5 Week Eat Clean Program

I am so excited to introduce my 5 Week Eat Clean Program.  Read more about it and contact me if you're ready to reach your fat loss goals.

New Program

I am so excited. Today I talked to a psychologist/nutritionist Cheryl Butler that works with people who need to lose weight and together we are going to develop a program to help people change their lifestyles so that they can live healthy lives. She will work mostly on nutrition and issues in the head that hold people back from their dreams and I will work more with the physical strength movement and fat burn. This is an excellent opportunity to really make a lasting and long term difference in people's lives. So many people think that weight loss is really one dimensional.

One EXTRA day...

We are home!! After ONE EXTRA DAY of travel due to flight issues, I'm so glad to be home and back to my "farm" lol!! It's gorgous here right now-- beautiful fall colors plus tons of green still!! I love fall!!While I was gone I got in 2 runs for my workouts-- NO LIFTING-- so this week I'll be hitting the weights.

Why Me? Why NOT Me!

You’ve figured out how to get it done. Now figure out how to do it even better. Expect the best of yourself. Then find a way to exceed those expectations. Challenge yourself to exceed yourself. You deserve the best, and you deserve to keep making the best even better and better.

Ken Baldwin & National Posture Institute Webinar-Resistance Training Programs-Arm Muscle Group-Wed-Nov. 7, 2012

Register-Ken Baldwin & NPI Webinar-Wed., Nov. 7, 2012 7:00 PM - 8:00 PM EDT. Resistance Training Programs-Arm Muscle Group-Register Here:  

Be your own hero!

Fall Workout Clothing

Well, Fall is here. Here are some guidelines to help you dress for a great workout.* choose what is comfortable that fits well. You don't want to wear something that chaff's, rides up or falls down. No matter how cute the outfit, if it does not fit right and is not comfortable it is not going to help your workout.* proper shoes are vital. Get walking shoes for walking, running shoes for running, basketball shoes for basketball, etc. This ensures you have the proper support where you need it most. Talk to your trainer for what is best for you or your MD.

Taking a Stance: I Voted for Obama

 One more time, I’ll use this blog for a non-fitness related subject to be on record with my political view. I have many reasons but want to focus on the one part that is the closest to my heart, and that is healthcare. 

Nothing Will Work Unless You Do


National Posture Institute-Get Away to Sunny Florida for NPI Workshop at the State College of Florida (Jan. 18-19, 2013)

Get Away to Sunny Florida in January for NPI Education at the State College of Florida (Jan.
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