Water Exercise Training

This summer I started training some of my clients in a swimming pool. My clients have enjoyed it and tell me it is more like play than exercise. One of my clients asked 3 of her friends if they wanted to be part of a small group training, so I train them together in one of my client's pool one morning a week. 

Brains & Balance Past 60 Certification

Since I have many clients over the age of 60, most of which have mentioned balance issues, I took a workshop with Exercise, Etc. to learn many activities and exercises to improve cognition and balance.  This was a very interesting, busy and informative day for me!

What Is The Most Important Factor in Getting Real Results from Exercise?

I asked a question on Facebook the other night: What is the most important factor in getting real results from exercise? I received these responses: MotivationLoving yourself enough to take care of your core‘Doing it’ (I call this Showing Up)

Good and Small

Summer is almost over and I've been thinking about some of the capoeira events that I have attended since the "Batizado Season" began this Spring. Some of my favorite memories are of smaller capoeira events such as rodas at Lake Merritt or at last week's Petaluma Music Festival. Here are some of my thoughts about a few of the "smaller" batizados that I have attended this year.  

Goal Setting

Goals should be SMART. That is, they should be Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic and Timely. It's admirable to say you want to lose weight but that's too vague. Saying "I want to lose 15 pounds in 3 months" is better. You have set a specific goal that you can measure, is doable and there is a set a time frame in which to reach it. Great start! Now, write that goal down and put it somewhere that you can see it often as a reminder to yourself. This is your long-term goal. 

The first step!

 So I got a wonderful phone call from a new client of mine today.   Now, to put things is perspective, this client came in very depressed and said he was kind of at rock bottom.   You see, he had a recent breakup, and because of an injury had lost a lot of weight.   Sadly, it was almost all muscle and he was feeling terrible. In talking with him, it was apparent that he was very depressed.   Now, as we talked we discussed goals.

Moving forward

Good morning world. Today I want to invite those individuals that have not yet taken the steps to becoming healthier in their  lives to try moving into the contemplation stage of fitness. Start thinking about where you see yourself in a month or a year. What would like to change and what can you do (no matter how little) to get started. I am here to help. Talk to me world. Let me know whats on your mind.

Find Your Groove!

Health = Priceless :)

Today I want to talk about how amazing and wonderful our health is to us and why we should value it. I mean most of us truly value our health including myself (at one point) only when we lose it from health conditions like blood pressure, asthma, diabetes and a host of others.

Farmers Market

Enjoyed purchasing freash eggs and vegtables from the Beaufort farmers market. 
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