Breathing – a totally under-appreciated exercise.  I, who value the glutes more than almost any other muscle group in the body, value the respiratory muscles even more.  It may be why I say “BREATHE” more often than any other word in almost every training session I conduct and is often right before I say “activate your glutes.”  I will bet that most of you do not even think about breathing as an exercise for your muscles.  Maybe you do not think about breathing at all.  Good thing it is an involuntary exercise for most of you. 

The tipping point- the pelvic floor

You all know that point in time where you can bear it all until you can't bear it anymore? It's called the tipping point.

Signs That You May Be Suffering From Depression

Depression is much more common than we think. It is a mood disorder that is debilitating and that affects millions around the world. Statistics show that 13% of US citizens now take antidepressants. This is something that should not be neglected because depression can easily lead to suicide. You want to be able to identify the signs of depression at all times. If you do not do this, you or someone that you love may be faced with serious problems.

So You Need a Dental Crown? Here’s what to Expect!

Being told that you need a “cap” on your tooth isn't exactly the most exciting news. But likely, it's the only way to save your tooth.

What is all that Fuzz?

Last week, I had the great please to attend a lecture by Gil Hedley, PhD, on the role of fascia. I had known of him for years. His research forms one of the foundations which Sue Hitzmann has adapted for the MELT Method. Gil Hedley has studied fascia in dissections of thousands of human forms and has thus furthered an understanding of fascia. 

Standards For Selecting Best Web Hosting Service In Australia

Web hosting is extremely important if you want to run your online business successfully. Even every business has its own website and if you do not have a good web hosting service to host your business website, it is quite hard to achieve success in the online world.

3 Reasons why Self-Managing Pain puts you at risk as Discovered by Experts from Australia

Pain is fickle. At some point in time, the nasty feeling appears out of nowhere. Wanting to take away that pain is natural. You can go and apply creams. Take medicine without prescription. Some, in desperation, bump their head on the wall. Some are much worse. However, effective or not, while you may be able to rid yourself that pain for a short while, it puts you at risk. Here are 3 reasons why.

Do You Need A Financial Fitness Routine?


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