thoughts from a cemetary

When I get to the end of my road, I usually turn left and it takes me through a subdivision where there are different routes I can run.  This morning I turned right for some different scenery.  The road took me past a cemetary so I decided to take my run into the cemetary.  I spent 20 minutes running on the gravel roads, and it was very thought provoking.  So many people say that it's important what happens in the "hyphen" between the year of birth and the year of death.  Yes, that is true....every moment counts.  However, I think it'

Heart of Gold

This Thanksgiving, I am grateful for many things, but this gift has changed my life.  Growing up I had always been told that the outcome or the final product is where I should set my sights.  No matter how messy the means, always keep the end in focus.  I can appreciate that this advice is practical and well meaning, however this thinking led me down the road of self doubt and rigid ideas about the way things are to work.  As we know, even the best laid plans don't always turn out as we would like and often this leads to a sense of failure.

A Thanksgiving without Guilt (Yes, it is possible!)

Thanksgiving is 2 days away, and already people are exiting my GECs early to begin poring over the hot stove to lovingly prepare a feast for their friends and family!  With the holidays approaching, many people begin to experience some feelings of anxiety (of the big meal to come) and guilt (over the big meal they just ate).  It is possible, however, to enjoy the holidays (and the delicious meals and treats!) without undue anxiety and guilt.  Below, I have shared with you some holiday tips from UCA's dietitian, Janet Dance, MS, RD, LD to "Make it a Day of Th

Of things to come...

So I was thinking about some of my clients and their goals.   Most have similar goals, simply to "get into shape!"   The minds eye, however holds a different view of "in shape" for each of us.   I sometimes ask, who is in better shape, the Olympic lifter, or Marathon runner?   Now, you may try to answer this, but it is really a trick question.   The answer is both!    They have both trained to the top of their abilities, yet have completely different goals in mind!

Thanksgiving Tip #1

Countdown to Thanksgiving. Tip for the day: If you plan on going back for seconds, make sure the first portion you choose is a "taste portion." Then, if it's delicious, then go back for another taste size portion.

Thanksgiving Tip #2

Thanksgiving tip for the day #2: Some Thanksgiving food can be amazing tasty. Some can be just ok. If it's just ok, don't bother having more than the first bite. Both you and I know it's not worth it. Why eat something if you don't like it?

Enjoy delicious food on Thanksgiving!

With the holidays quickly approaching, food is "weighing" heavily on people's minds. Okay, that was a pretty terrible joke, but it is true. More people are worried about what they eat during the holiday season because they don't want to gain those dreaded holiday pounds. Instead of focusing on counting calories or trying to abstain from all the delicious food spread out in front you you this year, try this: Choose healthier recipes for your holiday favorites, and control your portions.

Another Serving of Gratitude, Please!

Go ahead! Eat whatever you want on Thanksgiving Day! Forget sticking to your diet. Pull up to the table and savor the delicious turkey feast with your family and friends. 

Thankful for you

As we approach this week, I look ahead at the Holiday and wonder what it's all about.   Sure it's a time to be thankful, but it seems that that simple concept can get lost so easy in the hustle and bustle of shopping, cooking dinner and all the other things that go on at this time of year.

Some tips to be lean while "going green"

 eat less red meat -ban bottled water (invest in a reusable water bottle) -snack substantially ( ditch the processed food- choose whole foods) -be an efficient shopper ( reuse bags and buy in bulk) -eat locally ( be a regulat at your local farmers market) -cook more and order less takeout -limit packaged, single serving beverages and snacks 
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