Day 1 of 7 day detox

Hubby and I started our 7 day detox. I mentally prepared myself for the worst. But it wasn't too bad.I had moments of hunger pains and moments of nausau. Which is usally what happens to me if I don't eat. The program we are using has a detail chart for us to follow. We were able to have fruit, veggies, fruit juice and vegatable broth throughout the day.  I did feel kinda yucky by the end of the day and was happy to go to bed and sleep it off. 

Happy Saturday!

Another week has past and if you are anything like me you evaluate the way you ate. How did I do? Well not so well. I ate out at fast food restaurants... quite frequently actually. Why do I do this? I know better. We all know better by now. But it seems like everyday I make up some excuse and instead of eating a veggie hummus with fruit on the side I'm ordering a hotdog and cheese fries( darn you Portillo's!). I try not to beat myself up though. Things like this happen and we all need our indulgences.

7 Simple Ways to Reduce Stress in your life Right NOW

We all get stressed out sometimes, but if it feels like stress seems to rule your

The Soft Tissue Issue

           You travel to your favorite hiking destination only to see a man in the distance about to bungee jump off of a cliff. You aren’t worried since you know the elastic response of the bungee will bring him right back up. Another man next to him ties a paracord rope around his waist and also jumps. “THAT’S SUICIDE!”, you exclaim with horror. But this is the case when our soft tissue networks are tight. That’s right; the guillotine in this situation is soft tissue.

Change it up with Cross Training!

Benefits of Cross Training            Lots of people have a favorite type of exercise or a favorite cardio machine they use at the gym. While it is great that they enjoy exercising, there are many benefits to switching up your routine and cross training- varying your fitness program by combining different types of exercise activity.

Prevent Weekend Warrior Woes

I have to remind myself sometimes to slow down when the weather warms up and the days are pleasingly longer. I will tend to overdo it outdoors while losing track of time, only to come in past dark when it is bedtime and still not have had dinner. Oh boy, now what.Slow down until I am acclimated to the heat. The mosquitoes and gnats help in that department with all the stopping to smack and swat away.Have a container of water at the ready, to drink and splash on myself.Wear a wide brimmed hat to keep the harsh sunlight off the face and out of the eyes.

What's your summertime fitness plan?

It's often helpful to look ahead at the summertime and think about how you're going to take care of you... both with your healthy food choices and your actvitiy level.  The summer most often means changes in schedules and routines.  So a little bit of planning can go a long way in helping you stay on track with your health and fitness goals.  Consider the farmers markets and all the wonderful fresh produce for your summer meals and events.  Likewise, remember that activity is what's important, not necessarily structured exercise.

HUR Fitness Equipment & the National Posture Institute form Educational Partnership

HUR Fitness Equipment & the National Posture Institute have formed an Educational Partnership. NPI will be developing special NPI-HUR Certificate Program incorporating posture & HUR fitness equipment to prevent falls. HUR:

Embrace Your Age

As I settle in to my 40's, I've developed a different perspective on aging.  Perhaps this is due to working with older adults for almost all of my career in fitness, even back to the time when I worked in healthcare. 

Step Success Formula to Get EXACTLY What You Want in Life

 Please take a couple minutes out your day to read this. Great advice. SUCCESS = Outcome Goals + Process Goals + Action + Accountability + Support + Incentives + The Deadline Let's walk you through those 7 Steps. 1) Outcome Goals - This is simple. If you want to lose 15 pounds in 6 weeks, that's your Outcome Goal. It's your Vision. It's the Destination you want to arrive it in a given time frame. That's Goal Setting 101.
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