KNOW your trainer...

So frequently, I hear club owners and individual clients discuss trainer/instructor fees as the end all/be all factor in the decision making process of selecting a fitness coach. Unfortunately, as with so many areas, the "certifications" listed by an individual may look impressive, perhaps even overwhelmingly so. As a clinician, I am distressed to know that many of these certifying agencies offer certificates of competence to individuals who have never completed a basic anatomy/physiology course, or who have no knowledge of basic health/safety procedures.

National Posture Institute News Story: Body mass index and coronary heart disease

National Posture Institute News Story: Body mass index and coronary heart disease Coronary heart disease (CHD) increases with BMI, as well as with age, finds an article published in BioMed Central's open access journal BMC Medicine. The research from the Million Women Study indicates that increased weight increases risk of CHD equivalent to that caused by getting older. Researchers from the University of Oxford followed the health of 1.2 million women from England and Scotland for (on average) almost a decade.


 P90X. Body pump. Turbo fire. All these one size fit all programing doesn't take into account you, the individual. Everyone's posture is different. Your slouched shoulders are not good for overhead pressing. You need more back exercises. You may have tight hips, so getting into any squat position is difficult.

Power (Energy) Center Wisdom

A yoga (connecting) essence is a way of living holistic.  Using wisdom with the associations of various parts of our bodies makes for a mindful practice.  For example our 1st energy center is located around the Coccygeal Plexus and incorporates the color red, the right to have, community, security and success, the sound lahm and the wisdom of inclusion being without judgment of ourselves or others. 

Keep it away from me

If you want to keep the weight off you must develop a consistent change in eating habits to ensure you do not consume more than your body requires. You cannot continue to eat the same quantities and/or combinations of foods that caused you to be overweight in the first place.

You are in Spring Training!!!

You are already ahead of the game. Staying consistent with your strength and aerobic training is important. Stress management and proper nutrition are also important for good health. People are just starting to workout "for the summer". Working out is part of YOUR lifestyle.


 At last night's soccer practice my son was kicked in the knee, ankle and stomach. Even had a ball kicked flush into his head. Did he cry a few times? Sure. Did he go back in a play? Yes. He was rewarded for his persistence by scoring a excellent goal on me of all people. Why am i telling you this? Because if my 7 year old son doesn't give up, neither should you or I. Got it? Good. 

Fitness Needs?

Sometimes when we think about what to do in our exercise programs, we go into what we know best, even if that hasn't been very successful for us. For me, working different muscle groups, and making sure to fit each one in during the week was something that made sense for what I wanted to accomplish for years. Sometimes we think about, doing cardio, or weights, and stretching each week (another direction I went in for quite some time) in order to have a more rounded and pain free body. I think your fitness needs determine what you do for exercise.  


This morning I woke up to the news about those awful events in Boston. I'm not quite sure what to say. I guess I'm still stunned. I'm happy that so few were killed and proud of those heroes who rushed in to help even with all the uncertainty that surrounded those frightening moments. I'm also sad for those who have lost loved ones. I'm sad for those who were injured. I'm sad for all those going through these events. I've been thinking about those who were racing. News reports say it was at the very end. It wasn't elite runners. It was people like you and me.

Does "Simple" Work When Things Get Complicated?

I heard about Boston when I arrived home for lunch yesterday. I don’t have close ties to Boston. I have friends who do. It is a tragedy for us all. It is especially tragic for them. But as I watched the footage being played over and over again, my eyes began to zoom in on the timer above the finish line.
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