Fall has come... Kind of

As of Saturday, it is officially Fall. But it doesn't feel like it. The weather is still beautiful. The sun is shining and I can still go out in shorts. This weekend I enjoyed going into the yard to rake leaves and mow the grass. The sunshine even makes picking up after the dogs more enjoyable. I plan on taking advantage of this sunshine for as long as I can because here in the Northwest, the winter comes with a vengeance. Still, I don't let the rain stop me. I still walk the kids to school and try to do things outdoors.

Exercise and Balance

I believe that exercise and balance goes hand and hand. When you have balance in your life you acheive greater things and your time is your own. Without balance you feel unsteady in how you are handling your life. When you take the time to exercise, eat properly and get enough rest that is balance. You embrace your life in a more positive way that is balance. This is how I break down the word balance. B- believe you can start today and every day in yourselfA- allow the proper time for yourself with exercise.L- learn new routinesA- allocate proper form


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eat your kale ( or at least a little)

Kale is loaded with nutrition, dietitians say

CrossCore® Cable Crossovers out in the middle of the desert - US Army Abrams Tank

CrossCore® Cable Crossovers out in the middle of the desert. You don’t have to use two Abrams tanks for this exercise…but it sure looks cool.

Courage. Choice. Change.

CourageBe brave enough to want to change your circumstance.  Your attitude.  Your outlook.  Your internal castle.  Be brave enough to risk losing what is no longer serving you.  Focus on what would better serve you from where you are standing now, not then.  And reach for it.  Gather the resources that will support this reach, not hold you back.  Now go on, be brave.Choice

Deep Waters-Quiet Stillness

This was written by one of my wellness coach instructors.  He is fighting for his life as I write.  Bob Tschannen-Moran is a wonderful, insightful mentor to many of us.  I share his words so his inspiration continues.DeepStill waters run deep, or so they sayBut how would I know?Constantly in motionMultitaskingDistracted by annoyancesToo busy and tiredTo notice, let alone to appreciateThe alleged mysteriesOf the deep. Oh, to go where the bottom-feeders go

NEW National Posture Institute Certificate in School Nutrition & Wellness-Approved by the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics

NEW Online National Posture Institute Certificate in School Nutrition and Wellness (Approved by the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics) Earn CECs/CEUsThe Online Certificate in School Nutrition and Wellness has been designed to meet the g

Let's Get Started!

Hey guys!

Recovery Run through the woods, September 24.

9 a.m. - breakfast.Milk,sereal, farmer cheese, bread, banana.11 a.m. - 12 30 p.m.Three mile Run in the Park.What type of activity I have to choose today?I have deciced to do "recovery" activity, running in Zone 1.(RER 0.80 - 0.90, Heart Rate Percentage 65-75).I have not using any monitors, but how I know exactly that I am in Zone 1?If You can speak and sing without any effort - You are in this Zone, using muscle glycogen and fatty acids.
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