6 Bad Habits Keeping People from Reaching Their Fitness Goals

More and more people today are seeing the importance of a fitness routine in their daily lives. This realization is why the fitness industry is becoming so popular and growing so quickly today. However, even with all this new information, many people still do not know what it takes to have a truly healthy body.

Food that Inflame

The following list of foods causes inflammation, try to avoid if possible. First, sugar is a highly addictive substance and is the number one inflammatory food. It's bad, and more refined, the worse it makes you feel. On that same note, Alcohol breaks down into pure sugar, so it's best to stay away from this too. The next food would be refined grains. White rice, white bread and white pasta are another example of highly refined, crappy sugar. The fourth is dairy products, like sugar, it's addictive. Why? Because it has a lot of sugar in it.

I love planks!

I love varying planks.  These are just a few variations you can do. Want more options? Give me a call. I have so many more! There is one (and more) for everyone!Planks variation that will challenge you

Really Boosting! FITBIT

Squats- 45x10 135x10x2sets 155x10 135x10Dead lifts 135x10x4setsLeg Extensions 115x10x3sets + a bit of extra VMO short range of motionsLeg Curls 40x10 50x10x2sets abs series on the ball That was it, but very effective-- total workout time was 45mins

Treadmills and Ellipticals: Dangers and Limitations

We’ve made it through another long winter, and many of you may have used elliptical and treadmill machines to maintain conditioning during the colder months, exercising on these machines differs from moving on solid, unmoving ground. While walking or running on a moving treadmill, it grabs the lead leg quicker than if the surface was still and your leg muscles h

The Best Exercises to Perk Up Your Chest

Ladies and men alike want to have a full and round chest, but no one wants to see any sagging there. Women especially are prone to sagging breasts over time and many just accept it as a normal part of life.

Muscle Soreness... can it be avoided

I get asked a lot how to avoid being sore after a workout and I have been told that muscle soreness is a reason that people can't fully commit to an exercise program. So the big question is, how do I avoid this. Truthfully, when I start with a new client, I don't bring them in with the mentality to just run them ragged. This can cause a reverse on the client and make them not want to continue training.


HI Ya! Time to write my POA for the week. POA is PLAN OF ATTACK...we all need one and should make one weekly. S- Treadmill run plus mish mosh of back, abs, booty M- 20mins bike; LEG DAY T- Track day W- Bike in AM; Back, shoulders biceps Th- chest, tris, abs-- KID's last meet of 2015 "Conference" F- Track Day Sa- at least 20mins of something - we'll see how sore I am Su- Track day Just announced the 4 winners of our Gym Angel Give away!!

Counting calories in not as important as eating unprocessed foods for weight loss

It isn't all about the calories!! It is about the type of food we eat. Unprocessed whole raw foods take more energy=calories to break down. For example, protein takes 20% of it's energy just to break it down. So le'ts say you eat 500 calories of protein a day. Your body only takes in 400 because it took 100 calories just to break down the protein.
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