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MORNING CUP OF MOTIVATION: Let's Become more attractive.

Setting new goals

Last year I signed up for the Warrior Dash close to Phoenix.  A pulled chest muscle and getting sick a couple of days beforehand kept me out of the race.  I hadn't been running much.  I felt like I wasn't in my best shape.  I got the email recently they will be in Phoenix this year - in April.  I've been thinking of signing up again.  But, will I be in the same position as I was last year?  I have decided I am going to do it, I will be in better shape.

Fasting to finish 2012

ok, so i have no idea how this is supposed to go or what have u. i dont do this often but have recently decide to participate a bit more in hope to help expand some1's & my own conciuosness hopefully.DAY 2

Welcome to Inspired Fitness by Brenda!!

I am extremely passionate about health and wellness! Having conquered my own weight issues, utilizing Weight Watchers, I am compelled to help others like myself! I suffer from Rheumatoid arthritis, and I was fortunate enough to find a great friend/personal trainer/mentor, Terri Good, that showed me that anything can be done by any BODY as long as you have the WANT and DRIVE for it! I loved nothing more than the feeling I get after a hard workout, but mostly, I love sharing that feeling with others and seeing the look of accomplishment on others faces!

Could You Survive the Perfect Storm?

In my last post, I wrote about my favorite aunt who was in the ICU with pneumonia and then septic shock.  Sadly, we attended her funeral today.   You may recall the movie “The Perfect Storm” about the sinking of the 72 foot fishing boat the Andrea Gail off the coast of Massachusetts.  This massive storm was caused when two powerful weather fronts and a hurricane collided creating a nor’easter somewhat similar to the recent hurricane Sandy.  The Andrea Gail was hit by a gigantic rogue wave while trying to return to safe harbor.

Food Glorious Food

The Holidays are hear. Yes! I love this time of the year, the smells, colors, food and friends. There are so many parties to attend and families to visit with. Its a great time of the year. So we all like to indulge a little at this time of the year, its to be expected. I am not going to tell you what you should eat or why but rather offer a few tips to help manage the holiday period, curtsey IDEA Health & Fitness magazine. Lets be smart this holiday season and enjoy it without feeling guilty. Use your common sense.
 Take smaller portions.

This is an eye opener!

Wake up, open your eyes and look around you.

Grand Master Rorion Gracie uses the CrossCore180® for outdoor functional training.

Grand Master Rorion Gracie on the CrossCore180® in the beautiful outdoors for some shoulder mobility work. Get your own CrossCore180®  today  

Women are affected by hormonal fluctuation due to the menstrual cycle.

The menstrual cycle can have profound effect on women's mood and sense of well being. Many women develop cramps, nausea, and fatigue in conjunction with menstruation, sometimes accompanied by feelings or irritability and depression. Compounding matters, significant fluid retention and cravings for sweets are frequently associated with the premenstrual period, thereb inducing temporary weight gain and edema. These symptoms can be detrimental to a women's psyche and hance make it difficult, if not impossible, to train with any degree of intensity during this time. Brad Schoenfeld
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