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There are moments when replenishing the spirit, one reaches for others for inspiration and guidance.  I am fortunate to have a plethra of individuals that do just that with their stories of triumphs and tribulations.  Almost always, I find a source of strength within each circumstance that gives me an "ah-ha moment" or a smile or a realization that my life is in fact, quite satisfactory.   For this months offering, I share with you messages I carry on my person every day.  Enjoy. 

National Posture Institute Offers FREE Educational Webinars in Exercise, Health, and Fitness

Hello Fitness/Health Professionals:The National Posture Institute will be offering free monthly educational webinars to teach health/fitness professionals and the general public how to perform exercise movements and design personalized fitness programs. In addition, health and fitness directors/owners may use the webinar program to educate their staff of personal fitness trainers/group exercise instructors (TRX, Pilates, Yoga, Zumba, etc...), physical therapists, athletic trainers, chiropractors, and others while at home or in their place of business.  

I have been...

Hey Everyone! 

Suncoast Pilates instructors all Pilates Method Alliance Certified

With five Pilates Method Alliance Certified Pilates Teachers (PMA®-CPTs), Suncoast Pilates in the Palm Harbor / Clearwater / Tampa Bay area has the Tampa Bay area's most highly certified and trained Pilates teachers and meets a higher professional standard.

R.I.P.P.E.D. training in Alabama

Heading to Montgomery Alabama for a R.I.P.P.E.D. training this weekend.  Yeah!!!!!Love, love, love facilitating trainings!!!!!

FFHV Launches "Fit & Fab" Wellness Parties!

" Fit and Fab" Wellness's Ladies Night In! Eat, Drink and Shrink! Join Certified Personal Trainers and Nutrition Consultants Liz Cort & Meg Boyd, for an unforgettable wellness party. Relax with friends, excite your taste buds and get the latest nutrition and fitness advice, including the benefits of juicing raw foods. 

Suffering from an injury?

Have you been training for a special event and over done it and hurt yourself? Have you stopped working out due to the injury?

Celebrate Life!

Look around... there is many reasons to be happy! and don't forget : Let's dance!!!

The MOM factor

I talk to and train many moms.. great moms that put their kids first!  Thats the right way to do it of course, we are busy taking care of our children, driving them here and there, feeding them, doing homework, baths etc.. God gave us the most important job to be there for our children.. But we are also to live by example.  Am I always the best example, No!  I struggle daily trying to be the best mom to my boys and Im so far from perfect but I try.. One thing I try to teach my boys is to be healthy, play sports eat well, do good in school..

Fitness Benefits and Free Workouts!

Welcome to FitBits, the official blog of Fitness Home Delivery, Inc.  This is my first post so I've decided to do something special.  Normally I just offer a free fitness consultation to new clients.  However, as part of my blog kickoff, I've decided to offer 2 free workouts in addition to the free fitness consultation.  That is 3 home visits for absolutely FREE!  Please keep reading for the details of this offer. 
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