Positive thinking

Your thoughts can contribute to your body image. The more positive reflection you do each day, the better results you will have. I highly recommend starting a journal where you can start out each day writing down the success you will have with your fitness and nutrition throughout the day. Here is an example: I am healthy.

I eat therefore I am a Nutritionist!

This post was inspired by social media, the internet, and people I meet everyday just trying to find their way to eating better, weight loss, the secret elixir to the healthy life. Here's a scenario that we all have either seen, been a part of on either the receiving end or the one giving advice. It's the dreaded internet nutriton question. "How do I lose weight"? Might seem like a harmless question, but far too often people who are extremely unqualified to answer like to chime in as naturally they are just trying to help.

Fighting Stress With Food

A little stress in our lives is beneficial (Aschbachar et al. 2013). However, feeling too much stress too often or for too long is clearly harmful.

A Quick Word about Hydration

A Quick Word about Hydration Hydration

The Most Common Sports Injuries and How to Avoid Them

Anyone who plays sport regularly, or keeps himself or herself fit by going to the gym or exercising, knows how annoying it is to get injured. Unfortunately though, it will most likely happen during your lifetime. There are various types of injuries that can happen and for this article; I thought I’d write about some of the most common sports injuries that can happen and how best to prevent them from happening. Groin Pull

Active Forecast East Bay Area April 28 -May 3

Thursday and Friday are going to be the hottest days this week. Make those your gym days (indoor workouts).  Try an upper body resistance workout Thursday and a lower body workout on Friday the 1st.  Get outside Saturday and run hike or bike. 

Single Arm Band Row

 This is an exercise that is great for upper body, balance, and core strength. Live Good,

Suspension Training takes core work to new heights

I spent the past weekend learning the new Balanced Body Bodhi Suspension Training system and was amazed by what I experience.  The word Bodhi is sanskrit for "to awaken".  As a Pilates practicioner and instructor for more than a decade, I was surprised by how much the Bodhi system did awaken my core.  Using the ropes to suspend the body activated the deepest muscles to stabilize the body while moving in and out of gravity.   

Seasonal Allergies Keeping you Indoors?

I have suffered from seasonal allergies every spring since I was a teenager.  May was always the worst month for me.  Everyone would be outside enjoying the beauty of the earth re-awakening from the ice and cold of winter, and I would be inside sneezing and rubbing my eyes that itched so bad I could hardly stand it.  A year ago I was introduced to DoTERRA and as someone who is interested in more natural remedies, I tried a few of the oils and was pleased with the results.

Can I really breathe into my bicep? and other cues

I have been taking fitness classes in San Francisco lately and have been loving it.Twenty five years as a group instructor, it's interesting being on the other side.As a seasoned professional I process all commands at a level of reality.So here's what I hear"Breathe into your bicep!" Here's what I think "Can I really do that? and if I could why would I, shouldn't I be breathing into my lungs?"
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