"The aspects of nutrition, will be the success of your program. Things you need to know:Balance: Are you getting the right amount of the right things ad limiting the things that can have a negative effect on your health.

My protein shake is making me fat!

Protein shakes are famous these days. There are green ones, red ones, chocoate one, vegan ones and whey ones. But if you are loading them up with lots of fruit, protein powder, yogurt, oils and everything else, you are probably pretty frustrated and gaining weight. A typical shake has 20-25 grams of protein, which can be 1/3 to 1/2 protein requirement for the day for alot of people. At the end of the day, calories do count. Sorry guys! Most people are taking in too much fat and sugar for in their shakes, more than enough for the entire day. They are meal replacments typically, not snacks.

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Questions To Ask Before Choosing The Right Addiction Recovery Center

When you are out there searching for the right addiction recovery center for your friend or a family member who is suffering from the drug addiction and causing problems for him/herself and the family too then, you should be searching for the quality rehab and recovery center in your area.

Intermittent Fasting and Modern Times

I stumbled on Intermittent fasting by happenstance. Yes, I realize it sounds odd – How can one not be aware that they have not eaten for a period of time? Well, with busy schedules and delayed breakfasts…..viola! It’s been 12,13….maybe even 16 hours since your last meal. Sure, you’ve been sleeping for 6-8 of those hours, but what about the other 4-7? What have you been doing? 

Wedding Bliss - "Fit the dress or the tux"

If you are planning your wedding, dont forget to plan your fitness. Hire a trainer to create a program thta fite syour goals and timeline. Brides and grooms often have unrealistic expectations about what it takes to ge in the best shape for their wedding, like losing 25 lbs and looking like a supermodel in 6 weeks. Hire a trainer as soon as you start planning your wedding. Your trainer will help you set a realistic plan, timeline and goals. It takes more than exercise. You will need regular nutrition coaching as well.

Dear Couch We're Through!

Book is almost done!

Relaxation: What's the best way to de-stress?

Most people, when they imagine relaxation, imagine inactivity. Hot baths, meditation, Netflix and chill, sitting by a pool, drink in hand--all of these are popular forms of relaxation, and they all involve parking oneself in one spot. My approach is different. I suggest getting outside and getting active to relax. Walking, gardening, and sports are all ways to get out of your head and into a relaxed state.  Most people wouldn't normally think of brisk activity as a way to relax, but it's truly the best way.

Jogging Looks Bore to You? Try these 5 things

You all must have been great at making excuses when it comes to jogging , especially the lazy people out there.However, you should know that jogging gives a  great deal of benefits to one's 

Sitting at Work

Sitting at Work: Though People Know It's bad, They Won't Change Their Ways
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