Today's Fitness/Health Tip: HOW'S YOUR BALANCE?

Good balance is important, especially as we get older. It can help improve coordination and athletic skill, as well as reduce the risk of injuries from falls by increasing stability. Any of the following exercises can build strength and improve balance: stand on one foot (practice with eyes open and then eyes closed), walk across a low beam or stand still on a mini-trampoline. If your legs or core muscles are weak or your balance is very poor, ask a fitness professional for help in getting started.

New Fall Fitness classes in Pittsburgh from Marianne King's Fitness for Life

Fall Fitness Classes open to the public. Blackridge-Churchill: Trendsetters-Active Older Adult Fitness,Yoga, Belly Dancing Downtown Pittsburgh PA Federal Building : Core Training, Strength & Belly Dancing Imperial PA by International Airport: Belly Dancing

Slow and Steady Really Does Win the Race - Once you have a head start

I have a lot of clients that "tried a bunch of programs." Maybe it's P90X, or Insanity, or maybe they started on a crazy workout plan that they built themselves or that they borrowed from a friend, and they were going to the gym 6 days a week after years of not working out.And they got results.The problem of course is that they eventually stopped the crazy new program, and went back to their usual daily routine of no exercise at all. The workout plan that they jumped into head first was too much to sustain and also have a job and a family and a social life.

Posture and Flexibility Check

If you work at a desks all day, then this post is for you. everday ask yourself, "is my head forward and chin jutted toward the ceiling? Is my upper back rounded? Do I walk with a hunched-over look? " Poor posture and chronic misalignment of the neck, shoulders, and hips can lead to pain during rest or play and place a lot of mechanical stress on joints, ligaments, and muscles. Poor posture is changed consciously with strengthening, stretching, and "posture check" throughout the day.

Today's Fitness/Health Tip: DO SWEAT THE SMALL STUFF!

Sweating the small stuff may not be good advice when dealing with daily stresses, but experts say it may be the most effective approach when it comes to behaviors like weight control. Try setting small specific goals such as substituting every other soda with a glass of water or committing to a 10-minute walk three times per week after dinner. Procrastination also gets in the way of forming healthier habits, so start today!

Specialized Senior / Elderly Personal Training - hunched over backs

Fitness For Life offers elderly personal training from geriatric to active older adults. In-home, in their independent or assisted living facility. Help your family members stay independent in a personal caring environment.

The Weight Loss lies WE Tell Ourselves

Keep in mind this is fantastic generalized information. Please note we all have our own individual story and those individual concerns needs to be addressed for maximal success in the long-time journey of life!

WATER. It’s Underrated.

Water does more than quench your thirst. Grab a glass! Check out my latest post on

Fitness Equipment to Use for In-Home Training

Trainers often ask me what fitness equipment I recommend they take to their clients’ homes. Many factors influence which pieces of equipment a trainer might choose to invest in for use in clients’ homes, so there really is no definite answer. Some things to consider are: economics, logistics, the trainer’s level of experience with various kinds of equipment, and each client’s fitness level, age, physical limitations, and goals.

The Principle Behind Weight Loss

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