Not Magic Berries Found Under a Bear's Bottom!

Many people today are trying to sell you the Magic Berry found under a bear's bottom, I can assure you ID Life is NOT that!  With a medical panel, third party credibility and science, we can offer you the purest, most natural supplements on the market. Watch the video and ask the questions.  It's important to know what you are putting in your body. Take the FREE, HIPAA assessment on my page and ask WHY ID LIFE!

Danny Jacobs and the 5 most inspirational boxing stories// boxi

 Danny Jacobs and the 5 Most Inspirational Boxing StoriesBilly Miske William Arthur Miske, aka the “Saint Paul Thunderbolt,” started his career as a middleweight in 1913, during what would later come to be called the “no decision era,” eventually fighting at light heavyweight and heavyweight for the remainder of his career.

TPI performance test 8: Cervical Rotation Test

This is the last in our series of TPI Performance tests.  If you haven't read the other seven, you should check some out at

Purchase 'Fifty Ways to leave Your Blubber"

You can purchase 'Fifty Ways to Leave Your Blubber" in paperback or kindle download at and

10 Tips to Help Speed Up Your Metabolism and Burn Fat...

1. Eat every three hours or so as this will keep your metabolism running in ‘high gear’ for extended periods. If you are unable to eat every 3 hours try incorporating protein shakes into your routine. 

How To Keep Your House Child Proof

Children’s SafetyParents all over the world want to keep their children safe from harmful things, environment or even from harmful insects. Making your house child proof is important especially if your toddler is in the stage of exploring all the things he/she sees. Having a child proof home will not only benefit the baby, but also will help the parents to keep their house clean.


When preparing Exercise Prescriptions and Physical Activity Plans for new clients I often include daily walking as part of the weekly exercise program.Many clients however tell me that they do not like to walk without a purpose.What bigger purpose is there than walking to improve your personal health and well-being? Below are some more ideas to walk with a purpose: • Boost your energy level• Expend energy to better manage your body weight• Improve and strengthens functions of the heart

Three Best Exercises Squats

Three Best Exercises Squats is exercise number one of a mini series I’m doing on what I feel are the three best exercises for overall better movement and quality calorie burn.If you’re like me, then you already squat during your day more than you care to think about, lol!Whether it’s using the pooper, tying your shoes or picking something up, we squat.In today’s blog, I’m going to cover three reasons why squats are three of the best exercises you can do!

6 Health Benefits of Hydrotherapy

Most people have tried massage therapy at least once – or are at least familiar with how it works – yet very few have been exposed to hydrotherapy. This is unfortunate, since the healing properties and benefits of hydrotherapy are extensive. What is Hydrotherapy? The word hydrotherapy may sound strange or alternative, but it’s a totally natural and beneficial treatment option for people suffering from a variety of issues and discomforts. 

Should I Start Going To The Gym Or Should I Exercise On My Own?

This particular question has in fact been pondering people all around the world for a while now. It is true that, with the amazing machines at a gym you are most likely going to be getting much better exercise than actually doing it on your own. However, many people do not want to pay money in order to be able to exercise since they can do it at home.
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