Managing Diabetes By Holistic Means

If you have been diagnosed with type 2 diabetes, you are probably aware of the serious health risks that come with improperly managing blood sugar levels. High amounts of sugar in the blood wreak all sorts of havoc, from constricting arteries to kidney damage. The good news is, diabetes is a condition where proper self-care,and healthy lifestyle choices, form the cornerstone of treatment, meaning you have a great deal of control over the condition.

Exercise Avoider? Tips for Making It a Regular Part of Your Routine

If knowing something was good for us was enough of a motivator to actually do it, a healthy diet, regular physical activity, stress management and all that other healthy ‘stuff’ would be part and parcel of everybody’s life. There would be no struggling with diets or on and off again relationships with exercise. The benefits of exercise are numerous, and far-reaching—it can do everything from reduce your risk of deadly diseases to treat mild-to-moderate depression. We know we should be doing it more often; when we do exercise, it feels great.


There are many different plans that a person can follow to help them get to their goals. I am a certified nutrition coach and I have to figure out daily calorie percentages for my clients based on a number of factors. However, I do believe that calorie percentages don't need to be the focus of a goal oriented program once you start eating the right type of foods. That said, there is a reason why we need carbohydrates in our diet. Carbs are the body's prferred source of fuel.

Thanksgiving in Florida...time to burn off a few extra calories

Thanksgiving in Florida...

But first, let me take a selfie

I've thought a lot lately about one of the biggest problems we see as personal training professionals.  Accountability.So many times I've had no show clients, or gotten the call a few hours before.  Now, I understand that life does get in the way sometimes, but you still need to make YOURSELF a priority.Before skipping out on that workout, ask yourself: "Is what I need to do more important than my health and wellbeing?"

Fast food

If you eat fast food, there's no way to know exactly what you're eating. Did you know that the USDA's requirement for something to be called meat is that it contains 40 percent actual meat. No matter what you choose at a fast food resturant, odds are its filled with refined flour, high fructose corn syrup, artificial flavor, artificial colors, trans fat, processed, kiln-dried salt, genetically modified corn, genetically modified soy, petroleum products, cow feces, antibiotics.

Weightlifting Terminology

Whether you are male or female, you should be familiar with weightlifting and its terminology. Every workout program whether looking to build muscle or loss fat, needs to include a portion of strength training to build lean muscle mass.

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