Thanks everyone for attending NPI's Posture and Resisance Training CEC Workshop this weekend at University of Illinois-Chicago

Thanks everyone for attending NPI's Posture and Resisance Training CEC Workshop this weekend at University of Illinois-Chicago.  Learn more:

Ken Baldwin's lecture on "Postural Alignment and Core Strengthening" at the Club Industry 2014 Conference

Thanks everyone for attending  Ken Baldwin's lecture on "Postural Alignment and Core Strengthening" at the Club Industry 2014 Conference this past week.

Finding Something That Works

Why is it that most of us can't seem to stay motivated in workout mode? Exercise gets boring after being in a routine for a few weeks, months or even years. I know that for me personally, I needed to develop a program that was going to be fun and worth coming to! The way that Progressive Training has structured its functional fitness program is to be ever so changing. Every workout is different, giving the client a unique spin on how to workout and train the body in ways that will help prevent injury. This system is certainly not a "one size fits all" training program.

Creating a Sustainable Weight-loss

All diets that create a caloric deficit cause weight-loss-but are they healthy? Regardless how weight loss is attained, a 5 to 10% weight loss will lead to an improved health profile. However, the improvements may not be as powerful as the negative health consequences associated with yo-yo dieting, which may include cardiovascular damage, alter metabolism, and decreased functioning of the immune system. This is why a healthy sustainable weight loss of 1 to 2 pounds per week will be much easier to maintain.

The 10-Minute Smart Eating Plan

It's extremely simple to say you're going to eat healthy and have your intentions be easily derailed throughout the course of the week. A plan for healthy eating holds a great deal of value when looking to follow through with your intentions. One of the ways my clients tend to disrupt their healthy eating is when they leave meals to the last minute and just settle for "what's around". Planning ahead allows them to know that their refrigerator will be stocked with fruits, veggies and lean proteins.

Self Defense Class

November 15, 20136:00 – 8:00 pm Cost: $75     The holiday season unfortunately brings a rise in parking lot crime.  This class is a two hour class designed with lecture and practical time.  You will learn the basics of being proactive, and the ability to provide yourself protection. Taught by Mel Batterman - COBRA Self Defense Certified Instructor


 Maintain Weight, Lose Weight, and Win Prizes Before the Holidays!November 15th – December 13th  

Scared of Halloween?

Scared of Halloween?BOO!   Does the thought of Halloween and the candy that surrounds it scare you?  Here are some tips to surviving Halloween.

Planing your program for greater results

Hey let's chat for a minute about goals and planning. When we think about the nutritional side of our program, we need to start planning ahead so that you can stay on track of your goals. Sometime life responsibility (work, family, stress, and financial changes), can take us off our path to success when we allow things in life to get the best of us. Start planning your meals for the week, and develop a strong commitment to getting more rest, for optimal performance during the time of training. So start planning now to enhance your performance for optimal goal results. 

Eating Fat Does NOT Make You Fat

I am continually surprised that there are fitness enthusiasts out there who are still under the opinion that eating fat will cause you to gain weight. Eating the good fat (God fat, the natural, real food fat) will actually help you lose weight. Ex: butter, olive oils, other nut oils, coconut oil. In fact 50% of your diet should come from good fat! Eating the bad fats or man-made fat will cause you to gain weight and also clog your arteries, so do NOT eat those: hydrogenated fats, vegetable oils, anything that was cooked up in a lab.......these are not real food and should not be eaten.
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