Beach Bootcamp!!!

I'm so excited to be launching our first month of Women's Beach Bootcamp in the month of September!  The program will begin on the first Monday of every month and continue for four consecutive weeks.  Kick start your fitness program with some great company, high intensity, competitive, FUN training.  Contact me for more details!!!!

Can Toning Shoes Really Help Me Lose Weight?

Step into any shoe store and you’ll be overwhelmed by displays for shoes that claim to help you burn more calories and tone your leg muscles as you walk. The theory behind this popular footwear is that their unique design (often a less stable, rounded sole and extra cushioning) constantly challenges your body to find equilibrium as they alter your natural stride.

25 Best Nutrition Secrets

I was poking around on the Men's Health website and found a link (bottom of page) to an article that claimed to have the 25 best nutrition secrets. I've copied and pasted everything here for you guys. Some of the tips could use more clarification and explanation, but I think the source is reputable. I'm not recommending anything by sharing this with you, I just thought that some of these were pretty interesting. Who knows, these tips may help someone out; you never know who will be inspired!

This is my first blog

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5 Days!!!

5 days left until I am in CANCUN!!! I am so excited to get away from it all and just chill!

Trouble with Event listing

So I apologize to all of you are receiving multiple notifications to view the Fall QUAD event and then get a message saying that "the page is not found".  I was very excited about the opportunity to have this fitness site .... it has been a frustrating attempt at best.  NOT user friendly to say the least.  I will continue to use the site for this blog and the monthly newletter, which you SHOULD receive on the 1st of every month!  Let me know your thoughts!!


What made me think to post this is from a conversation I had with my cousin Jamie who lives in Texas about the heat they are experiencing this year . I think it is obvious to everyone that WATER is a very important nutrient for the body, so when I make observations of fluid intake, or lack there of especially during physical activity it is very surprising to me. Not only is it surprising but also very concerning especially outside during this time of year.

Healthy recipe for chicken & sausage gumbo

I have always loved chicken and sausage gumbo.  Unfortunately, when I became serious about changing my lifestyle to clean eating, I thought I had to give it up.  Something about my mom's recipe including frying bacon grease and flour to make the rue just didn't seem like it would fall under the eating clean category.  However, I discovered that I could still have my cake and eat it too, not literally.  But, I found a Weight Watchers recipe for shrimp and sausage gumbo that I tweaked a little by replacing the shrimp with chi

Understanding and Preventing Diabetes

A very dear friend of mine and owner of a local Zumba fitness studio recently asked me to participate in another fundraiser; this one to raise money for the American Diabetes Association in honor of her father who passed away from complications arising from the disease.  Her request hit a nerve.  My dearest grandmother, my "Wella", which was my nickname for her as a child from the Spanish word for grandmother, abuela, was a diabetic.  She passed away after suffering a fatal heart attack in early 2003 at the age of 85

Outer Fire and Inner Spanx

This morning I woke up to a warm fire crackling around me. Turbo Fire, to be precise. While the showcase room at the J.W. Marriott did have a panoply of video-generated fire on multiple screens (you have to check out this room!), the real fire came from Chalene Johnson. She led us through a high-intensity bout of cardiovascular training (better than coffee any day) and reminded us how inspirational it is to combine music with movement and motivation.
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