What Do You Need To Know About The Suprapubic Catheter Insertion?

There are few medical procedures that can be really painful and if you are looking to ease that pain then you need to be sure that you are getting to know all types of procedures that doctors are going to do to remove you from the pain. And, if there is a procedure that will give you less pain than the other then you should select that procedure to come up with the better option.

Don't Settle!

Do you know what is truly in your supplements?   ID Life prides itself on transparency and the best ingredients for their customers, including the children. They use only the purest ingredients.  I would NEVER use any supplements OR give them to my children, if I didn't know what was in them.  Would you?

Fitness with your Kids: Stay Young at Heart!

So obviously if you’ve clicked on the link to look at this blog post, you have some fascination with exercising with your children.  You are more than likely either a parent, sibling, aunt/uncle, baby sitter or possibly a teacher.  Well, if you clicked on this link, you’re pretty awesome at your relationship with the youngsters that are part of your lives. Why?  For many reasons!  Here’s just a few:

Healthy Protein Peanut Butter Balls

Here is a recipe for one of the best snacks to eat before or after a workout to re-fuel the muscles.  It is a better choice than a protein bar because there are no preservatives in it.  Make sure to refrigerate since the peanut butter is natural.One cup of natural peanut butter with the oil drained

Home made Toxin Free Face Wash


Seven Summertime Healthy Fruits

Seven summertime healthy fruits is our topic for today. With summertime just around the corner, your palate might be watering for your favorite fruits just like mine!Although in general, all fruits are healthy, we have to be mindful of the ones that might not be best for our health goals. The fruits you’ll read about today are all good for your health and fitness goals!

Healthy Toxin Free Home made Deodorant

Are you in search of ways to keep you life toxin free?  If so, I have the most amazing smelling and working deodorant I have ever found. It is so easy and cheap to make that I will never have to buy it again.  The advantage to deodorants is your body releases the sweat it was designed to do instead of staying in your body and possibly leading to disease. In addition, since the skin is a major organ that makes up 80% of our body, in doesn't need toxins going into it that may not have been approved by the FDA.   

3 Phases of Training

I don't usually link back to my website...I'd rather let my blogs do the talking right here but I have a video I wanted to show you all that illustrates the 3 phases of training that make up the OPT model (which is the template I use when training clients)  

Almond Milk Banana Shake

Blend...1 or 2 Lg BananasCup Unsweetend Almond MilkCinnamon (1/4 tsp)Enjoy!!
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