The Founder of Fusion 40 Fitness Gives Back To The Community.

  As necessary as it is for us all. Lately the trend of fitness has become a fad luxury that only a select few can afford. As founder of Fusion 40 Fitness, WiL Turner is paving the way to change that. Fitness is not a luxury. It is a necessity. It is the mission of Fusion 40 Fitness to provide its services to those who need it most. Fitness and health is our business and we mean it!   With over 40 specialized programs to suit a broad demographic of the population,


OH Man!! Was I BEAT after yesterday...Thank GOD I don't have to go anywhere beside the gym today!! I am enjoying the laid back quality of today. Just me and my computer for a bit!

Pilates and Weight Loss?


Kid's Fitness & Nutrition



    I’m sure most of you remember my Papa, Clinton Mitchell.  I feel very blessed growing up a farm child.  Every year our plates were filled with fresh veges from the garden.  My childhood memories are colored with the sights and smells of the earth.  Each summer reminds me of Papa and getting ready for our first tomato harvest, canning in the cook house. 


"FRIENDS are either a real assets or a real liability. So I would encourage you to choose your friends wisely. You don need a lot, but YOU do need some goods ones." -John C. Maxwell TAKE AWAY: Good FRIENDS should always ADD and never SUBTRACT from. who YOU are. Let's check out the "Friendship calculator" and do the math: GOOD FRIENDS ARE:

Tabata Light Exercise Class

The classroom was packed and the energy level was high as the Tabata Light (TL) class was fully up to speed for the 20 min intense exercise session. A couple of new exercises were introduced and can be seen in the link in the Tabata evening class.Warm up2i@20x20: Power jacks (PJacks)>Skaters>PJacksSkaters are going side-to-side like a speed skater; get some air and get some distance.3i@10x10: SQTH>Push ups>MTNCWork

CrossCore® RBT™ Course Level 1 – Tri-D Fitness - Portland, OR - July 14th

July 14th from 9AM-3PM Tri-D Fitness 8538 Apple Way Portland, OR 97225 

10 Reasons To Be a Fool For Fitness; # 4 - More Energy and a Better Self Image

Hello it's your recovering crazed fitness pro here, again....

Tabata Evening Class

Welcome to the Tabata zone. This was the first full-on 30 min Tabata the class experienced, at it was a wow-pow heart rate to the roof workout. This workout was a Sprint Set meaning very short duration and very short rest breaks. No time to rest, no time to complain.Two short videos for clarification of exercises.FEC: Feet Up Crunch:
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