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Are you frustrated? Burned out? Well, what are you going to do about it? Are you going to do something today, right this moment? Are you going to take action to end your frustration, to achieve your dream, to take advantage of opportunity? Success depends not on how much you complain or your ability to garner sympathy, but, what you do! Right now is the time. Move beyond frustration, work toward the dream and make the most of these possibilities. Right now, go and do something positive about it! 

CrossCore® Exercise Of The Day - Rotational Bicep Curl

Grab each handle and put your feet slightly in front of you to provide just enough resistance. Make sure to maintain enough angle throughout the exercise to provide enough resistance ...and keep slack out of the rope. Curl one arm in keeping your upper arm parallel with the floor. Return to the starting position and then alternate to the other arm. After 30 seconds remain in position and continue with both arms at the same time for an additional 30 seconds.

WeIGhT!?!?! tHerEe’s sO MUcH mORe!!!

In life, if you repeat a certain process, behavior, task, performance … it becomes you … the way you expect, the way you comprehend, the way you react. Your Mindset. In my years as a Personal Trainer, I can tell you, the reason about 90% of people hire me, is “WEIGHT”. But weight isn’t the only thing that is important in achieving optimum health (optimum health for you). There’s so much more to being healthy, but these things are rarely the first thing out of most people’s mouths.


 “True physical fitness is more than a number on a scale…make it matter for other reasons.” You have to acknowledge all of the good you are doing for yourself, as you keep your body active and nourished….  

A Calorie Is a Calorie Is a Calorie....or Is It? 

Why I am an instructor/trainer

I have been working with the same group of ladies at a corporate client for nearly a year.  One has been complaining to me that she hasn't lost any weight.  As hard as she tries, the scale is not moving.  Over the last 6 months or so she has started to pick up heavier weights and challenging herself more.  I usually have 5-7 gals per class and NO ONE did push ups on their feet when I took over the class.  This particular lady has started doing them on her toes in the last few weeks.

What is Your "Philosophy?"

Have you ever written a personal philosophy?  Mine is under "permanent evolution" but here is a glimpse of it's current state: "It is my duty as a citizen of the world:

Balance Basics

by Marc D Thompson What is fitness? Is it functionality or aesthetics? Is it strength or speed? Is it low cholesterol or low resting heart rate? Well, it is obviously all of those and much more.Wading through the endless books, magazines and journals can be exhausting and many times ideas, theories and disciplines are contradictory. Why? Because fitness is not an absolute science. Fitness takes science and develops it to best suit an individual or team.

10 Reasons to be a Fool for Fitness # 6 ...Sloooowwwwws Dooowwwn Aging

Here you go.. you can see for yourself at .  Even Doctor Dean Ornish weighs in on this one.  I personally am not as interested in looking younger, (although that is a nice side benefit) but I am more interested in feeling younger.


Hello,I am finally getting all my information on IDEA and hope that someone looks it over and shouts me a Hello. I have posted a success story of my sweet and dear friend Sandy. Read it and I think it will inspir you. We call each other does that make sense...LOL
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