There has been a thirst for knowledge recently about alcohol and it’s effect on fat burning. Today I am pouring you an information cocktail. Here is the skinny on everything you need to know in regards to alcohol consumption. After sipping on this “info-tini” you may want to reconsider just how many more you want to pour!     Alcohol and Fat Burning

Are you Interesting?

If you want to be interesting, be interested. If you wish to truly learn, teach. If you would like to be wealthy, be generous. Every day is an opportunity to raise your life to a higher level by giving the best that you have. Put it into action and make things happen. 

Reward Your Hard Work!!!!

Have you ever bought a new pair of great fitting running shoes?  The first time you lace them up to go for a run, you immediately notice how cushy they are and how they fit your foot tighter than your old shoes.  As you start your run, you run taller, feeling as though your feet are barely touching the ground, that you could run farther and faster.  The same happens when you buy a new outfit.  You hold your head up, strut your stuff and put even more into your workout knowing that you look GREAT!!!!  

I Want To Work With You

I don't think anyone who works with a Personal Trainer would argue that there is a great deal of value and benefit that derives from working with a dynamic training professional.  You probably like the person you've hired and have a solid base of trust in his or her knowledge, level of expertise and the style of motivation that works for you.  You most likely talked about what you want out of your training, what your strengths are, the areas you are most interested in changing and what fitness methods will work best based on where you want to go.  The same thing happe

No Excuses When It Comes to Hydration

So how did you do in February with making simple modifications to your lifestyle in order to create positive lifestyle changes?  One of our lifestyle changes was to drink more water.  So how did you do?  Did you know that water is essential in order for our bodies to perform properly?  Water is essential in transporting waste from the body, it helps to regulate body temperature, and helps with the digestive process.  When you are dehydrated it can lead to fatigue and have an affect on your performance because it can cause cramping. 

A Little Over Eight Weeks Out!

I'm pretty exhausted today, mentally and physically.  The 3 am wake-up calls, in addition to a reduced calorie diet and a busy home life, are taking their toll a bit.  Thank God for my supportive husband, who has been a TOTAL trooper, dealing with my metal lapses, short temper, and lack of evening energy--and trust me, with a 14 year old and twin 5 year-olds, evening energy is a MUST!  But okay--a short-term sacrifice for what, I hope, will pan out to be a HUGE achievement! 

Great Fitness Experience Coming to Southlake, TX

Southlake, are you tired of the "Big Box" gym scene?  All American Family Fitness is coming to Southlake in April!!!  We'll be offering a unique member focused fitness experience.  All American Family Fitness in Southlake has hired quality personal trainers and talented group fitness instructors to meet your personal fitness needs.  Our staff is determined to deliver the BEST FITNESS VALUE in the BEST LOCATION - Southlake's Town Square.  Come by and visit and have a preview of our gym before we open!  We

My friend turns 60

How is it possible that I have a friend turning 60? Aren't I only 40 something? She must have just gotten older without me. By the way, I am not saying I am turning 60 anytime soon! It's just that we were in our 30's when we met. It seems like just a few years ago. 

Thinking SPRING in Michigan

Ok, we've had a mild winter by most Michigan winter standards, but time to think SPRING! That thought should be accompanied with a step up in your fitness efforts. Prepare those thighs for the skimp fabrics that will replace the knits and wools. Flesh will be exposed in massive quantities. This is the perfect time to step up (or get started) with some pilates and cardio. Don't delay...let this spring be different from the past!!!


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