Personal Trainer

Aksana has nearly 13 years experience as a personal trainer and group fitness instructor.Demonstrated  various exercises and helped clients improve their exercise techniques.  Evaluated, assessed, and encouraged customers based on prior experience and individual fitness goals.   Maintained  records of client exercise sessions to help monitor progress.  Advised clients on how to modify their lifestyle outside of the gym to improve their fitness.

Fitness Certifications and Scope of Practice

Like many personal trainers I take my work seriously. My personal training business was built on the fact that I was NESTA Personal Training certified. My work experience and holding several fitness certs gives me additional credibility.

National Posture Institute News Story-How to Assess Work-Related Risk of Musculoskeletal Injuries

National Posture Institute News Story-How to Assess Work-Related Risk of Musculoskeletal Injuries.  Recommendations for Ergonomic Practitioners Published in Work: A Journal of Prevention, Assessment, and Rehabilitation. 

Racing Ahead

Saturday's weather was beautiful, enticing many outside to take a walk, wash the car or run. Nearly 26,000 showed up for the Baltimore Running Festival and women outnumbered men in every race: the marathon was 62 percent women, the half-marathon was 59 percent, the 5K was 65 percent women and the relay was 62 percent. Less than 10 years ago, only 44 percent of the participants in the running festival were women.

Exciting News Guys!

For those of you who dont know.  I just got done attending the Nike Training Club Workshop in Dallas to start teaching these classes and bring them to you the client at 24 Hour Fitness in Grand Prairie.  This is exciting news because this workshop and certification is by invite only and any trainer who wants to teach the class must be selected!  Currently I am working with the Group X Manager on finishing up my auditions and finding a spot to start teaching.  Times and days will be coming soon.  I will also be posting up some videos and pictures of the classes so th

MELT away Stress

 I am currently glued to my DVD player watching a series of 24 lectures by Robert Sapolsky Ph.D. about stress and its impact on the body. The ramifications are truly frightening; there is not a function in the body that is not negatively influenced by the mechanisms of stress. And what is even more notable is that most of the stress originates from thoughts and feelings that are far removed from the initial scenarios for which stress was designed. 

Mini Veggie Meatloaves

I saw this great idea to make Mini Meatloaves and thought it was a great idea! It is portion controlled and makes a quick healthy go-to for lunch or dinner. Make a bunch then just freeze 'em and/or refrigerate 'em.  When I make meatloaf I pack it with VEGGIES! Chop up your veggies nice and small---it adds great flavor and nutrients to your lean protrein! These are also a great snack to take to parties or tailgates.. Mini Meatloaf Recipe Ingredients:2lb ground lean Turkey

Indoor Cycling Class

I also enjoy teaching my indoor cycling class.  Here are the members that keep me motivated and on my toes oops I mean heels.  We've been spinning together for 2 years now.  They are incrediable and never once do they complain.  They take on any challenge whether it's flats, hills, combo hills, sprints, jumps and now tabata.  Go girls and guys.Karen

Extreme Ab Attack Class

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