't add 'Exercise' into Myfitnesspal (rant)

Exercise is not a way to "gain calories" Exercise should be something you enjoy as a healthy activity It's not a budgeting tool to allow you to eat more. When you turn swimming, bicycling, stairclimbing, running, or weightlifting into some numbers for an equation, you totally minimize the importance of exercising. Exercise is the best weight loss tool along with eating less calories. BUT, don't do it because you earn more calories to eat. The only downfall of calorie counting that I can

How To Gain Weight

How Do I Gain WeightWhile it’s not as common a goal as losing weight, there are a significant number of people that have weight gain as their goal. The reasons are as varied as the individuals but could include wanting to gain weight for a sport, wanting to put on some pounds after rehabilitating from an injury or you are just underweight and have trouble making the scale go up or your Doctor has asked you to gain weight.

Having Your Pumpkin Pie And Eating It Too, while knowing the difference between skill building and will power

This pumpkin pie was a treat given to me by one of my Pilates clients after my first lumpectomy last November. And yes, it's not a cancer fighting food. It's a celebratory one. "Once in a while a little treat is ok," said my doctors and nurses when I called them about this little slice of pie. Hey, I didn't want cancer again. So this is a case where I was told, it is okay to have your pie and eat it too.

Calories In-Calories Out