Natural Ways To Get Fast Relief From Cellulite


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An Electric Shaver Just For You

People nowadays especially for the men, they are now using shavers that are powered by electricity. Men prefer to use this kind of tool since it is more convenient to use. Electric shaver are sometimes known as electric razor or even dry razor, since it does not necessarily require to use a shaving cream or even soap and water in using it.

Brain Functions & Vital Aspects Most People Are Not Aware Of


Have you Ever Lied to your Coach or Personal Trainer? This Could Be the Surprising Reason Why

 After writing this post on why men lie, it occurred to me that lying to coaches and trainers is probably a significant issue, so here we go!

How to Create a Balanced Workout Program

To see VideoBlog follow this link Are you ready for the New Year?  Want to make sure you're getting the most out of your gym time in 2017?

Handling Criticism: Why Do Negative Comments Hurt So Much?

Handling Criticism: Why do negative comments hurt so much?I am sure you had negative comments hurt your feelings.You try to do the right thing in life and follow a path we believe is right for you. The choices you make affect the quality of your life and happiness. Handling criticism of negative comments is hard because it hurts your feelings.

Why get a trainer for the new year?

Too Busy to Work Out?

"You should sit in meditation for twenty minutes every day--unless you're too busy, then you should sit for an hour." -Zen Proverb

Staying Warm for Outdoor running

I absolutely love running in all seasons. There is NO WAY that I will pack away my running shoes with my shorts and flip flops! 
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