Lower Body/Core Importance for Hockey Players

 Today I would like to take a look the benefits of—and importance of—lower body and core training for hockey players. 

Shock Jock Training

Yesterday morning, if you missed my kids and I on the air WPGC 95.5FM The Pablo Show.

Wednesday morning funny...must happen to everyone

Exercises that you can do at home or on vacation

There are times that you can't get to a gym, so what can you do at home? Well, there is always an exercise video you can start up, but what if you are on vacation or don't have an exercise video. What can you do to jump start your metabolism and give you a sense of satisfaction that you accomplished your fitness goals for the day? Well, here is a list of exercsies that don't require any equipment and can be done in a small space. You can take these exercises and turn them into a circuit. Perform a cardio exercise first (I.e. Jumping jacks) followed by a strength exercise ( I.e.

Stay on the Fit Holidays Track!

So, we all sort of start feelin’ this pre-Holiday rush… Soon, it will be one party here, another there, two over the same weekend… And all this can easily result in pounds accumulating all over our bodies! We can do many things to stop them from creeping on our (Fit-Fit) physiques.First, it is all in planning. Bring your own food to the parties! Prepare a clean, lean and mean food item, bring it in and eat it!

What Exercise Machines are Lacking

Visit my website to learn more about typical workout machines - why we should avoid them and how to exercise without them!

Functional Fitness: Training the fascial system November 2014

Beneath our skin is a collection of collagen fibers, similar to tendons and ligaments, called fascia.  From head to toe, giving us shape, protecting muscles, organs, joints and bones, this elastic and resilient material allows us to bend, turn, run and jump with efficiency and function.  Fascia is a tissue of stability, reaction and a regulator of movement. It is changing the way we think about fitness and exercise.The understanding that fascia is a singular, adjustable and elastic tissue/organ that traverses the whole body leads us to a new approach to

How to stay motivated...

Get ready!

Get ready, here it comes!  Yes, the season of treats, sweets, and eats!  Don't panic, you've managed all year to eat right, and stay healthy- you've got this!!  Take time to enjoy the season.  Now let's go over a couple of tips to keep that good health going.

Being a Precinct Worker – Survival of the Fittest

Last Tuesday, I spent almost 16 hours at a precinct to help my follow citizens exercise their right to vote. I had done this in the past and have always looked at it as fun, though in a rather twisted kind of way. The last Election Day was almost too much fun. I was assigned to the help table and in a very busy precinct. As I was assisting voter after voter with little break, it struck me to which degree physical fitness can help to survive such a day. 
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