CrossCore® Rotation allows the user to pedal like a bicycle.

Plank up and pedal like you’re on a bike. Rotation is key and your butt and hamstrings will be scorched when done. CrossCore® = Results

Today's Fitness/Health Tip: PRE-EXERCISE EATING

Eating an easy-to-digest high-carbohydrate breakfast two to four hours before morning exercise is recommended because it will help restock liver glycogen stores after an overnight fast. Use these guidelines to design your meal or snack: enough fluid to keep you hydrated, low in fat and fiber, high in carbohydrates, and moderate in protein. Select foods familiar to you. However, eating prior to exercise does not work for everyone; be sure to do what works best for you.

The People Factor

THE PEOPLE FACTOR: - IT'S ALL ABOUT ENERGY:Shared opinion!Hey team this week I'm going to write about increasing your energy and vitality through values alignment and understanding where energy is being sucked out in your life.

Best way to grow those calves???

When thinking of ways to build up and give some shape to our calves, we must think of how they are typically “built” from a genetic standpoint on most of us. You see, the majority of us have a lot of slow twitch muscle fibers down there as they must endure a lot of walking around all day and those slow twitch muscles do not respond to growth very well (size). 

National Posture Institute Newsletter (July 2013)

National Posture Institute Newsletter (July 2013) – NPI Affiliate Program Launch (Free Registration is Now Open), Introducing IndoBoard Balance & Posture Trainer, Upcoming Posture CEC Workshops (Temple Univ., Georgia Tech, U of Kentucky & Boston Univ.), 15 % Off Certified Posture Specialist™ Cert Programs & Exams! Check it out:


All right people! The time draws nigh! 5K Benefit Run for Wounded Warriors is SAT. I have come up with the prize for 1st place male and 1st place female. I will do a complete nutritional work-up and and diet plan and give 3 free training sessions to each individual. This is a $250 package per person. Well worth it for me because of where the proceeds from the run are going. Please, clear a couple hours from your schedule and come out to support our Wounded Warriors. They deserve everything we can do for them and more.

Hubby's Morning Routine

Morning all! We're half way through the week, can you believe it? ??This morning my husband shared with me a little routine that he's been doing.  I modified it a bit but I think it's a great way to start your day! This won't be my only exercise for the day- I also plan to go swimming this afternoon but I wanted to share this routine with you. Here you go!50 jumping jacks15 squats25 bicycles15 side lunges20 crunches 30 jumping jacks30 second plankDo 3 repsWhat's your morning routine?

Today's Fitness/Health Tip: ENERGY BARS—A PERFECT SNACK?

When time is tight, grabbing an energy bar can certainly be better than skipping a meal. But, according to our registered dietitian, many are nutritionally similar to a fortified candy bar—high in sugar, low in fiber and nutrients, and expensive when compared to whole foods.For a healthful on-the-go snack, consider packing away homemade trail mix made with your favorite nuts, seeds, dried fruits and whole-grain cereal. A little can go a long way, so try to limit your portion to a handful or two.

Putting dirty gas in the tank

 If you were to put bad gas, kerosene, diesel or water in your car that required quality unleaded gasoline, what do you think would happen? Kind of a silly question, I know. Of course it wouldn’t run right or it straight up wouldn’t run at all. How many of us stop and think about all the bad or wrong “gas” we put into our bodies? 

Boot Camp Booboo's

This month's theme is Edify July because when we help others we help ourselves. To start the month off, we had someone volunteer and make journals for all of us. I am titling mine The Cheat Journal and only recording the blunders. Monday Day 1- Victory. Only whoops was not enough water at a mere 60oz. Day 2- cravings are still pretty much non-existent as a result of the Usana 5-day Reset program recently completed and the fact that I promised to journal all cheats. So, confession today is I accidentally ate a rice Krispy treat. Sorry ladies. Parting words: eat well and eat often.
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