What should I do if I find exercise boring?

Make it fun! Find something that you find enjoyable and do it. Exercising and getting healthy doesn't need to be boring. I personally do not like to run just to run. In order for running to be fun for me, I need a ball involved. So that is why I incorporate soccer, basketball, volleyball, etc. into my running program.

Is there such a thing as too much cardio?

Yes, doing too much cardio to soon can cause you to injure yourself and overtrain. If you injure yourself and overtrain, this can prevent you from reaching your goal. You need to determine your goal and then plan accordingly. If you are unsure how much cardio you need to perform based on your fitness level, consult a fitness professional so they can do a cardio assessment to determine where your fitness level is at. Once they get this information, they can create a cardio program that is safe and progressive so you can reach your goal in a safe manner.

Thyroid disease

Thyroid problems such as hypothyroidism can cause you to be tired a lot, which means you will be less active and burn less calories throughout the day. So once you have been cleared by a physician, seek out a fitness professional that is familiar with your condition that can create a program that works best for you.

No pain no gain

The saying "no pain no gain" is not true. The " biggest loser" reality show is not reality and a lot of participants after the show gain the weight back. Who has the time to live on a ranch without working and without their family for several months? Incorporating healthy lifestyles in your daily routine need to be realistic. Slow progressive changes to your lifestyle will keep you motivated and less stress rather than trying to change things all at once.

How can I exercise if I don't like the gym?

You do not need a gym to be healthy and reach your fitness goals. First thing you need to do is find something you find enjoyable. If you do not enjoy a physical activity, chances are you will not continue to do it over time. Once you find something you like to do that requires you to move and get your heart rate up, you will continue to do it and slowly become more active in your daily life. If you have a family try to incorporate some things you can do as a family that is active.

Tips to prevent the dreaded weight gain over Thanksgiving

Use a smaller plate, bowl and cup (this will allow you to eat all the good food, but be able to control your portion size, which will allow you to consume a lot less calories.) Slow down. Don't eat fast. When you eat fast you consume more calories. Eating slow allows your stomach to communicate with your brain that you are full, which will help you consume less calories.

JFK 50 Mile Challenge - The end of my running journey in 2012

In the spring of 1963, numerous 50 mile races across the country were held as part of President John F. Kennedy’s push to improve physical fitness. After his assassination in November of 1963, most of these events were never held again.

My CrossFit Level 1 Trainer Experience

Check it out on 3,2,1...OM! 

Enjoy Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is almost here and we are all looking forward to the big feast. It only comes once a year, and if you eat a lot...SO BE IT! Don’t feel guilty about it, that just leads to additional overeating. But if you don’t want to go too c
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