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Staying independent as we age exercise prescription

Dr. Wayne Westcott Ph.D. states that it is important to realize that muscles are the engines of our bodie . He explains that our muscles are where combustion occurs, where energy is released, where power is produced, and where movement originates.Muscles have long been recognized as key factors in physical performance and athletic achievement, however strength training has a much greater application by having a major influence on both our physical and mental health.

Your Heart – Your Valentine

Today is Valentine’s Day, hearts are aflutter and the card, restaurant, florist and chocolate industry has one of the most important days of the year. February is also Heart Month as featured by the CDC (Center for Disease Control and Prevention). Here is an excerpt from their website with many good recommendations to keep your heart healthy so that the heartbeat only rises for the right reasons. “Make Blood Pressure Control Your Goal 

Reduce your body fat by managing stress

Eating healthy and training hard at the gym can go to waste if you're not managing your stress. Stress causes the hormone cortisol to be released which can cause increased abdominal fat, elevated blood pressure, decreased immune system and blood sugar imbalance. Try attending a yoga class or tai chi, mediation and being in nature. 


 Some great advice form @Jon Goodman master trainer and all around good guy on the draw backs on low calorie foods. Not always good for you. The 3 Biggest Problems With Low Calorie Food 1.Calories are energy. So low calorie means low energy. For busy active people, calories are a must as long as they are nutrient dense.