Life Changes Getting in the Way?

Have you made any major or even small changes in your life lately? Every change that you make in your life weather it small or large can make staying on the weight loss path. 

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How to fit fitness into your day

If you’re reading this then you probably know that you need to exercise. I mean you’d probably have to be living under a rock not to know that exercise is good for you. It’s in the news, magazines and every company newsletter. 30 minutes of exercise per day can help maintain your weight, fight high blood pressure, lower cholesterol and reduce the risk of many diseases.  So it’s not the “Why” but the “How” that’s hard. 


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What You Can Learn From My Dog

I made a recent connection between one of my dogs and many people who have weight loss as their goal.  Now before you get offended, let me explain. 

Hannah - the love of my life! RIP

Hannah went to heaven on July 4, 2011 and the pain I feel is so great. I have been waking up daily in tears knowing that I would not have to take her out for her potty and worry about water and food for her no more. No more trips to get her favorite ice cream, hamburgers and other goodies that she loved that I gave to her as her treat time. No more toys or balls for her to play with, no more vet visits or doggie day care or going to her favorite place to see her friends, the doggie park near our house.

Why I Feel Fabulous

It took me a long time to feel fabulous. As a very young girl I was chubby and miserable. Other kids constantly made fun of me and that made me feel horrible all of the time. In my teens, things got worse as my weight began to escalate and my life took a turn for the worse, with depression and a sense of hopelessness.

Spring is here! Ease into a fitness program.

Spring is here and this is the time of the year when shorts, t-shirts and bathing suits come out of the closet. Time to shed the winter clothes and for some those pounds that may have been put on lying on the couch eating bon-bons the past few months. For those who are going to try to get in shape in a weekend, forget it. Fitness does not happen overnight and it takes time for your body to adjust to the training. You want to ease into a new fitness program so that your body will work with you. Here's some suggestions to ease into a fitness program:

Lisa's story (told by Debra Mazda)

I met Lisa L. about a year ago and she told me that over the years she had put on weight and that she needed, as well as wanted, to take the weight off. She joined the ShapelyGirl Fitness Center and quickly joined the HEALTHY WEIGHT LOSS SUPPORT GROUP that I run every Tuesday. I knew Lisa’s weight loss would be a challenge for the both of us because Lisa is built pretty solid and she is very small in height, standing about 5 feet tall.

Mindful Eating

Last night after teaching my step/toning class I realized that I had not eaten enough food for the day and I was starving. I had so much to do the day before and like a lot of women did not take the time to eat and ignored the fact that I was hungry. By late afternoon, I realized I needed to eat but it was too late as I had a class to teach and did not want to take the chance that I might get sick or weighed down with a full stomach as I rarely eat at least 1 hour before my classes.
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