The first step

Welcome to my blog, you will find a philosophy of coaching confidence persistent throughout the message. Overall, many have good intentions, but having confidence in taking the first step takes confidence. You might think you are fine with your self esteem when it comes to tasks you are regularly performing. However, hobbies, or other interests may find you hesitating to act. I intend to give you something to think about to enable you to take the first step in living in confidence. Stay posted for tips on how, coming soon.

National Posture Institute Research Review-Physical exercise improves gait speed & fitness in patients with Parkinson's disease

National Posture Institute Research ReviewNational Posture Institute Research Review-Physical exercise improves gait speed, muscle strength, fitness in patients with Parkinson's disease

My wife and I have decided to do our first Tough Mudder held May 4th and May 5th in Seattle!

If you have suggestions please tell us we're kind of nervous :)  

Tested by Hurricane Sandy

Haha, just as I mention in the last blog, we need to be in shape for life. Hurricane Sandy may have knocked out our power, but, she did not knock us off our feet. Please remember to do something, anything, to be ready for challenges. I do not get upset when I miss a workout, because, it is most likely due to circumstances out of my control, leading to manual labor which is a workout. So, there you have it: do not stress, just take it one day at a time, or like me, one task at a time. Then, be sure to get a good night's sleep,... when the chance first arises,...

Remember Who You Are

This is a great time of the year to take a step back and be thankful for who you are and remember your loved ones. Your body, your life, your family and friends are a gift. This world, can throw us a curve ball at any time. You need stay connected, mind, body and soul. Every day, wake up with a smile on your face. Take a deep breath and be thankful that you are here to enjoy the day. Your thoughts are strong and can take over your life. If you start to go the wrong way, give yourself a few minutes to check yourself.

Think Your Way To Fitness

THINK YOUR WAY TO HEALTH AND FITNESS To achieve your goals and create a balanced life you need to develop a stronger mind and body. This requires you to change the way you think about health and Fitness. If you can achieve this, you will become stronger, in mind, body and soul. A strong body is great but a stronger mind is your key to success. You must avoid and eliminate negative thoughts from your life. I know . . . easier said than done, right? You must change your thoughts if you want to change your body.

Fall Into Fitness

FALL INTO FITNESS Are you going to make new fitness goals this fall? Will you stick to them? Let's make new goals and do it in a way that will set you up to succeed. My belief is that you should stand up for yourself and make real goals happen. You are the most important person in the world. I have been in the fitness industry for a long time. I have heard every excuse in the book. People look me in the face and say . . . my job, my kids, my parents, my, my, my. The problem with that is there is no MY at all going on in any of those statements.

Join the Movement-Become a National Posture Institute (NPI) Certified Professional

Join the Movement-Become a National Posture Institute (NPI) Certified Professional™ The National Posture Institute offers Certificate Programs including Certified Posture Specialist™, Certified Resistance Training Professional™, Certified Goniometry Specialist™, Public Posture Programs, Nutrition Specialization Certificate Programs, and Career Development Certificate Programs.  

National Posture Institute-Posture Points Newsletter November 2012 Edition

National Posture Institute-Posture Points Newsletter (November 2012): Featured Article "Low Back Pain and Postural Alignment”, Online Professional Certificate in Personal Fitness Training, NEW CEC Approval for Posture Workshop & Online Certificate Programs, Join NPI's Membership & Receive Member-Only Webinars, Educational Resources, and Discounts!  Click to learn more- National Posture Institute-

Thankful for USA

I am thankful for the USA!! I love the USA!! Because of our freedom, our culture, our awesome country, our diversity and most of all because of our BUSINESS OPPORTUNITY!! We are allowed free enterprise in this country and I've been able to
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