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Can you trust the calorie reading on cardio machines?

The only way to know the accurate calories that you are actually burning on any cardio machine like the Curve, the elliptical trainer, row machine, or bike is to wear a heart rate monitor with a chest strap.  It actually reads the accurate number of calories you are burning.  Do you realize most cardio machines over estimate the calories burned by 30 to 40%?  A machine will estimate calories burned based on a 150 pound person if you press quick start.  In addition, even if you put in your own weight, the machine is off.

Kinetic Sprint Triathlon 2014


Race Season

Race season has come upon us quickly. Jogging, cycling, and swimming are all great sports individually and combined in many ways. They are also sports performed in one plane, or direction, which can lead to increased risk of injury or discomfort in the ankles, knees, hips and back. Cross training in multiplanar motions, or many directions, can reduce the risk of pain and discomfort and even injury. Good luck out there this season, have fun and stay balanced.

World Champion uses KewlFit During Winter Workouts

Current UCI World Cycling Tour Champion and member of the Paralympics Ireland Team, Colin Lynch, wears his KewlFit Performance Cooling Vest during his winter training sessions to enhance performance, increase endurance and to improv

World Champion Cyclist talks about his KewlFit Vest

World Champion Para-cyclist Colin Lynch discuss his use of the KewlFit Performance Cooling Vest and how it has helped him increase endurance, comfort and overall workout performance.  Colin wears the cooling vest as a pre-cooling and post-cooling tool on race days as well as a during exercise cooling on training days.  

World Champion Paralympic Cyclist trains with KewlFit

Paralympic Irish Cyclist and UCI World Cycling Tour Champion, Colin Lynch wear's his KewlFit 58°F Performance Cooling Vest during warm-ups at the 2013 World Championships. Colin would go on to win the Bronze Medal. Read the research on why Colin wears the KewlFit 58°F Performance Cooling Vest during his training sessions at 

KewlFit user wins USAC Time Trial Championship

Dan Dodson wins the United States Cycling Association Illinois State TimeTrail championship after pre-cooling with his KewlFit 58°F Performance Cooling Vest. Dan had said the temperatures near race time were in the 90’s with very high humidity.  Read the research on how KewlFit can help improve your endurance, increase performance and help you maintain a high level of comfort throughout your workouts at

Dan Dodson wins 12K TT and pre-cools with KewlFit

July 24th 2013

Whole Athlete Specialized cycling team dominate Nationals

July 23, 2013 The Whole Athlete/Specialized Cycling Team showed its class at the 2013 Cross Country National Championships with four Junior National titles and ten top-3 podium finishes. The young riders truly rose to the occasion at the biggest US event of the season.