CrossCore® RBT™ Course Level 1 - Gazze Academy in Huntington Beach

Come on out and get certified in Rotational Bodyweight Training™ at the Gazze Academy in Huntington Beach, CA. This 6 hour RBT™ course is ISSA certified and worth 6 continued education credits. It’s fun and informative. You’ll walk away with the ability to teach others the evolution of bodyweight training.

Connecting With Your Core

 I gave my second annual “Connecting with your Core” presentation for the NASA employees today.  This presentation is always a hit, and I love seeing the light bulbs go off throughout the presentation!  Here are just a few basic points I make at the beginning:

Active Recovery

I'm sure you've all been to the gym and spotted someone perform a series of reps and stand idly by for a few minutes before doing another set. This is called passive recovery. Powerlifters and strongmen are most noted for taking these elongated breaks. When absolute strength gain is your objective, this is not that bad of a pattern to follow. However, if you are like a high percentage of the world who wants to get lean and lose weight quickly, there is better option. It is called "active" recovery or active rest breaks.

Apply to become a CrossCore® Host Facility Today

Apply to become a CrossCore® Host Facility Today – CrossCore® is bringing on host facilities now to service the growing Rotational Bodyweight Training™ community. This can be a very exciting and revenue generating experience for all that apply. Get started today 

Do Not Repeat!

People who fail to achieve goals almost always signal their intent to fail by using three little words:"I will try..." There are no three words in the English language that are more deceptive, both to the person who says them and the person who hears them.  People who say "I will try" have given themselves permission to fail. No matter what happens, they can always claim that they "tried." 


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Food for Thought

Right this moment, your thoughts are setting the direction of your future. Choose thoughts that will lead you to the life you most desire. You first have to think it. Keep it in your thoughts every minute, hour, day and year. Visualize it clearly and create that which is yours to attain.

Wellness Tip: Clean Eating!

Many new diet books and magazines are on bookstore stands featuring “clean eating.”  The term clean eating sounds exciting, but is an overall vague statement, leaving health conscious individuals puzzled with the exact meaning. Clean eating is simply food from the source to the table- with very little fuss in between.“Clean” foods are those made with very little additions or processes.  The additions may come in the form of hormones, chemicals, or ingredients that you cannot pronounce and the processing reduces the overall quality.


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PRESS RELEASE-The National Posture Institute (NPI) Has Become an Educational Partner with HUR Health and Fitness Equipment

Tampa, FL, March 12, 2012 - The National Posture Institute has become an educational partner with HUR Health and Fitness Equipment , which provides computerized HUR Smart Card Strength Exercise Machines and HUR iBalance Testing and Training Systems to implement measurable active aging programs. The partnership between NPI and HUR allows for both organizations to effectively promote independence, posture, mobility, fall prevention and incontinence reduction for older adults. 
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