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Sofia is almost 16 years old and is mature way beyond those numbers! She is always on time and smiling when she arrives and leaves! She is very eager to learn about the human body and always asks great questions! She works hard but enjoys it! She is a pleasure to train! I'm not sure who is getting the most out of our sessions, her or me.

VIDEO TUTORIAL: How to do Crunches on a Balance Ball

VIDEO TUTORIAL: How to do Crunches on a Balance Ball

Online Booking System for Personal Trainers

Personal Trainer per uno dei maggiori problemi è quello di essere flessibili con le ore richieste da chi vuole il nostro servizio, ma anche sollevare alcune condizioni che consentono di essere sempre in tempo per gli appuntamenti. Per questo motivo, è possibile utilizzare un sistema di prenotazione online, completamente modificabile a seconda delle nostre esigenze, è davvero interessante opportunità per rendere il nostro servizio ancora migliore qualità.

GET! Gymball Evo Training®: thanks to Nonsolofitness new formations in Rome and Milan

Infine, due date di formazione GET! Gymball Evo Training! Sarà formato più GET! Istruttore a Roma il 10-11 maggio 2014, e in secondo luogo a Milano il 7-8 giugno 2014. due date organizzate sotto il patrocinio di Nonsolofitnness, scuola di formazione fitness con sedi nelle principali città italiane e vanta il riconoscimento dei feudi e dell 'ACSI. Per il movimento GET!

GET! Gymball Evo Training®: thanks to Nonsolofitness new formations in Rome and Milan

Finally two dates of training GET ! Gymball Evo Training! Will be formed more GET! Instructor in Rome on 10-11 May 2014, and in second place in Milan on 7-8 June 2014. Two dates organized under the patronage of Nonsolofitnness , fitness training school with locations in major Italian cities and boasts the recognition of the FIEFS and dell'ACSI . For the motion GET!

TRX® Force: First in Italy

Il secondo paese in Europa (dopo la Svizzera) per attivare il FSTC formazione TRX (TRX Force), e "treno" trainer certificato TRX forza era la Repubblica ceca, presso il distributore ufficiale del 3D Fitness, il 22/02/2014.

Have you considered...

Here's an article I wrote for The Health Journal on how Pilates was designed to maximize both your body and your health. Hope you enjoy it and maybe will even give some of the moves a try! 

Effective Abdominal Exercises

Although the crunch or curl up is an easy go-to exercise for the rectus abdominus, try adding this exercise to recruit the oblique muscles. Obliques run diagonally to the waist. They stabilize your core,  define the waist, and aid in rotation of the body. The "old school" bicycle exercise will work your obliques, but if you do a Pilates interpretation, it will slow you down and emphasize them more. Lie on a mat, hold the sides of your head instead of clasping your hands behind your neck. Keep your elbows back as you lift your feet off the floor with both legs bent.

Learning to just relax

For those of us who live in the South/Southeast, we had a little more snow than usual this winter.  So there were quite a few snow days where events were cancelled, businesses didn't open, and we were pretty much confined to our homes.  Our first few days hit after the beginning of the year, and I'll admit I got a little antsy.  Here I am a fitness professional and wanting to help people on their wellness journeys but we're having to cancel fitness classes because of the snow.  AND, it's the beginning of the year when people are really wanting to commit t

Cigs vs E-Cigs: What are the Differences and How Can they Impact Health?

The health implications associated with smoking are well known, but are E-Cigs any healthier? The short answer to this question is yes  - and, in actual fact, using a brand such as Number 1 eCigs can also help you to stop smoking. Let’s look at this subject in further detail.Cigarettes – Health implications
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