Hips Don't Lie

You hear it all the time when women are diagnosed with a knee injury from running..."it's because women have wider hips than men".  Like it's a bad thing!  Okay, knee pain is bad, but having wide hips is not, and research is beginning to show that one thing may not have anything to do with the other anyway. 

Seven Weeks to a Healthier You

Although the general guidelines for a healthy weight loss are simple to understand—eat less, move more—it’s easy to get lost in the details.During your quest to live a healthier lifestyle, you’ve probably read article after article that reference specific dietary guidelines, physical fitness recommendations, how much sleep you need, how much water to drink and the list goes on. While this is all valuable knowledge, it can be challenging enough to digest and remember, let alone apply to your daily life.

Exercise is NOT a four letter word.

You would think by the time you were my age, you'd seen it all.  This week certainly has proven me wrong.  We began the week with an earthquake and ended with a hurricane.  Surely a new one for me.  I do hope all of you made it through both of these wraths of Mother Nature unscathed.  For those who did not, my prayers are with you and yours.

Diet Crutches: What Works, What Doesn't (Yahoo)

 I have my home page set to Yahoo on my computer. If you've ever been to the Yahoo home page, you know that there is a ticker for news articles, funny stories, etc. Every so often, you'll find an article or two that relate to diet or exercise. Sometimes I don't agree with what's posted in some of the articles, but more often than not the information is supported by a number of reliable sources. This is one of those articles. I've included the link at the bottom of the text.

Fears, Passions and God's Purpose for our lives.

 I have been reading many blogs and posts lately about pursing one's passion, fear of failing, and God's purpose for our lives. One post in particular brought me to where I am right now, sitting at my desk writing this blog. I have spent all day thinking of what to write; so many thoughts running through my head and yet putting them to paper has seemed almost impossible, all I had managed to get accomplished was to scratch out random notes on different thoughts.  I was getting nowhere!

Spotting and Correctly Spotting

I was at the gym a few days ago and noticed two people working out. One was more advanced than the other in exercising experience and ability. However, I instantly noticed that his spotting the less experienced exerciser was lacking any real benefits. In fact, he may have been contributing to the lesser experienced exerciser's exercising inefficiencies.When spotting here are some rules I follow.Make sure you are clear how to spot.

One of the best things about exercising...

How do you handle removal of your class on a Schedule?

Good question, right?  At one time or another, as a Group Fitness Instructor, we've all had to deal with change on the Group Fitness schedule.  It may be a different time slot, a different format or losing a class all together. How do you feel when you lose your class?  Do you take it personal? 

Things are a-changin'!

Welcome to my first blog post on! I encourage you to check out my website at to learn more about me and what I *do*! Thanks for stopping by and I hope to see you again soon! Jessica

Birthdays and Milestones

As we round the corner into September I roll right into an amazing first week. It is my birthday (yes, it ends in zero) on the 4th, my daughter Marlens birthday on the 6th and the 6th anniversary of Aurafitness on the 8th! Wow! Hard to keep that all straight!
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