I have hooked my wagon to the study of procrastination.  As often as I like to pat myself on the back for my compulsive"business" and list checking, I still find myself putting off more important things that take up way too much head space and create unnecessary anxiety.  As I was listening to a podcast interview of an expert/author on the topic I had a total "aha" moment as the author broke down the emotional aspects and behaviors which mask procrastination.  For this month's blog I am featuring an article on dealing with Procrastination.

Stay away from that TV!

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Of Strawberries and Chicken Soup


Is High Intensity Interval Training Safe?

I get asked this question quite a bit.  The research is in and if you are already a fit adult at any age, I may add, you may be ready for it.  I recommend you working with a certified personal trainer who can safely access when you are ready for this type of training. A researcher by the name of Tabata found that 8 rounds of 20 seconds of bike riding followed by only 10 seconds of rest increases fitness levels, decreases body fat and will even help you lose weight. This study was done with a cardio type of training and not heavy weight lifting like they do in Crossfit.

What is Fitness?

by Marc D Thompson. I am often asked what is fitness? What constitute wellness? In other words, WHAT SHOULD I DO to be healthy? From physical view, the following are some of the aspects that should be addressed every workout. Be creative and enjoy.1.      Agility2.      Balance3.      Body composition (percent fat and lean)4.      Coordination

Prevention via Positivity

So here we are again, Sept 27th.  5 years ago, my dad passed from this earth to the heavens.  Today's rain brings certain coolness and sadness, yet a certain solace and serenity, too.  I find myself snuggling in with my chai tea and watching cartoons with my daughter - the one my dad never met.  Today also brings about a self reflection. - Am I doing what I can to improve my life and help others along the way?

Celebrating Every Day

Sometimes, we just know...  right there at our core, in our center, our very "knower" guides us, offering a resonant energy with that which reflects the best and highest good within any given situation or interaction.  My personality is such that I've been tempted all too often to go with a gooey feeling of positivity about a person (a new friend or acquaintaince), or an event (a sudden "shift" in plans, a "coincidental" meeting), as a legitimate message from my "knower".

Kids contest!

Kids contest! Kids 10 and under send email to stating why you should win. On Halloween 2013 Rick will draw from top 5 to see who wins! The winner gets a 3 month membership (one session per week) to Inside Out Fitness Hood River! Thank you, Rick Dant "THE" Trainer!


The answers are always inside of us yet we are always perplexed when our external search comes up empty!
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