Yoga Mats: Part 2: features

 There are a number of factors involved in selecting a yoga mat. The first is price. You can spend anything from about 20 dollars (actually I have seen economy mats where you can get to under 10 dollars a mat if you are buying a minimum number of mats) to over 100 dollars. How much you decide to spend will depend on how important various of the other factors are for you. 

Yoga Mats: Part 1: History

      A while back I mentioned that I felt it was good, if at all possible, for someone who does yoga to have a mat. Several conversations in class lately have brought to my mind that it might be helpful for me to give a little background, and purchasing and care tips for yoga mats.  

Best Stretch To Do First Thing In The Morning

Have you wondered why you feel so stiff in the morning? I have. This video explains this and a stretch you can do to help ease that stiffness. Do it tomorrow.

20-30’s Fitness

By Marc D Thompson. When one begins to exercise in her or his twenties, what should be the priorities? Here are some of the best ways to stay fit through those early years. 1. Challenge yourself2. Lay groundwork for later in life3. Plyometric training, see Core Plyometric exercises4. Cardiovascular training5. Strength training6. Play sports such as running, golf, biking, or tennis7. Free Weight Training8. Low Reps9. Core training10. Speed-Agility-Quickness training11. Team sports

One day at a time!

Walk out the door this early summer morning and breath in the fresh air.  What a great way to start the day and feel energized.  Remember sometimes it is just walking to the mailbox to get you out to move.  If you are fortunate enough to exercise, be greatful for the option. 

Nutrition Tip

#Nutrition #Tip

Today's Fitness/Health Tip: FOOD SAFETY AT HOME

You can significantly reduce your risk for foodborne illness by handling foods properly when cooking at home. According to the American Dietetic Association, four simple tips can help you keep foodsafe:  1. Wash hands often when preparing food. 2. Keep raw meats and ready-to-eat foods separate. 3. Cook foods to proper temperatures. 4.Refrigerate foods promptly below 40 degrees Fahrenheit.

Group Exercise

When you are looking to go to a group class before you sign up for a package take a free class. If the company does not offer a free class then its not a company that you want to work with.

posture exercises

While you are at work or watching TV, you can be working on your posture.  Doing 10 chin tucks and pelvic tilts throughout the day will help keep your body in correct alignment.  Check out the following websites for exercises. and

What is your favorite website?

i really enjoy reading motivational statements. They add a little oomph in my day. At present my favorite motivational website is "".Check it out and let me know what you life on purpose.  Fergie.
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