The Five Must Things For Great Health And Wellbeing

Health could be best defined as a state in which there is a perfect harmony between the mind and the body. In order to attain the best health, one needs to take care of the mind and the body equally well.

Five Essential Ingredients for Changing your Body, your Health, and your Life

So you want to lose some weight, turn your health around, and stop settling for mediocre?  It’s time to start living life

The Great Flood of September 2016

Last weekend, my basement flooded and lost everything in that area.   I have been through a fire storm of events this year. 

You Need a Break From Exercise!e

You need a break from exercise is our latest topic. Some of you maybe saying I don’t exercise enough to get a break. Well, you have another issue on hand, lol. For those that exercise and are afraid to take a break, this blog is for you! Here are the four reasons:

Always Look For Pet Insurance That Covers Pre-existing Conditions

If you own a pet and are concerned with the health of your house animal, you know that you have to purchase insurance cover for it in order to be able to cover all the medical expenses that might occur. But what happens when you are trying to insure your pet that is suffering from pre-existing conditions? There are not a lot of services that will agree to insure such a case, due to high level of risk involved.

Getting the Right Fuel to Recover After Your Workout

Getting the Right Fuel to Recover After Your Workout 

Natural Acne Treatments That May Not Work

When it comes to natural acne treatments, a lot of people are surprisingly ill-informed when they give you recommendations. Of course there are several natural acne treatments that actually work, but there are also a few that you should avoid, no matter how much a friend may insist.

Bethesda Fitness Personal Training

Best ways of getting quality proteins

Protein is one of the vital nutrients that is required for maintaining, repairing and building tissues, cells as well as organs in entire body.

Capturing Movement: Week 5 class at UNM!

On September 20, my dear photographer friend Basil Steele came for a visit at UNM.
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