Arthritis and Pilates:

I like to share this blog;PHYSIOTHERAPIST Chris Norris, of Norris Associates in Congleton, is working with Alderley Pilates Studio in Nether Alderley in making Arthritis Care Awareness Week (April 14 to 18), with a reminder that Pilates can be of great benefit to anyone with arthritis and other ailments.  Chris said: “Anyone diagnosed with arthritis should look at taking regular exercise to help them live with their condition and improve their mobility as well as reduce pain.

meeting and befriending the fat cell-embracing our changes


Soldiers and PT

I participated in a race this last week on Post, which was about 2.5 miles and had some obstacles, it was called the Adventure Race, not much of an Adventure, but I did get First Place Female.  It’s exciting to win, but on the other hand my competitors were all soldiers, not one other civilian participated, not sure why, but that was disappointing.  It is also sad for me to see how out of shape some of these soldiers are as I was passing them right and left.  I think sometimes when soldiers are “forced” into physical training (PT) every morning; they no long

Spring is in the air, and Earth Day is here... by Sonia Maranville

With spring in the air and Earth Day here, this is when we spring clean our homes. When you clean you’re trying to get rid of all the dirt and germs in your house, right?  The American Association of Poison Control Centers found that being exposed to many cleaning products are dangerous enough to hospitalize you!  But we continue to use them around our kids and pets. 

Goodies for Easter Baskets

Livestrong Article: What Bodyweight Exercise Offsets Dips?

A Word to the Wise

I spend a lot of time talking with clients, friends and family members about food.  We talk about recipes we enjoy, whole foods and why they are best for our bodies, what is healthy and fast to prepare, and always, there are conversations about "food porn"- what it is, and how to keep it out of our homes.  We also talk about what's new on the market- Is it good?  Did we like it?  Was it priced well?

Please Pass the Chocolate Milk!

I've always been a fan of most things chocolate, and I know I'm not alone!   For many people, women especially, chocolate in any form is considered a must-have, or a guilty pleasure. It's something we want to indulge in, but feel we shouldn't.

Protein/Meal Replacement Bars – Reviewed

Here at, we eat protein bars.  Lots of them.  It seems we are forever trying the latest brand/flavor, looking for that “perfect” bar.  Below, I’ve put together a short table of a few of our favorites.  Typically, we look for low sugar (<10g) , high protein (>15g) and around 300 calories.  Another deciding factor for many of us, is if the bar keeps us feeling full until our next meal.  If not, we don’t get them any more. 

golf lesson

I had my first golf lesson since my initial starter package 3 1/2 years ago. Now I understand why I can't take advantage of my core strength. My swing is a mess! Starting from scratch! Going to oasis to test out my new swing...YIKES! 200 yard drives here I come!
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