Gluteus Maximus (your butt) muscles are without a doubt the most important muscles in sports and can fill out a pair of jeans quite nicely. We spend our lives sitting of them but without them we would be dragging our hands on the ground. They are important for balance and strength throughout our entire body. Here are my... top 3 glute exercises.

Today's Health and fitness question

Please share any or all the reasons you are exercising. Write them down for yourself and post it somewhere you will see it every day. This is your motivation to keep exercising!

The YuBalance Philosophy

Emerging from Yu (a Tao term for being) assembling with the English word for balance (equilibrium, steadiness) is a philosophical approach to attaining sustainable lifelong wellness.  In a culture fixated on instant gratification,


 1. COLD WATER - your body needs to "heat " water up before it can be used. That will increase your metabolism and burn calories. You should be drinking half your bodyweight in OZ ever day.

I WILL____

Mid-Day CUP OF MOTIVATION: "Where there is a mission, there is always an opposition." -Michael Cowley

Best Time of the Year

Don't you just love it - the begining of the year everyone it seems like wants better health and wellness right now.  It is our job to keep pushing those buttons that help them to achieve success - whatever that may look like for them.  It is possible the energy for maximizing health that everyone shares right now could be an "all year long" energy.


 CholesterolFebruary is the month of hearts!  Not only does Valentine ’s Day fall in February but it is National Cholesterol month, providing a gentle reminder to pay attention health factors we can’t see.


 There are 3 different types on muscle contractions 1. Concentric- which is the muscle shortening. Like the press up in the bench press. 2. Eccentric- Muscle lengthing. Like the lowering phase in a bench press. 3. Isome...tric- muscle produces force but no movement. Think wall squat or any plank variation.

Don't Get Too Winded

STAMINA - What cloth are you cut from ? Stāmen – is the Latin word meaning Thread – as in the Threads that spin life.

Month 2 of your New Years Resolution

How are you doing with your New Years Resolution. Are you staying on track? Let me know what's helping you stay motivated and moving forward toward your goals. Any questions? Just ask!
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