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Intelligent entrance guard system signal intruding problem can not be ignored

Entrance guard video door entry system can also cause disturbance to the public mobile communication network? Yes, Recently, Shandong radio station has screened out the interference of the special cases. Recently, China Unicom G network in garrison commands Haiphong group, the Zhifu Island, Huang community, disturbed, especially in their four coastal and near yellow business community dwellers complaint seriously. 

How to keep door alarm equipment chill in burning hot summer

Entrance guard is one of security tools we often use. However, other than the surveillance cameras "extensive", the installation of the entrance guard control obviously is more like "system" to us. Therefore, entrance guard equipment is more focused on work on building the door access door phone system control device. 

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Entrance guard system ushers in an era of NFC

Entrance guard intercom door phone system, after more than 20 years of development, has already moved beyond the past simple doorways and key management, and developed into a set of complete access management system.

Diverse home access control solution technologies

Physical access control is mainly borne by the traditional mechanical locks and online management system, which is of high investment. Entrance guard system is gradually shifted from mechanical device to use wireless technology online solutions.

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