Business Day

So today I spent all day doing business related stuff. I got my business name notarized and sent out. I have my EIN all set. I just need to get the Chamber of Commerce their money and I will be all set on that end. I also setup all my administrative stuff. I am glad I have a Mac. It just makes everything so much easier to track, such as my clients, their workouts, and data. Also, got my first personal client not related to MWR. It is nice being out on my own.In other news, I am working out this 3 days this week.

June Lake Triathlon is Around the Corner. Get Registered!

Set in a beautifully scenic high alpine setting, the community of June Lake sits at 7,600 feet above sea level with breathtaking views of Carson Peak and the Sierra Range surrounding the nestled cluster of high altitude lakes: Grant, Silver, Gull and June.Get registered at

why Barefoot?

Courtesy of the willPower method website (

Barefoot in London

Check out willPower's progress in London's Daily Express!!/photo.php?fbid=10150445556860055&set=a.450953320054.378060.389841230054&theater


I'm sitting here reading IDEA's Facebook page as I continue glancing outside to see if my trees have stopped blowing and if the rain has stopped it's steady stream because I really want to go for my hill hike. This is really ironic considering I grew up in Chicago: a bit different than Northern California!

Tough Mudder (TM) united

Just got a message from a fellow "Mudder buddy" in Wisconsin on my problem with the pull ups. Here is what he had to say, a slightly shorter version. (I am sharing with his permission):

Preschool at Home: Sample Classes

Here are some recent classes I put together for my 2 and 5 year olds, with links (all at to the free handouts and books and music you can buy or check out from your library.  Now that you have some guidelines and a budget to create fun 30 to 90 minutes classes at home, you can see how fun and easy it is!

High Impact vs. low impact

My knee injury from two days ago is 85 back to normal....and I still taught my Zumba Gold class, which is geared for the "senior" population, but basically it is low impact. No jumping or hopping, just making the workout more intense by making arm and leg movements bigger if you so choose. You want to vary your workouts so that you work hard a couple of days a week and then add some low impact or non-impact on other days to have the body recover from the intense workout days.

To Beginnings

Starting something fresh and exciting.  The 1-page ad in the IDEA magazine this month was just for me I think!  So here I am, putting myself forward into the world of social media, going beyond my comfort level, reaching out to the thousands of people I have touched over the years, so many wonderful experiences I've grown from, the people, the mentors, the friends I've met.  My mind blooms with the possibilities of expression in this blog.  Ummm must give some thought to a theme...

My Top 10 Healthy Tips

1) Break a Sweat most days! - Burn calories by moving your body - walk, run or engage in any sport you enjoy or would like to try. Cardiovascular exercise burns fat, improves heart and lung capacity, lowers your risk for heart disease, diabetes, and more! 2) Lift weights- You don’t need to lift like a super hero- just overload your muscles enough to promote lean muscle and strong bones.
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