How Electronic Cigarette Works

You might be looking for a ‘healthier’ alternative or just wanting to keep up with the modern trends but electronic cigarettes, or e-cigs, are slowly taking the market from your usual convenience store brands.

The myriad health benefits of using a treadmill for exercise – Aren’t you sure of buying one?

Have you been thinking of buying a treadmill but you weren’t too sure about its benefits? As the US Department of Health and Human Services recommend at least 150 minutes of exercise every week, treadmills are indeed one of the most convenient ways of ensuring that you stay active. But convenience isn’t the only benefit of using treadmills as there’s more to it. Exercising has its own benefits which range from increasing the strength of your heart to reduced insulin resistance to weight loss.

Benefits of Lasik Eye Surgery as Reported by New Yorkers

New York is a crazy city with a huge population from people all around the world, with various cultures, backgrounds and needs. One thing is for sure that life in New York is extremely fast paced and you cannot live and survive fully with eyes having glasses or contact lenses. Lasik Eye Surgery is an increasingly popular surgery with tremendous benefits in terms of eye vision and getting rid of expensive contact lenses and glasses for a lifetime.

Reiki Level 1 Certification Course

If you're in LA, are spiritually inclined and intrigued by Reiki, then please join my Reiki Master and myself May 15th at 12pm for a Level 1 certification workshop.You can find all the info you need here.

Health benefits of laughter that you had never known before

People usually discover standup comedy when they’re teenagers and it is from then that they start having an affinity towards laughter. The afternoon slot was full of comedy shows and someone who watched them regularly had a good round of laughter everyday. Before you become an adult, you must have become a fan of the standup comedians whom you saw while growing up. Now that you value the comedians and you also look for places to watch standup comedy, you must be aware of the benefits of laughter.

How To Help And Addict In New York

If you are living in New York the chances are that you know at least one person who is facing an addiction problem. It could be drugs, it could be alcohol or it could be anything else that could prove to be quite lethal for them and others around them. People have actually become much shallower over the past few decades. Although they have the ability to help they do not.

Study Shows Teens Using E-Cigarettes As Weed Vaporizers To Get High

Recently, the findings of a study from Yale University was published in a prominent pediatric medical journal regarding the use of electronic cigarettes among teenagers. The study found that a percentage of teens are using e-cigarettes, not just to inhale nicotine, but also for inhaling marijuana.

Differences Between Memory Foam Vs Latex Mattresses

People often demand comparison of best memory foam mattresses in order to decide which type is the best for them. They have a range of questions in their mind about choosing a mattress, Will it last long? Is it going to be costly? Will it fit my bed? Can it provide the required comfort? In the age of memory foam mattresses, you might have heard about latex mattresses. The key differences for you to make a decision can be expressed as;

No Excuses!

Get Fit While You Sit (w/video)

Try these simple exercises to use at office, home, traveling. They are designed to build cardiorespiratory fitness, muscular fitness,flexibility-3 key components of balanced exercise program.  Conveniently, this workout does not require exercise clothes or any large pieces of equipment.  A resistance band is the only piece of equipment. Resistance bands are lightweight and portable, take up very little space and are safe and easy to use.
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