Weekje ontspannen?!

Mijn week naar Zuid Duitsland zit er al weer voor de helft op. Ik heb me ondertussen op een "ontspannen" manier al aan behoorlijk wat spierpijn geholpen :-) Ik zou wel en massage kunnen gebruiken! Even een korte samenvatting tot vandaag: Woensdag: reisdag, 800 km rijden is vermoeiend maar met een super onderbreking in Wertheim - even lekker shoppen - is het te doen. 's Avonds samen met Mario de kroeg in. Zoals je wel zult merken, word ik een echte kroegtijger deze dagen! Donderdag:

Camp Gladiator here I come

Hello all,I say all, but at this point there is just myself, hopefully that all changes very soon. I'm heading to Austin Texas next month to train at the Camp Gladiator Academy to become one of thier primary trainers, it's a two day intesive training session and at the end they will let you know if you have what it takes to be one of thier trianers. I know I have what it takes and I'm ready to knock them out, when I come back it's all about Camp Gladiator.  

Pilates Teacher Competition

I have entered a Pilates Teacher Competition with Pilates Anytime!I need YOUR vote to win this competition. Currently there are 74 videos that made the final, mine is one of them.Here is what you need to do:- go to the link- click on it and I am at the bottom of the page (Yates ;)) and submit your vote- you will a confirmation email that you need to confirm in oder for the vote to count 

Helping Your Child Swim: What is a New Parent to Do?

www.meganmerchant.comHere is an article I wrote, featured in Water Safety Magazine this past January, that seems more than appropriate for this hot July weather.  Enjoy! - Megan  

Exercise can prevent diabetes

 The following is from my latest article for the Lincoln Journal Star. 

Plan Ahead Meal: Italian Chicken and Vegetables

When life gets busy, healthy eating needs to be planned ahead.  If you have a day that is completely full, and making dinner seems impossible, turn to an easy slow cooker recipe.  This recipe for Italian Chicken and Vegetables is full of fresh, healthy ingredients, but only takes a few minutes to put together in the morning.  Enjoy it as is, served in bowls like a stew, or serve it on top of hot cooked pasta.Italian Chicken and Vegetables

An Ode to Mr. Darcy

My training studio sets itself apart from all the others because I have an indispensable co-trainer: my dog Mr. Darcy. I love to learn, and dogs can teach us a lot about life. Of course there is the proverbial unconditional love, but there is also unconditional acceptance. A dog has the uncanny ability to look through all bodily imperfections and see the heart of the matter. It is not easy for us humans to truly accept others as they are. 

The Lat Pull Down

Walk into any gym or fitness facility with a pull down bar, and you will always see someone doing the lat pull down absolutely wrong. This link shows the proper form and execution of a lat pull down.

God Bless and God Speed, Dimitri del Castillo

One of our class members, Catherine, lost her son Demitri last week in Afghanistan.  Please keep Catherine, Demitri and their families in your thoughts and prayers. TAMPA --reprinted from 1st Lt. Dimitri del Castillo was on patrol in the mountains of Kunar Province, Afghanistan, on Saturday when his unit was attacked, sparking an intense firefight.

This & That

Today was a busy, non-computer day for me:
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