Do I Offend You?


Weekend is ON!

Tonight Gunner and I got in our 4th lifting workout for the week, YAY!! He's already getting stronger and says he's gained 7 pounds (not sure on that, but he is up to 114!)...I'm so proud of him and his effort. He's going to be a big strong boy by this football season!

Exercising the Mind!

Exercising the Body!

In order to experience fantastic health, I believe both vigorous and gentle exercises are necessary. Vigorously exercising your body to have a sustained increase in heart rate for at least 20-60 minutes, 3-5 times per week, not only improves your cardiovascular, respiratory and muscular function, it also helps you eliminate toxins from your body. Finding a form of exercise that you enjoy and have fun doing, exponentially improves the benefits you experience from exercising.

Resting the Body!

 During states of optimal health, exercise is balanced with rest. Sleep is incredibly important to recharge, repair and heal the body as many healing substances produced by the body are secreted at this time. Insomnia is a common complaint and the answers to this complaint can be found by attending to one or more of the other 5 components of health.


Yet another social website is gained my membership this past month...Pinterest! I'm still trying to learn how it works, but today I actually figured out how to pin a few items on a board. Anyhow if you are on there, let me know, I'd love to follow you! My profile is "BuffMother"

Exercise and Cold

 You all keep hearing it: get active, get fit- which is good advice considering two-thirds of Americans are overweight.  But what to do in a town that is sorely limited on exercise facilities, the only option is to get outside.  Our recent cold spell has made all our Florida acclimatized bodies want to run inside and hide under the covers.  Don’t let the cold dampen outdoor exercise plans; with these tips you can stay warm, fit, and motivated.

The Core - Part 5 "How to Train the Core"

Training the core is like training for anything else. First, identify what it is that is being trained (the core). Second, identify what makes up whatever is being trained (stability system and movement system). Third, identify what the function is of what is being trained (posture, stabilization with movement through all planes of motion and combinations of planes of motion and force transference). Fourth, identify the training needs of what is being trained (static strength, deceleration, acceleration). This next step leads us up to how to train the core.

Fitness is everywhere....why is obesity still an issue?

As I sit and watch the fitness channel on Comcast and read all the tweets on Twitter on my smart phone, I realize the VAST wealth of information that is at our fingertips.  One can sit and read articles, blogs, tweets, etc.
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