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At a local hockey arena there is a space that folks use for fitness activities. Some days they have martial arts lessons, some days they have kid’s fitness and so on. I usually glance in as I walk past the area…nosey guy that I am, not really giving their activities a second thought but the other night I noticed some type of a bootcamp going on. As a Personal Trainer it peaked my interest to see what they were doing so I stood and watched for several minutes. What I saw nearly made my eyes bleed.

What Foods Should You Eat on a Long Distance Bike Ride?

Are you planning to go on a long distance bike ride, whether for a personal challenge or to raise money for a charity? One of the most important points to consider when you are preparing for your ride is making sure that you have the right fuel for your journey. The food that you eat on your long distance bike ride will give you the energy you need to push yourself physically to the max, so that you can cycle the long distances that are required.

Review of a Vitacost Supplement and How To Find Online Coupons

More than 50% of the american population takes food supplements. In fact, the industry of food supplements, like vitamins, proteins and whole foods, has grown to $11.5 billion in the US alone and is expected to reach $15.5 billion by 2017. This is mainly because people have grown an awareness in regards to health and nutrition and secondly due to their desire to avoid the expensive conventional medical care (e.g. prescription drugs) and find cheaper alternatives.

Food cravings

Sometimes when you start eating healthier you tend to have a craving for sugars or carbs. This usually occurs for a few different reasons. However, the first would be your body needing more substance. By adding more protein to your diet, you will find that some of these cravings will go away because protein lasts longer in your system because it takes more energy to break down, therefore telling your brain that you are full.

Importance of doing Pull-ups...

Pullups, although quite difficult for many, is a great exercise to improve your fitness in many ways.  Have you heard of the muscle group Latissimus Dorsi or also known as "lats"?The lat muscles are the primary muscles responsible for making the pullup motion and therefore benefits the most from this exerises.  Rhomboids are the muscles adjacent to the latissimus dorsi muscles which are present in the back. 

Marathon for Momo #4

Marathon for Momo number 4! Training was tough in the summer lots of hills in Rhode Island and lots of long runs alone but manageable. I was fortunate to find an awesome running partner about six weeks ago and we paired up very well with her fast pace and my slow pacing. And I was able to do some of my long runs with a Griffin friend in Rhode Island. Feeling strong and confident in my running, on a whim I decided to participate in the reach the beach relay during my training as well, which was a great challenge for me.

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Men Nike Classic Ac CNYS Red Shoes 50% Discount

You will find wide range of color as well nike running shoes embossed pattern of this year, giving you multiple choices. Hence females will develop their alternative and use one thing new for every event. In this article we look at the item that every man has in his wardrobe, the dark colored or navy blazer and give you tips on how you can creatively wear it with 6 of falls finest trends.

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Mark Hunt has to drop 20kg in 22 days for UFC 180

MARK Hunt must shed more than 20kgs -- and in a hurry -- after accepting the chance of an eternity.And while he's just 22 days to organize for his UFC interim Pai You Guo Tea heavyweight title shot against Fabricio Werdum, fan favourite Hunt is making no excuses."I'm not fit at all and it's hard.
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