Missing New-York, two days Run.July 5 and 6.

July 5. Running to the Mission District.11 a.m. - snack with protein supplement, water, banana.12 a.m. - 12 30 p.m. Run.Market street, people, cold, windy, street cars.In the Mission - beautiful paintings on the wall, picturesque habitant, blue sky.2 p.m. - lunch.Sushi, a lot og green tea.July 6.6 a.m. - water, bread with peanutbutter.6 a.m.-7 a.m.  - Run.Mason street,Huntigton square, roses, fountain, feeling myself like in Monmart in Paris.Try to repeat a few times incline - decline climbs, very difficult.

Annual Summer Personal Training Special!

Purchase 5 training sessions and receive 1 FREEDowntown Pittsburgh and areas West of the city. ie. Greetree, Carneige, Robinson, Oakdale, Findlay, Moon, Kennedy, Hopewell and the like

October Get Fit Time

GIVE ME YOUR FEEDBACK: If we were to sponsor an October outdoor/fitness weekend in Atlanta or your city.  1. Would you attend? 2. What destination would you choose? 3. Would you bring a family member or friend? 4. Are there any particular activities you would like to do? CONTACT me at and give your feedback now. 

Drink Up

MORNING CUP OF MOTIVATION: No Apology Necessary for being Original.

Get Healthy

With the beach season here, please remember to eat right, stay active and have fun.  Your body will follow your lead.  Have a wonderful summer!

Why Do I Need a Personal Trainer

Why do I need a personal trainer when there is so much information out there? I can just look up what I need to know. Do you find yourself asking this? Well, here is the answer. First, with all the information out there, alot can be confusing. A personal trainer can help you sort through what you need and personalize it to help you reach your goal. They can guide you and set you up in the right direction.

How to lose weight and maintain it!

1. Pump up your Protein-- People who consume more protein maintain their weight loss longer than those who don't. Higher amounts of protein make you feel full longer and it helps build lean muscle tissue.

Independence from Mediocrity

After a pretty gloomy July 4th here in San Diego (which I was fine with, actually), the show of all shows -- the one we've been working on all year with much determination and thrill -- opened its doors wide for the preconference and expo preview.I have to tell you; it's already rocking here. The vibe is incredible. Thirty years of health and fitness education, camaraderie and lasting friendships have culminated in an event that is sure to create real fireworks, which is more than the city of San Diego can say for its lackluster fireworks display last night (Google it).

Think Fresh

Most of the sodium Americans eat is found in processed foods. Eat highly processed foods less often and in smaller portions—especially cheesy foods, such as pizza; cured meats, such as bacon, sausage, hot dogs, and deli/ luncheon meats; and ready-to-eat foods, like canned chili, ravioli, and soups. Fresh foods are generally lower in sodium

Feel like you need to Detox after the holiday??

While celebrating the 4th of July can be fun being with Family, BBQ's, Swimming, and Fireworks it also comes with eating Junk Food! I don't believe in Detox's....but I do believe in "Eating Clean"!! A great way to detox without drinking horrible tasting juices or going on a dreaded fast try eating natural, nutrient-dense whole foods and cut back on all processed foods. You will look better and feel better!! 
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