I just got my new samsung tablet.I have been looking at them for a while, I like the versatility they offer and am excited to see how I can incorporate it into my Personal Training Practice.I'm not really a tech-ie but have see others in action with their tech toys and admire how much they are able to streamline some of the functions of the business. This is all new to me so  If you have ideas of how to use this, I welcome your input.I am always aiming to improve my services. getting up to date with technology can't hurt, right?Stacia

Interval Training with Stairs


National Posture Institute Webinar Registration-Resistance Training Programs-Leg Muscle Group-Oct 3, 2012

National Posture Institute Webinar Registration-Resistance Training Programs-Leg Muscle Group-Wednesday, October 3, 2012 7:00 PM - 8:00 PM EDT-  National Posture Institute Webinar Registration

Pain Is Never OK

First, my apologies for a lack of blog entrees during the past month.  In addition to being a fitness trainer, I also work as a wilderness guide and kayak instructor.  I’ve spent so many hours on the water that I’ve had little time for writing.

Copa de Verano (Guaymas Sonora Mexico)

Just wanted to share my experience I had down in Sonora Mexico this past summer at the Copa de Verano.  This was a short (25 mile circuit race) along the amazingly beautiful Sea of Cortez in a small port city of Guaymas, Sonora which sits about 5 miles south of San Carlos, Sonora, Mexico, a popular beach resort town.  


It seems to have been a very busy summer for me this year.  Doesn't look like the fall is going to change that that much either.  I was lucky enough to have some great performances by many B.T.S. athletes this summer.  Bob Burleson just completed a very successful season with consistent finishes in the top three for his age group in some very big and competitive events.  Bob increased his FTP on the bike by at least 20 watts from last year and it showed with him taking off as much as 3 minutes on his bike split in a the Savageman sprint race.

Always RemembeR

Fitness improves health, physical fitness & boost confidence. And if you’re consistent, it will help you get a great body!

“You've gotta dance like there's nobody watching....

Dancing helps protect you against heart disease and also prevents high blood pressure.

Total Body Kettlebell Training

Teaching kettlebell is one of my favorite classes to teach.  What I like most is how you truly can get a total body workout that's efficient and ideal for people of all ages and sizes.  One of my personal favorite kettlebell exercises is the windmill.  It's great for the core, upper body strength and it improves flexibility.  There are many variations and thus everyone can enjoy this exercise.  To mix things up a bit I do include a variety of core strengthening exercises at the end of every class.  Terry

You can do it

Today I ran another 5K for the wonderful charity Team FOX for Parkinson's research.  Now, I am pretty proud of myself doing a PR of 31:07, getting closer to my goal of under 30.  But that is nothing compared to what I saw at this event.  A gentleman with full blown parkinsons in his wheel chair doing the 5K, the race had some pretty significant hills but he did not give up. He finished the whole race under his own strength.
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