Don't be a VOMIT; Victim of Medical Imaging Technology

Upon straining my ankle this week, I turned to advice from some of my mentors, including all star Lenny Parracino, soft tissue therapist, Gray Institute Faculty member and international author/lecturer. He forwarded this valuable information, outlining the discrepancies between medical imaging and symptoms/function and explaining the dangers of relying on medical imaging to unravel root causes of imbalances in the body.  

Gimme an H...Gimme a 2...gimme an O....WATER!!

Hydrate—Hydrate—Hydrate!! As we say goodbye to the cold weather (I hope I didn’t jinx anything by saying that) and hello to the hot, sunny days more and more people will be taking their activities and workouts outside. While hydration is always important, it becomes especially important in the warm weather. 

Decided to return my FitBit Surge... It was not "scientific" or accurate enough for me. I am a NERD. Went to school for Exercise Science and YES, I excelled at the NERDY labs we did to test fitness levels, strength, metabolism, body-fat, heart rate, EKG's etc... so having a piece of equipment that doesn't quite operate on the SCIENCE drove me insane!

Exploring Why Some People Get Fitter Than Others - Part 2

 In a telling study published in March, for instance, 95 older, overweight men and women began five months of endurance or weight training. By the end of that time, the volunteers were, on average, 8 percent stronger or more aerobically fit (depending on which program they had followed). But 13 percent of those in the endurance group had lost aerobic capacity, and 30 percent of those in the strength-training group were weaker. 

The benefits of drinking cucumber water.

Drinking water with cucumber in it can help the body in many ways. It can help to control your appetite, aid in giving you the vitamins and minerals you need, rid the body of toxins in your body and make your skin look great. First, cucumber water can help you get the vitamins and minerals you need. Cucumber water recipes add in fruit, so you’ll be getting antioxidants and extra vitamins from those, like Vitamin A and Vitamin C.

Exploring Why Some People Get Fitter Than Others - Part 1

Anyone in a running group or gym class has likely noticed that some of the participants annoyingly become much fitter than others. But exactly why some people’s bodies respond well to working out and others do not puzzles scientists. 
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