Three Easy Exercises for Cold Weather

As I walked to work at 6am today in a wind chill nearing zero, I started thinking of how futile it would be if one of my New Year’s resolutions was to diet.  After a 20 minute walk into a freezing Lake Michigan headwind, I treated myself to a small mocha coffee and enjoyed every sip.  If your resolution is more exercise and the cold is preventing you from getting out, I’m sure it’s not preventing you from taking a shower, brushing your teeth and talking on the phone.

National Posture Institute Research Review-Yoga safe for Heart Patients in Journal of the American College of Cardiology

National Posture Institute Research Review-First-ever yoga study published in the Journal of the American College of Cardiology finds yoga to be a safe, effective therapy for heart patients

Recommended Link: Sciatic pain prevention

Often people I work with will describe occasional back pain that radiates through the hip and leg.  This condition can be caused by a number of factors from bad shoes to skeletal misalignment.  In many cases this pain is reduced or removed with corrective exercise and lifestyle changes.  Dr. Spencer Nadolsky, Doctor of Osteopathy and Exercise Physiologist, offers a excellent overview of the causes and cures associated with sciatic pain.  I suggest you read his article at : 

Another knee replacement

HOT NEWS:   I just cancelled my Yoganna by the Sea in February because I have scheduled my second knee replacement for Feb. 26.    Please send me healing thoughts, prayers and energy.  I plan to be back with you for the March event . . . probably Thursday, March 28.  Will let you know!   Stay well and stay fit!  


 Here are 3 simple tests you can do at home to see where your balance is at. 1. Sit to stand. Stand up from a seated position. Try not to use your hands for support Poor- Need minimal assistance to stand and balance. Good- Able to stand by yourself by using your hands Excellent- Able to stand with no assistance and stand independently ...

Ahhh, Push It

MID DAY CUP OF MOTIVATION: Stay Committed. Don't Quit.  Discovering your value is worth the process you're in and worth the pursuit. Stick with it and stay in it for the long haul. Decide to keep pushing.

How is your resolve

The beginning of the year so many people decide to make a change. They make a New Years Resolution. But then sometime is February or March, many find that their resolve has started to fade. I'm not going to lie. Change is hard. It doesn't matter if you are adding exercise, removing sugar or eating more vegetables. Change is hard. So, first... Why did you make that Resolution in the first place? Are you going on a trip, getting married or wanting to play with those kids or Grandkids?


PEACE... Well early into 2013 I have been blessed with the birth of my first grandson. I teared up somthin bad when I held him. He is my needed reminder of the circle of life and how everthing should/could flow. As he slept in my hands, there was no way I could feel anything except a natural protective love for him. On my way back to Tennessee I thought about that feeling & how I want to carry it over into my passion.

App that helps with food shopping!

My new favorite app to help with healthy eating is Fooducate.  It is a great way to see if the foods you are buying at the store really "meet the grade" when it comes to healthy eating.  With this app, you can scan the bar code on the foods you want to buy.  The app then gives the food a "grade".  Just like the grades you received in school an "A+" is the best.  So, when I am shopping, I may scan an item to see if it meets the grade.  If it doesn't, the app will suggest other similar items that may have a better rating.

The Perfect Diet... no diet; it depends on your definition of the word, diet, of course. In this sense, diet means a short term eating plan with short term results to match.The perfect diet is the one that includes all the food groups in proper amounts to effectively nourish the body with all the essential nutrients. This will be different for each person according to their stage of life, energy requirements and eating styles.
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