Do You Rest Enough?

 Do You Rest Enough? As a society seemingly obsessed with getting in ‘better shape’, we forget a key element in protecting our bodies from total meltdown - REST.

Post Workout Snack Ideas

Below are some great snack ideas to eat after your workout.  

Stay Motivated with MANTRA BOARDS

MANTRA BOARDS ~ ~ choose words that inspire, motivate, empower and sets your HEART ON FIRE, create a collage and use it as a screen saver, alternate different screens to run, so that you'll always have colorful stimulating energy that will help you meet your daily goals.

How to bring your blood pressure back to the normal levels?

No, you are not stuck with the diagnosis of hypertension for life! You do have control over what is happening to you and your body and, in many cases, you can become hypertension-free again! As I train with the hypertension-suffering trainees at my Studio, I have witnessed dozens of them lowering the doses of their anti-hypertension drugs and, actually, weaning off them (under close medical supervision of some great physicians we have in Sedona and VOC).

Can I HIIT you?

The title might be a bit misleading to some but you will love being HIIT this way. Afterwards, you might feel like getting HIIT again because it felt so good. Ok, seriously, I’ll stop. I’m referring to High Intensity Interval Training. I live and breathe this fitness discipline. It’s not for the faint of heart.

Over Eating or Under Exercising?

Free Meditation and Sangha

Please join us on Saturday, August 2nd at 9:30am for a meditation time followed by Sangha (Sanskrit for party).  There will be light refreshments.  If you've never meditated before, learn how you can meditate.  If you meditate, enjoy the power of meditating in a group.  Afterwards, enjoy fellowship with like minded people. 

Motivate Me

Our growing softness, our increasing lack of physical fitness, is a menace to our security. – John. F. Kennedy In today’s busy life schedule we are very busy due to hectic time schedule. No one have time to exercise or go to gym. If we make minds some time, our hope quickly run away. During this tough time we need thought and inspiration that can motivate us, even in tough situation. If you really want to achieve anything then you must stay motivated at your work and success will be your’s.

Class information

Current classes include:Zumba-Tuesday and Thursdays-6:15-7:00 pm at the Henderson County Performing Arts Center (formally known as Athens Little Theater) Yoga- Monday and Wednesdays-7:00-8:00 am at the East Texas Arboretum. Call (903) 203-0514 for pricing.

Things to consider

So I have been thinking about some things relative to fitness trainers, but also to anyone that is currently training or considering it.
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