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Harvest Vegetable French Bread Pizza

Serves 4

Cup of Tea?

This is the season of eggnog, peppermint mocha's and apple cider drinks. Today, if you are tempted with one of these make the decision to swap them out for a nice cup of hot tea. You will cut hundred's of calories and fat and feel so much better for it!Make it a great day!  

Back Bulge, BL Trainers, and More (Prize) News

www.meganmerchant.comWhat's great, and not so great, in fitness posts this week?

Developing Realistic Fitness Goals

To help my personal training clients to develop solid fitness goals we address five goal setting rules discussed in this blog post.These tips will prove to be very helpful for setting your new years resolutions!

Alcohol is Just Empty Calories

Alcohol consumption has a negative impact on achievement of weight loss goals. Elimination or restriction of alcohol should be part of any sound weight loss strategy.

Challenge? Don't run. Conquer it.

We just visited NYC and had the most amazing time and I have to say, figuring out the subway system was a success with a few bumps in between (got off at some wrong stops). We ventured from Soho to the Upper East Side across to the Upper West Side, visited Union Square and Brooklyn Heights. It was fantastic. We took risks and ventured into the unknown.

How To: Gift your Beloved Unknowns?

www.meganmerchant.comTeachers, coworkers, party hosts, neighbors...  What are some great gifts to thank the amazing important people in your life that you may not know that well?  Let’s idea share!

It's Wednesday..Let's Get Up and Move!

Today, substitute time in front of the television for time spent with a project you have been perhaps putting off, or play with your children, a pet or go out and walk/run and see some Christmas lights!

Reassesment results

Mark weighed 5 lbs less, lost 3% of his body fat and 1.5 inches around his midsection.  He increased his push up and sit up reps, he has slightly improved his balance, but has not improved his flexibility.  Weight-loss yoga is a challenge for him and I hope he will continue with that as a part of his cross-training.  We have bumped up his weights and number of sets in the gym, but are continuing with the fat-loss program (minor cardio and mostly weight resistance training) for another 2-weeks.  We will then begin his cardio training and seriously sit down for some m
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