The Importance of Moving Well

Our bodies are designed to move. This is very evident in that we have legs that allow us to not only crawl, hop and walk, but also run, jump and skip (yes, adults should still be skipping and hopping). Our arms and torso are also designed to help us move and play an important role in our gait (if you don’t believe, then start walking now and watch how your arms and torso help to move the rest of your body). When done properly, exercise will enhance the ability of our bodies to move.

Eat These Foods Together If you Want to Feel Bloated and Tired

Free and Affordable Personal Training

Are you trying to get a better rate on personal training?  Well then let me tell you some of the ins and outs of how to save money and even get it free. 16 ways to save money on Personal Training and 5 ways to get it FREE! 

Why You Exercise is Most Important

Hi there it's McAllister Dodds again. Why you exercise is almost as important as exercise itself. Exercising to look good and to reach a swimsuit goal isn't powerful enough to create serious lasting change. I hate doing things I hate and if you do too your not alone. If you hate doing exercise because you "have to" it will never work long term (which is the key). You need to convince yourself that it's something for you, that you can't live without. If you don't get to do it, you're missing out.

Make Every Workout & Meal Count...

Tip of the Day: Make every workout and meal count...

New Year! New You! Join a Fitness Revolution!

Update on Rick's training for "5000 Miles for the Big 50!"

Gift ideas for the fit chick (or dude) in your life

I personally think people who regularly exercise in any form are very easy to buy gifts for. They always have something they need or want that would improve their game or make their workouts more enjoyable. Is there someone in your life and you are stumped on what to buy them? Or maybe it’s you and you need some hints to tell someone else what you want! Here are some creative, some simple, some inexpensive some tech ideas for your fit family or fit friend.Under 25$

Choose a Trainer Wisely

It seems as though everywhere I go, I encounter people who want to lose weight or "get into shape". They may have tried many times to lose weight and keep it off.  If they have failed to do so, it is likely that at some point they will turn to someone for advice or help.  If this is you, pay close attention.  

Discomfort Versus Pain

The following statement is an obvious one: pain should not be part of an exercise routine (nor at any other time). However, discomfort can be expected. Differentiating between pain and discomfort can be tricky business for both the person who is performing the movements during an exercise routine as well as the fitness expert (coach, trainer, etc.) working with them. Discomfort can come from any (or all) of the following:1) Being in a new/different position then we normally are.
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