Health and the Holidays

As the holiday season approachs many of us find it hard to eat right, exercise, and take time for ourselves and just relax. Remember to find time for yourself and your health during the holidays. The less time you have for yourself and the more stress you put on yourself, the more likely you are to get sick or injured.  Helpful Tips: --- When grocery shopping have a list of what you are getting and stick to it. --- Shop along the perimeter of the store where the healthier items are. --- Take 5 minutes to meditate and/or relax everyday.

Functional Performance Training @ EMU 10-5-10

Warm-up: ten minutes long In a circle around class: jog, walking knee lifts, skipping, shuffle, karaoka step (grape vine), slow lunges for stretching,  jog.  (change direction after 5 minutes) Workout 1: 4 sets Jump rope: 50 jumps Incline explosive push-ups (use step plateform): 5-10 reps depending on fatigue Round the world lunges (right forward lunge, right lateral lunge, left foward lunge, left lateral lunge): 5 times around Workout 2: 4 sets (this is not for speed, but for height, take your time)

"Grand Father to fitness"

We can only achieve greatness from those who we have be given the opportunity to meet and maybe even fortunate enough to work with. Those like Jack LaLanne the 'Grand Father" to exercise, health, and fitness thank you for your influences, motivation, and inspiration of a lifestyle that is healthy and fit. Thank you all for making a difference in my day. 

Why I choose the name for my blog to be "Capital Wellness"

Working for over twenty years in the fitness industry in one fashion or another has exposed me to many different kinds of people and places to work. As I am venturing through the many facets of my career, I am constantly looking for ways to make everybody feel better and be healthier. As each new fitness craze manifests itself for a few months here and there, I have come to feel that more is less. This is not to be misinterpreted as promoting inactivity, but to encourage staying with activities that bring you joy and results.

Fall Boot Camp Interest

Its fall season, and the weather is cool and perfect to exercise outdoors!! No worries in having to slow down due to overheating that you would experience more often during the summer.  You would be able to continuously move and burn more calories and burn more fat, not overly sweat and dehydrate yourself.  

Morning Energizers

Do you ever find yourself waking up with tightness in your back, legs or shoulders? If you struggle some mornings just to get your body out of bed, try these six stretches to wake up the muscles and get the blood flowing. The simplest stretch is to lie on your back on the bed or on the floor, point the toes and reach the arms above the head. This is a good stretch to lengthen the spine and stretch the muscles from head to toe. Next, pull the knees in toward the chest with the hands and hold for 10 to 15 seconds to stretch the lower back.

Spinning, Training Zones and more!

Yesterday, I went to a 9 hour Spinning Certification Workshop via Mad Dogg ( it was amazing. We spoke about everything from the history of spinning, music selection, setting up the bike, resting heart rates and training zones (aerobic and anaerobic). Aerobic zones- the longer you stay and can sustain the exercise in this range, the more fat and carbs you will burn. Who doesn't want that right?  So now, I would love to share this tidbit of amazing knowledge with you. Max HR and Resting HR

Set point

Your body has a predetermined set point for your weight that is appropriate for your genetics.  You may not like it, but you CAN CHANGE IT!!  It can be difficult, and sometimes frustrating but if you surround yourself with support and seek advice from a professional, you can achieve weight loss and a healthier you!!  Contact me if you have any questions or want to get started on the road to better health!!

U of M Boot Camp: Bosu circuit 10/3/10

Bosu exercises: 20 steps (switch lead foot after 10), 10 lunges each leg, 20 side steps, 20 squats (10 with each foot on top of bosu), 10 Bosu ball lifts (pick up bosu upside down from a squating position and lift over head). Keep performing this circuit for 12 minutes.

Fitness Classes

Here are the classes I teach right now. At WCC I teach a circuit class on the fitness floor targeting the entire body. The class is 25 exercies 1 minute each exercise. The class is held every Friday at 9am. At Eastern Michigan I currently teach a Functional Performance training class, this class it a moderate to high intensity fitness class, using many different types of equipment to engage the entire body. Held Tuesdays and Thurdays at 5:10 at the EMU rec center.
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