Group Fitness Instructor Openings

We are currently looking for Group Fitness Instructors for both morning and evening classes.  If you have a current CPR and Nationally Recognized Group Fitness Certification and teach any cardio or strength formats (such as Step, TurboKick, Piloxing, Flirty Girl, any Powder Blue Productions format, Circuit Training, Boot Camp Cardio, Zumba, etc.), please e-mail your resume to our Group X Fitness Coordinator at

Fun, Mental and Sleepy!

Ok, first let's attack that blog name, PsyPhy.  It has been chosen because both our bodies and brains benefit from physical activity and exercise.    

Happy New Year (almost)!

It's that time of the year again, when we stew over the changes we would like to implement into our lives for 2012.  Health and fitness seem to be at the top of the list nearly every year but unfortunately most people are unable to keep the long term commitment (for whatever the reason).  So many things can easily interrupt your new found fitness schedule; career and family seem harder to juggle than you had imagined.  That's where I come in.  No gym, no equipment, no excuses.  I will schedule your appointment and show up to location with all the equipment a

I said it!!!

OK, I have a little rant.   Some may get pissed off at what I have to say, yet others will agree.   So here goes.   America is going the way of the Greeks.   We are slowly killing ourselves, and part of that is through political correctness.   I mean America was founded on Christianity, yet we are told we must take it out of everything!   Never mind that we "offend" all the Christians, just make sure you don't offend anyone else!!!

One life!!!

So I was thinking about life!   I know, kind of deep, but that's the way my brain works!   Kind of scary, isn't it?   Anyway, I recently went SCUBA diving, and loved it!   I have wanted to go for a while, just never did it!   What a mistake, I could have been doing it for years now, instead of just starting out.   And so, I offer this to all of you.

Happy Holidays 2011

It has been a great year . . .  training, teaching boot camp and Yoganna, laughing and working with clients and friends . . . in short, just enjoying life!      I'm going to be an expert on knee replacement rehab next month.  I will have a new right knee in January.  Guess I won't have an excuse to limp around any more.  However, it did not keep me from bicycling, walking, aquacise, dancing (pathetically) and swimming.    I plan to get back on track soon after my surgery.     

The Cycle of Fear and Complacency: Are we fated to repeat history?


Stop the Yo-Yo Dieting

Many women have been on more than a few fad diets and still have trouble keeping the weight off! Yo-Yo dieting is very unhealthy for your body and your mind. Consistent weight loss and weight gain cycling back and forth can cause feelings of failure and a loss in your own confidence.  Instead of trying another fad diet for the new year opt for a healthier lifestyle by eating clean. And get a personal trainer to help coach you and motivate you through you workouts and food questions! 

Insanity Tests 3 and 4

Here are my Day 36 and 50, 25-minute Fitness Test results on Insanity! Today is Day 52 of 63, although it should be Celebratory Day 64 (and that makes me a bit sad).

The little things!!!

I have recently been wearing my Santa hat around.   You know, red velvet, with the fluffy ball at the end.   Anyway, I have been getting more compliments and smiles on this silly hat than I can say!   And so, I was thinking about the little things!
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