What is Genetic Testing? and Why?

Tired of working out but not seeing the results you want? Low energy? Concerned about health risks? Everyones body is different. One workout is not appropriate for everyone. DNA genetic testing is the answer. Hormones change, butt DNA does not. Learn exactly what you need to do to lose weight, improve your overall general health, improve your bone health and heart health based on your genetics. No more guessing. Get the answers you need for the rest of your life. Identify the problems and find the solutions.

Pilates with Blossom Lailani Crawford

April was truly a month of blossoms' and I was able to enjoy yet another wonderful Pilates workshop. We focused on connecting arms and torso while rounding out the practice with barrel exploration, from spine corrector to high barrel.

Think Being THINN is Healthy, NOT SO FAST...

Think being THIN is healthy, NOT SO FAST... Women, it's time to reassess your views on being that size 6 and being HEALTHY. One thing I see everyday in my personal training clients as well as my LIFT TO THRIVE SENIORS especially the WOMEN, is this on going belief that "SKINNY IS HEALTHY, AND THICK IS FAT AND UNHEALTHY." But this is just not true.

Hiring Employees - Tips for Avoiding Lawsuits

Hiring dependable employees is one of the fundamental aspects of running a gym.  During the hiring process, it is typical for a manger to interview candidates for an open position.  In order to avoid discrimination claims being filed against the gym by candidates that were ultimately not hired, business owners should counsel their staff to avoid asking the following illegal interview questions: Illegal Questions:RaceWhat is your race?National Origin/Citizenship

Preparation for Walking Trips

I will be taking a trip of a lifetime soon to Italy! I have been there before, when I bicycled from Venice to Florence and it was time to go back. This time I will be walking everyday, up and down hill towns, cobblestone streets, and carrying a back pack. I have rediscovered my passion for photography and so will be carrying camera equipment with me.

Do you take coffee in your creamer?

Throughout the day today I asked several people why they chose not to participate in this challenge.  The immediate response I got from almost every single person was, "I can't go without my coffee".  Really?!  You can't go without your coffee?  And by that, you mean you can't go without your creamer.  I cannot believe how much of an issue coffee creamer is for most people!    

What’s the Big Deal about Posture?

“Stand up straight”, “don’t slouch”! Words of wisdom from mothers across continents, and right they are. Whether you come to my MELT classes or are working with me one-on-one, the most often used phrases are ‘neutral pelvis’, ‘shoulders relaxed’, ‘good form’ and derivatives thereof. So why is good posture so important even if I disregard the fact that it looks a lot better? 

2014...A Work in Progress

I've had a tumultuous year so far.  On January 8th we recieved word that one of my husband's employees suddenly died at the age of 50.  I felt as if I walked into a brick wall upon hearing the news.  Those of you who know me are aware that I am 53 and in 5 months will have another birthday.  It gave me pause to critically look at myself in the mirror and examine my own health and mortality.

Who do you hang out with?

This past weekend I was humbled and honored to be part of LTS Master Trainer Summit in Atlanta.  It was three days of intense learning and intense workouts as Marc Lebert, Jenn Hall, and Sharon Mann led us in training to become master trainers for LeBoot, LeBarre, and LeHip.  Their experience, qualficiations, and expertise was mind boggling....BUT not only were they such an inspiration, there were 39 other fitness professionals there whose talent was out of this world.  As we interacted and shared things, I realized I was surrounded by some of the best in our industry. 

Training Principles

Whether you're training for an event or just exercising to be healthier and look better, using the 4 basic training principles to plan your workout schedule is extremely helpful.  The principles are specificity, progression, overload, and recovery.  I'll explain them in general here and discuss each one in detail over the next couple weeks.   
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