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Body Weight Workout

Body-weight Workout:

Sport Specific?

When designing your training program, I suggest sitting back and analyzing WHY you are training? This is important as it should dictate HOW you train. The obvious example is for someone training for a marathon.

The Best Body Building Supplement In The Market Today

You may be doing all the right things by committing yourself to a healthy diet and sticking to a proper workout schedule in the gym. Perhaps you are even taking protein supplements and not achieving the desired targets in muscle building. All is not lost. Other options include adding a potent supplement with scientifically tested and clinically proven substances that will enhance your performance. Moreover, you can get quick results in a short period.

15 tips for a Real Body Transformation

15 tips for a Real Body Transformation A good personal trainer will always aim for a real body transformation and help you get there. So if you want to look leaner, more muscular and fitter in this news year, here are 15 tips to help you get there. Choose a personal trainer who can get you the transformation you need. Make sure that he/she has been able to achieve real body transformation with other clients.

Bodybuilding & gaining muscle

Bodybuilding & gaining muscle If you plan to get buff in this New Year, bodybuilding and gaining muscles will be the best option for you to follow. You can hire a personal trainer to help you get into a training program for bodybuilding and gaining muscle, but make sure that you are choosing a trainer who knows what they are doing. Training for bodybuilding and gaining muscle and training for losing weight requires different workout regimes. Your personal trainer needs to be aware of this.

Protein: When?

I came upon an interesting report which tested two theories on when it was best to consume protein. On each test, the group ate three meals a day.

4 Essential Bodybuilding Tips for Skinny Guys

Many men would like to begin bodybuilding to attain that ripped and muscular physique they have always dreamed about. Some find this easier to do than others. Men who are particularly skinny may regard the idea of attaining a huge and incredibly muscular body an impossible task. But if you’re one of those skinny guys, there’s no need to despair. Lots of skinny men have been in the same position. But they have persevered and achieved their bodybuilding goals, and there’s no reason you cannot do the same. 

Semi-split circuit!

So as I have recently posted, I have been sticking to a three day a week full body workout with cardio days mixed in. Still, as I am such a big proponent of mixing workout up, today's and tomorrows workout have been changed.

Look behind you!

So I was shopping tonight and saw a young lady that apparently works out. For the most part, she looked very fit, except one thing I noticed. Balance!

Going Backwards!

So I recently shared I had added some new supplements into my routine to re-energize my workouts. Truth be told, I have been working out for over thirty years now, and it can sometimes be hard to stay focused.