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I am so excited about blogging all my findings and thoughts on fitness, nutrition, and mommyhood!

KID FIT is here!

Happy FRIDAY!I am starting up my KID FIT classes this month. I am needing feed back from parents on what days, times, and locations work best for you. I am available to offer the class Monday-Friday, morning and afternoon. I am also open to having the class on the weekends if I have enough interest. I can offer the class at a local park, or at the Pathways Church Ballroom which is located at:

failure is not an option!

All that is necessary to break the spell of inertia and frustration is this: Act as if it were impossible to fail. That is the talisman, the formula, the command of right-about-face which turns us from failure towards success.~Dorothea Brande 


MORNING CUP OF MOTIVATION: Let's Get out of our Comfort Zone. Ask yourself; What is it that I need to do different, more DARING, that I have not tried before? Think about what makes you uncomfortable? What is it that you don't like to hear or be told about yourself, but need to address in order to change? What attitude adjustment can be changed? Who should you forgive today? If change and growth had one thing in common it would be that both require us to be DARING enough to step out of our old skin and into a new one. 

TGIF!! Shine in 49: Day 12

HI Everyone!! TGIF!!! My day today will be spent driving to Kansas City to meet up with our TEAM for the Warrior Dash tomorrow~ I'm very exctied to see everyone, hang out and have a fun playing in the mud! LOL!! I picked up our shirts yesterday and they are CUTE! We'll take tons of pictures I am SURE! So....I've been CRAZY busy with a car in the shop, dr. appts, meetings, broken AC, planting tress, baby mice, softball games, etc....

There's an App for That!

Hey Everyone! 

Weet onze wasmachine dat ik er een paleo levensstijl op na hou?

Gisteren heeft na ca. 15 jaar trouwe dienst heeft onze wasmachine vast gedacht "jij terug naar de oertijd, was dan ook maar met de hand". Ik kon kijken wat ik wilde maar hij wilde echt niet draaien :-( Nu maar hopen dat hij gemaakt kan worden, zo niet dan is mijn moederdagcadeua al bekend.Door dit oponthoud heb ik gisteren wel gelopen maar tijd om te zwemmen was er niet meer. Jammer maar vandaag heb ik een nieuwe kans.Dit weekend mag ik werken, ik hoop op mooi weer zodat ik na het werk samen met Dirk eventueel nog een fietstraining kan doen.

Key Ingredient To Ultimate Health (4)

Again, I don't know if there is actually a chronological order of importance b/c all ingredients are necessary to sustain life.  I only numbered these blogs b/c I didn't want to bog you down w/ one looooooong blog.  Today I want to talk about sunshine.  God is so cool how He created everything around us - that's how much He loves us!  The sun not only provides light so we can see His beautiful also tracks the time of day & year, provides warmth, allows plants to grow, & when used properly contains heali

Find the time to get some daily exercise in

We all know that we should exercise more. But sometimes it's just hard to find the time. Here are some ideas to get some daily blood pumping going.1. Park your car far away on a parking area and get some extra steps in to your destination.2. Take the stairs in buildings with more than 1 floor. 3. Do some wall or countertop push-ups while you are in the kitchen waiting for the water to boil.4. Walk on your tip toes at least once a day.

Aim High!

Set lofty goals beyond what you already know you can do. Make it meaningful, exciting, challenging and then go make it happen. When you reach it you’ll not only have achievement, you’ll also have an increased confidence. Work steadily and persistently toward the goal. It will energize all aspects of your life. 
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