Breaking Up Is Hard To Do!

    Say goodbye to the word diet, forever! Your relationship with food is going to change today and  we are on a new road to a happier, healthier you! First, let me tell you why you want to kick the word weight loss right out of your vocabulary and replace it with weight management. Why it’s SO important for us all to redefine our health and life goals! 

Tabata Evening Class

Workout #1 for the full Tabata class. We'll work into this class over the first few sessions. The room was packed for the first night. We'll see how many folks get sore over the next few days.Warm up3i@10x10: JJ>SQTH>FSWork30 sec break between exercises4i@20x10:MTNC:discs4i@20x10:FS4i@20x10:MTNC4i@20x10:FS4i@20x10:SQTH

Jr. & Sr. High Dance Party - Hip Hop for Health

Jr. & Sr. High Dance Party  Jr. & Sr. High Dance Party  Hip Hop for HealthFriday April 27th 7-8:30pm @ PA Fitness West ( for address, Imperial PA) Instructed by: Kam Jamz Fitness-Facebook-Kam Jamz Fitness 

take the Challenge!

Challenge yourself to focus on the positive influences and possibilities in your life. Turn your attention to things of real value. They will shine the light on new possibilities and inject positive energy into your efforts. Focus on real abundance in your life and that attention will make abundance grow. 

Pilates and Shakespeare: To Tuck or Not to Tuck, Twist or Not to Twist...

...that is the question. Or, those are the questions.   

Nine "Commandments" of Pilates

 As I am trying to come up with a series of exercises for an upcoming "Mommy and Me" Pilates class I am starting, I was going through some of my older books that I haven’t read through in a while and I came across the "Nine Commandments of Pilates".  I thought it was clever, being Easter is in just a few days.   

Tabata Light Exercise Class

Class # 1: Workout #1: Look below for explanation of exercises. The Tabata LIght class will have variations of timed segments as well as Rep segments.General warm up: about 2 minsWarm up3i@10x5: JJ3i@10x5: Push ups3i@10x5: FS3i@10x10: FRKSWork1i@30sec: Plank1i@10reps: MTNC:discs1i@15reps: MTNC: discs

Set Your Goals!

1.Make it YOUR goal - not someone else's expectation of you. In order to succeed, YOU have to be convinced that this is something you really want to do. 2.Create a plan. Take the time and effort to figure out HOW you'll succeed. Certified personal trainers and credible books and articles are your best sources of help here. 3.Expect failure…and then get over it. Life happens an...d you WILL have setbacks. Just get back on your feet as soon as possible.

Did You Know What a Personal Trainer Can Do for You?

Personal trainers can literally transform your life. They educate, motivate, and inspire. Frankly that's worth its weight in gold. From goal setting, proper exercise form, program design, and nutrition advice, trainers have... the answers.

Tabata Light Exercise Class

The following workouts will be for the Tabata Light class. The workout will be listed with the number of intervals, the time for work and the time for rest, and the exercise. For the Tabata Light class the intensity will be a little bit less than 100% and that's by design. If you do these workouts on your own feel free to work as hard as you want, just make sure you have perfect form. Form is paramount in these workouts as I'll slow you down if you're form is not good.
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