“My Wife Ate My Homework?...”

These are the words I heard a few months ago from one of my beloved Trainees…They sort of got out of his mouth (with a big question mark at the end) following my probing if, by any, but by any chance, he had been doing his workout while away from home.

Yoga: Yamas and Niyamas

 If you think of the historical path of yoga kind of like an hourglass, with various threads moving together, and then moving out into diverse variations at the center of the glass is Patanjali's “Yoga Sutras”. It is harder to see that today as the flow of yoga has become very asana focused, and as the philosophical and cultural underpinnings and shared belief systems of practitioners have shifted so much. But those whose practice digs deepest usually reach a place where they uncover the sutras.

Losing Weight for Health..

Are you stuck on a number? Have you tried all the weight loss plans on the planet and still struggle? Being at your ideal weight increases energy, improves sleep, increases self esteem, and most of all makes you feel 100% better. Learn the tried and true motivational habits of healthy people. Give personal training a try, and you will never ever stop training.


When people start to realize they are putting weight around their mid section, the crunches come out. People yanking on their necks and looking like they are having a fit on the gym floor. Bad. Do you know it takes 22,000 crunches to lose a pound of fat around your abs? Who has time for that?

Today's Fitness/Health Tip: YOGA BENEFITS

Have you considered giving yoga a try? Our fitness experts say it's a gentle way to tone, increase flexibility and improve circulation. Yoga can also help you with body awareness, breathing and stress. Check out a class at your local fitness or wellness center. There are several types of yoga. They require various levels of skill and physical conditioning. Speak to the instructor to make sure that the class you pick is right for you.

Good timing

I work full time for a large corporation.  We have an internal wellness coach and a lot of initiatives to help individuals to become healthier.  I've been feeling a bit out of sorts lately because of my lack of exercise.  We just received pedometers in the mail to help push us to walk more (and earn an incentive for our HSA).  I have been feeling like I need to walk more and its hard to walk outside here in Phoenix when its 110 degrees after dinner.

Bust out of your sugar rut!

7 Ways To Crave Less SugarIf I were to award a single food item with the title of ‘Fast

Day 11

Ok, so in the beginning of this challenge, we threatened to eat our bf arms off if we were hungry. Well, we are pretty close to that point.  But, since she only has 11% body fat, that would be like nawing on the bone to suck out the marrow.

Day 1 of the 21 Day Challenge

So a great friend has challenged me and another friend to the Les Mills 21 Day Challenge. This is the get lean and eat no carbs for the next 21 days.  Yikes!  I know scary.  And yes we are.  So, what better way to begin the challenge than going out on last night before having the last wine and mexican food for the next 21 days. We decide its not the food challenge that will be hard it is the no wine. Lets bring you up to date:  Day 1-3:  Not so bad.  Veggies, protein, etc for every meal.Day 4:  CHOCOLATE!! Where are you?

Breaking the Vicious Exhaustion Cycle (Part 3 of 3)

I hope your "Energy Journey" has been going great this week!We've talked about 2 things so far you can do to stave off exhaustion: get more rest and eat healthy foods. Now for a little bit about exercise!
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