The new ' skinny pill' !!#/?? - save your money and read the fine print. Sheesh - these products never cease to amaze me. The other thing thing they do not promote is increased muscle strength and conditioning, better bone health, a healthier heart, etc.etc.- everything we hold near and dear in health and fitness. Here is their final blurb at the end of their web page ad. What do you think?

Confessions of a Pilates Instructor

I love Pilates!  No surprise here. . .  I do not limit or take out food groups!  I love healthy, easy to cook food and I am particular where my food comes from.  Desserts?  Of course!  The problem isn't the sugar it's the overconsumption of ANYTHING.  On the flip side I do enjoy eating out and have become well versed on what to order and I love having calories on the menu!

Oral Drug Testing Becoming Easy Now With The Latest Technologies

What is oral drug testing?

Rid Off From Wilderness

Modernization and fast moving lifestyle has become an integral part of current landscape of lives of people, both for the commons as well as for the specials. A larger amount of stress has started falling on the minds of people, especially on the young ones .Work pressure, study pressure are only some of the various kinds of reasons which have a profound effect on people, both mentally and physically. Depression, wild and violent behavior forms only a smaller part of the consequences of this immensely pressured lifestyle.

Hire The Best Attorneys To Battle With Your Healthcare Business Problems

If you take some time to think about it then you will realise that, most people out there actually face the same problems regarding the law. Facing problems with healthcare businesses is actually not something that hasn’t been heard of before. However, it is something that has proven to be quite difficult to battle. Especially if your lawyer is not experienced enough on the field. 

Does Masturbation Affect BodyBuilding or Muscle Growth

The world of bodybuilding is full of myths and falsehoods, and one of the most prevalent ones is that masturbation affects muscle growth. In fact, this couldn't be further from the truth! Masturbation is a healthy and beneficial activity that can help you to perform at optimal levels.


Want to know what apps a personal trainer and a nutrition coach recommend to make getting in shape and getting healthy easier? Learn how to use technology to your advantage. 

TPI Performance Test 4: the Toe Touch Test

This is the fourth in a series about TPI performance tests.  These tests can help us identify weaknesses in your golf swing just by watching you perform a simple movement. This particular test is a pretty basic variation on "bend over and touch your toes," but it's very important, as it gauges mobility in your lower back and hamstrings, and it can also identify a hip problem versus a lower back or core limitation. How to perform the test:Stand with your feet together and toes pointing forward.

Put Your Mask on First

You know when you’re on the airplane and it’s getting ready to take off and the flight attendant goes through the whole safety procedures of what to do in an emergency? They show you where all the exits are, how to put on a life vest, and then they tell you about the oxygen mask. You know that part where they say there might be a change in cabin pressure and this little yellow mask will fall from the overhead ceiling? “Please put on your oxygen mask before assisting others.” Why is that? Are they saying that you’re more important than your child?

The Best Diet: Part 2

A calorie is a calorie. Right? You have heard that before.
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