Cold, long dark evenings, November 1 - 2.

   In my apartment very cold.I have sitting and watching news about terrible devastations and damages. "Foundation of a house in Seaside Heights that had been partially washed away...Two boys, 11 and 13, died in North Salem, when a tree crashed through the living room...9,000 residents in several states remain in rescue shelters..."

Training Energy Systems instead of muscle groups Part 2

2nd part of how to train for energy systems.

Steps to success

Today is November 2nd. There are twenty days until Thanksgiving. Success isn't something that you just arrive at, although it would be sweet if it did. Success is something that you journey toward, one step at a time. Sometimes that journey has twists and turns. Sometimes that journey gets really pretty hard. How you handle those difficulties can lead you to success. I have found that making a plan really helps in that journey. Food is a big part of Thanksgiving. Health and weight loss has a great deal to do with choice.

Ken Baldwin & National Posture Institute Webinar-Resistance Training Programs-Arm Muscle Group-Wed-Nov. 7, 2012

Register-Ken Baldwin & NPI Webinar-Wed., Nov. 7, 2012 7:00 PM - 8:00 PM EDT. Resistance Training Programs-Arm Muscle Group-Register Here:  

Heartfelt Health

 I have been passionate about health since my teenage years. Exercise and healthy eating has always been my lifestyle for as long as I can remember. My character is founded in health consciousness. Through my life experiences, I have gained insight to what it really means to be healthy. I have had many traumatic experiences in life that have caused detours and roadblocks to my fitness practices, but the one thing that remained constant is my stable, joyful, inner being.

How Does Green Coffee Help in Weight Loss?

Coffee as a beverage is the most powerful beverage in the world. Actually, it is the second most popular and drunk liquid after water in the world. Most of us are aware of the different varieties of coffee in the market from the different companies in the market. But are you conversant with green coffee? You needn't worry though because the article will help demystify this particular concept and help you understand what this green coffee is all about. Most of the coffee we drink and that is readily available in our shops is made from roasted coffee.

It's been a while

Wow, it's been a long time since I last wrote. My excuse, I've been incredibly busy! I have a pretty full clientele, my three boys are crazy busy with school and sports and I am trying to do it all! It's a lot of work! I have to be honest and say that some days I do not feel like working out! Getting up at 3:45 am to meet 5:00 am clients then working some nights till 7:30.. When I start to complain or feel overwhelmed I have to realize how in actuality, I am incredibly blessed! I know trainers who have no clients.. I am honored and happy to be working:)) so, back to the working out!

SSS Final Thoughts & Stats

#1-Take measurements, stats~Today’s Date:____8-23 AFTER 10-31-12_____ height:___5-6.5____ weight:__129.6_AFTER= 128.0 _ age:_37____ Today’s cycle day- day 9 AFTER= cycle day 23

Tummy Bulging Holidays

     Staying active is the key to fighting the holiday bulge. If you are sitting in front of food you will want to eat it but if you have a plan of action that keeps you too busy to indulge then you will consume less while others consume your servings.   

What do you want to talk about

Well, here we are, almost daily I like to share my thougts about health, fitness, wellness and life.  As I started to gather my thoughts this afternoon a guy is outside my club smoking a cigar with aroma creeping in.  That was a downer, now I have to get the air freshener out, so thoughts are blank.  So,So, what is on your mind, time to vent, time to open up.
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