My Personal 21 Day Fix Review

By now you know everything there is to know about the 21 Day Fix workouts. You know about the 3-phases of BUILD, BULK, and BEAST, and you know about the exercises that you can find during the 90-day period.

How To Select A Gym Fitness Class In Your Neighborhood?

Staying fit is immensely important as it will ensure a happy and prosperous life. Moreover a healthy body is fit body that can take the load of the everyday troubles and works. Gym can assure a healthy and fit body, but that should be done in proper scientific discipline that needs a trained instructor and proper equipments. So if you are planning to take a membership then it is important to do proper research and should not be done without proper understanding. There are group fitness classes which you can join.

How Ketogenic Diet Helps Cancer Starve?

Cancer is a stubborn and deadly disease which is almost impossible to cure. Many treatments have been discovered to treat cancer up till now but none of them provides 100 percent recovery in the cancer patients. The ratio of cancer disease is rising day by day and it is very important to discover a treatment that can cure it so that more and more lives can be saved.

HIIT in Bethesda: The Fast Paced Workout


Put on Muscle with P90X, P90X2, or P90X3

We know that guys have a thing for large muscles. When many guys are young they dream of fast cars, playing football, and wanting to look like muscle bound superheroes.

Maximize Your Fat Loss Efforts...

Maximize Your Fat Loss 1. Drink a Glass of Water When you First Wake UpThere is still a lot research being done on this subject to figure out exactly why this trick works, but German researchers did a study back in 2003 that determined that test subjects drinking a 16 oz glass of near freezing water, showed a metabolic increase of about 30 % for about 10 – 50 minutes after the consumption occurred. 2. Drink Whey Protein before training


  Pilates = Strength + Flexibility  with Control Wednesday 5:30 pm (may change to 3pm) Only 3 spots available! $40 fee


Early 2015 it was suggested to me by a Geriatric Care Manager(GCM) to prepare a proposal to speak at the Western Regional Geriatric Care Manager's Conference November 5-7, 2015 for the first time offered in Portland Oregon. The GCM mentioned that the targeted exercise training that I had provided for her father in law provided him with the opportunity to stay at home with the strength and mobility to live out his life at home longer rather than having to move to a care facility.

Factors To Consider In Choosing A Rehabilitation Center For Alcoholics And Drug Addicts

It is a fact that people who have depend all their lives to the use of drugs or alcohol would definitely have a hard time separating them to what they have been used to. When that certain person has bravely acknowledged his addiction and the negative effects of it in his life and has bravely come to terms with admitting that he needs to change for the better, this is already a great sign of comfort.

5 Ways to Help Someone Recovering From a Drug Addiction

One of the proudest moments was when your friend or loved one decided to get treatment for themselves for their drug addiction. Such a dramatic change to their life will have a positive impact on their behavior, relationships, health and overall lifestyle. Yet they can still use your help during the rest of the recovery treatment since it requires a life-long process to abstain from future alcohol and drug use. Here are 5 ways you can help someone so they can stay sober.1: Understand Their Triggers
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