2012 Coming to a Close - Reflecting

As this year comes to a close I can't help look back at what has transpired over the last year as most of us do and as we think about this past year there is possibly a few emotions that may arise in reflection.  Maybe a sense of success, failure, triumph, regret, motivation and on and on it goes.  Regardless of what that year entailed whether good bad or indifferent its now past.  Its something to build on for the new year.  

Tune your body

Our body is designed to move.A complex scaffolding of muscles and bones allows us to achieve remarkable feats of coordination and balance.Our sedentary lifestyles have made modern life much more comfortable, but our bodies have become sluggisch and lazy.Regular exercise has multiple benefits.It strengthens muscles and bones, keeps the joints flexible, reduces fat deposits, stimulates the brain, and reinforces the immune system to protect the entire body against diseases and the effects of aging on a long term basis.

My Volunteer Work to Help My Local Residents Get Healthy in the New Year

Mount Olive New Year, New You Wellness Challenge What is it?  It’s a program to help people get started on living a healthier lifestyle.  The Mount Olive New Year New You Wellness Challenge is a collaboration of efforts lead by Mayor Greenbaum and me, Nancy Baccarella-Garcia.  Several local gyms have donated memberships for the month of January 2013 (see list below).  If the gym isn’t your thing, we also got online fitness company to donate 25 memberships so you can workout at home. 


MORNING CUP OF MOTIVATION: Follow your convictions, they will help us define where our compromises are. If there are no convictions, we may need to ask ourselves how much is left to compromise. Without the conviction, we compromise our char

Top Reasons to Try Yoga

The best answer to why do yoga is that it feels really good. Simple.Today, or tonight, try this one pose: lie on your back and fully stretch your arms overhead as you simultaneously stretch your legs straight. Relax, as you quietly breathe for 20 seconds.That's yoga!The Idaho Mountain Express: Top reasons to practice yoga - November

National Posture Institute News Story: Medical workers’ spike in computer-related injuries is predicted

National Posture Institute News Story: Medical workers’ spike in computer-related injuries is predicted. Newswise — ITHACA, N.Y. – As U.S. health care goes high tech, spurred by $20 billion in federal stimulus incentives, the widespread ad...

I can do ALL things!

It can be much easier to tell yourself you CAN’T do it. Yet, it’s much better to forge ahead and DO the work. It is difficult to acknowledge and follow the best of your possibilities. Your dreams are calling out to you, and will never be 

Day 5- All Quiet on the Western Front & SUCCESS BREEDS SUCCESS

My 4 year old daughter loves to point out that "the sun is setting in the western sky," just like in the book Goodnight Cowgirl. A few of my blog times have been interrupted as I have had an opportunity to teach, "no Zoe, the sun is rising, in the eastern sky." Day 5 went well and ended the challenge. But fear not. This is only because, as is common for most people, SUCCESS BREEDS SUCCESS. When we experience (feel, believe, witness) success, it motivates us to want more. Yes, I had embarked on a 10-day challenge, I have now turned it in to a 28 plus 5 day challenge.

my first blog post.

Hello everyone, this is my first blog attempt ever so please excuse my ignorance in this.  The fact of the matter is I LOVE FITNESS!!!!
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