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Over the years, my studies and work have taken me from Edmonton, Alberta to Halifax, Nova Scotia to Calgary to Mayerthorpe, Barrhead and Grande Prairie, Alberta to Kitchener, Ontario and to Medicine Hat, Alberta. I have seen a great deal of this beautiful country and lived and practiced in both metropolitan and rural areas.  Calgary’s population – as of last count – is approaching one million at 988,195 while Mayerthorpe occupies the other end of the spectrum at 1,398. 

""Isocorex " by Isoshred! Think of push-up stands on steroids!-Rick Dant "THE" Trainer!"

""Isocorex " by Isoshred! Think of push-up stands on steroids!-Rick Dant "THE" Trainer!"

Yoga School week 1

I made it!  A weekend, a full week, and another weekend kicks off my first official week of yoga school.  I have read more in the last week than in the previous five years!  I say that as a good thing, though!  I love the reading of methodology, asana (postures), philosophy, psychology and ethics.  My favorite class so far might be Ayurveda.

HIIT Refresher

 Good Afternoon! Today I would like to talk about High Intensity Interval Training (or HIIT, as it’s called in the fitness world).  HIIT, when added to your workout program, is the best way to blast fat away.  The top athletes in the world train using HIIT methods in order to maximize oxygen consumption, burn calories, and become as lean as possible.  To get a better understanding of what HIIT is, let’s just break down the term: 

Coming out and going public!!!

Seated Core and Hip Exercise


There is no substitute for consistency. You must consistently exercise your muscles, your heart, your lungs, and your mind. You must consistently stretch your body, your heart, and your mind. Consistency is not 2 days a week or every now and then. It is every day! Every day get up and move, get uncomfortable. Every day reward that movement with stretching. If you are consistent your body will thank you. If you are consistent your heart and mind will thank you.

Healthy Heart

Healthy Heart Heart disease is the nation’s number one killer. In order to help prevent this trend, here are some recommendations for a strong heart, Exercise 3-5 times per weekExercise 20-60 minutes per sessionTarget between 55-90% of your maximum heart rateUtilize large muscle groupsWork all major musclesExercise intensely enough for benefitDesign your program individuallyDesign your program progressively 

MELT Length and Strength

Yesterday afternoon marked the first occurrence of a MELT Length and Strength small group class which was dedicated from the onset as such.  I had been wrestling with the question on how to implement such a format into a group setting. One-on-one is easy, and I had done that long enough. There are a few MELT Strength moves which I had interspersed into my regular class, and then there were those very few occasions when the number of participants was not too great, and they were all pro-MELTers so that I could introduce the greater challenges of MELT Strength.

Pharmacist not needed!

I get this amazing article, here is what it had to say. 
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