Sleep, stress and a poor diet

Sleep, stress and a poor diet can inhibit your body from getting to your weight loss goals. Your body needs atleast 6-8 hours of sleep per night. When the body gets enough sleep, the processes that occur over night (glucose conversion), which helps burn fat will help your body to achieve its proper weight. If you don't get enough sleep, your body will not have a chance to convert those sugars and you will wake up with no appetite and not eat, causing your metabolism to drop. If you couple this with your daily stress, your cortisol raises in your body and fat continues to accumulate.

It's A Balancing Act....or, Improve Your Balance

Has this ever happened to you? You find yourself on a balance beam with a stadium packed with people anticipating your performance. You leap forward into a vaulted somersault and into your dismount…and you fall! The crowd moans as the seats empty and you hang your head in disappointment! Ya…that pretty much has never happened to me either but I have lost my footing in the snow and I have stepped off a curb awkwardly and almost fell. But, unlike our performer on the balance beam, I didn’t fall and that was because I was able to regain my balance.

10 Reasons Women Need to do Strength Training

Significant research exists showing why strength training is not only for aesthetics, but for health as well. Think strong, healthy, and lean.  However, many women still tend to stick to the cardio machines at the gym.  The many health benefits of strength training are simply too wonderful to ignore.

Hormone replacement therapy from Kingsberg Medical

Hormone replacement therapy was regarded until a few years ago as a blessing for menopausal women as it claimed to address issues like hot flashes and symptoms related to menopause. However, a study conducted in the year 2002 by Women’s Health Initiative implied that HRT has a different story to tell. This study found that hormone replacement therapy was not a good choice for all females. And it can cause life threatening risks like cancer, heart attack, and strokes. However, further clinical trials have also shown the positive side of the therapy.

Success defined...

If I can take a new client who is adversed to exercise and give them an experience that is less than pure drudgery, I consider it a grand slam. If that client returns for a second session, giving me the benefit of the doubt, I consider it a win. If that client learns something that changes the way they view fitness for the better, I consider it a success. If that client experiences the difference that healthier choices can make, I am fulfilling a purpose. My name is Tanner Shultz. I am a certified personal trainer and a network marketing professional.

Working out When Sick?

Should we exercise when we are sick? I guess it depends on how sick and what kind of sick. It seems like if you know your body and you have been in that situation before you can go with your instinct. If you are on a steady program and you need to work out why not do your lower intensity day, or just do a portion of the workout. Save the more intense workout for when you are feeling better. 

De strategie en het getal van de dag: 5,5

MSG-like ingredients

People sensitive to MSG may also be sensitive to MSG-like substances. These are glutamates or chemically similar items added to improve a products taste. Here is a short list of common MSG-like substances: - yeast extract - autolyzed yeast - hydrolyzed proteins
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