The Holiday Season has arrived!! Holiday Parties, Family, Friends & Good Cheer all around… Rather than FEARING the festivities, I encourage you to EMBRACE them!Those people who are a positive part of your life are truly the Gifts you Celebrate & Enjoy while you have them. So, rather than cringing at the thought of another Holiday gathering, I say, “Let’s Train for the ‘Party Season’!” 


 Many people think overtraining is related to heavy weight trainingand injury. However, overtraining is any exercise training that is excessive and can lead to injury. It can be from weight training, cardio machines, yoga, etc. Overtraining is from not allowing the body to get enough healing time from the last exercise session to the next.


I often hear so many people complain that they do not get any fitness results. These same people I see come into workout and talk on their cell phones or stand around and have a long converstion with another member. Really, are you putting in the fit time needed to get the results you want and expect. How about leaving your cell phone in your locker, have a plan for your workout that day and hit it.

Get Motivated in 2013!

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"Picking up the Pieces"


National Posture Institute - Happy Holidays from us to YOU!!

We hope you are all having a great Holiday Season and have survived the shopping that comes with it. Looking back on this year we have really enjoyed getting to know many of you at various conferences, in our webinars and via phone and emai...l conversations.

2012's Dumbest Weight Loss Trends

These diets come and go for a reason because they do not l

Beachbody coach or no beachbody coach??? that is the question

OkHere's the deal. My friend and beachbody coach wants me to sign up under her team and become a beachbody coach myself.

"The Gift" by Jane Birr-Life Coach

 Last week my friend Judy gave me a gift. It was wrapped all nice and was the size of a shoebox. I must confess that the thought going through my mind as I started to unwrap it was “Oh great, this is going to be some big ornament that I will have to pretend to like.” What a Ba Humbug!
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