What is Metabolic Testing?

 Physiologic evaluations based on actual oxygen consumed and carbon dioxide produced for:  • Resting Metabolic Rate – a measurement of calories used to maintain basic life functions such as circulatory, respiratory and brain function.


What are your favorite way's to get in shape?My 90 day plan..Start Date Fri June 28th!!Ready Set Go!!! 

Feeling Good..

Feeling good is the best medicine..Never Ever Stop Training..

Tips for Keepin' it Real in the Grocery Store

Sometimes it can be difficult to go to the grocery store and know what to buy. You want to shop cheap, get foods that people like, and try to purchase healthy wholesome nutrition.

Running motivation

Whenever I set off to run it is nice to have a goal, a place to get to. Since I don't live and run in the mountains of Washington State, where there was always a peak or lookout to motivate me, I have to try and get creative here in Tampa. Today I ran my dog Wilbur to our new to us sailboat which is in its new slip a little over 4 miles from us. I was excited to get there with Wilbur to see what he thought of the boat. As in all out and back runs you just have to get yourself to the turn around point. I think Wilbur will make a great new crew member!

CrossCore® Results Video Contest


Which is better to do? Cardio or Weight Training?

This is a question I get asked a lot.  It is better to always try to build more muscle because the more muscle you have, the more fat you will burn.  It also speeds up your metabolism and makes you a fat burning machine.

The I can do attitude for a DOG TAG!

It may sound cliche', The I Can Do attitude but I believe it.My clients prove it to me over and over again. As a Health Coach I have seen all of my clients achieve thier goals, yes, you read that right, 100% of my Health Coaching clients have succeeded. Now what about my bootcampers...well, I have thought long and hard about that. Physical exercise, the act of actually doing something that requires physical work is actually harder than setting wellness goals. I think the reason is because humans will only work so hard then they stop. 

Obstacle Course Races; fun, rugged, fear, intense.. are they for you?

A few months ago three  friends and I decided we would participate in an obstacle course race; The Barbarian Challenge.  Our training for the event consisted of running, kettlebell, TRX and sandbags.

Training: When to use machines VS everything else

When everyone walks into a gym the first thing they most often see is machines. Every big gym has them. Are they great to work out on No, but they do help the client feel comfortable about training. They are easy to adjust and come with pictures. Although, when using machines you still need to follow a program.
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