The Grocery Store

 My trip to the grocery store can be quite an adventure.  I'm not just shopping for food.  I'm peeking into other shopping carts, cleaning them out and making healthier food substituitions.  Having healthy food options readily available at home makse Eating Clean that much easier.  Before I head to the check out I make sure I have the following foods in my cart:·         Fresh/frozen vegetables

The Thanksgiving Activity Challenge

I always think of Thanksgiving Day and New Year’s Day as the bookends on a fun time of celebration.  But unfortunately, many people will slide into January with unwanted weight gain.  If you want to start 2013 feeling and looking good, now is the time to be proactive.  I used the website to estimate the calories in a typical Thanksgiving dinner (2007 calories) and the Health Status website to calculate ways for a 160lb. person to burn those calories.   Of course, this is just an estimate, but it sure was fun.  



Very long day, November 16.

5:00 - breakfast6:00 - visiting "Stop and Shop", buying gloves and Outdoor Trash Bags.6:00AM - 9:00AM.My "Outdoor activity" had began.I had collected dead leaves in Trash Bags.9:30AM - second breakfast.10:30AM - 12PM.I had visited New York Botanical Garden.Today had been "Train Show "Preview. It had been amazingly beautiful there and I had dreamed about - may be one day all Bronx will be looking exactly like NYBG today?1:00PM - I had returned home for dinner

Turkey Alert

 Thanksgiving is almost upon us. Even though I have lived in the US now for well over 20 years, I have not yet quite warmed up to it. Befuddled is probably the best way to describe my reaction. I understand the tradition of family getting together. I also understand that, at its beginnings, having one day of the year where food is abundant must have felt nothing short of paradise. I realize that those poor pilgrims, sitting there with the Indians and sharing a meal, had no guarantee for another good meal for some time in the future. 

National Posture Institute Research Review-Asthma patients may breathe easier because of new procedure

National Posture Institute Research Review-Asthma patients may breathe easier because of new procedureNorthwestern Memorial offers first non-drug, FDA approved therapy for severe asthma


HI all~ Well....I've had a busy but GREAT past few days!! Yesterday I took of of workouts-- not on purpose, but that's what happened. Today I have tennis drills and I'm so excited!! It was a blast last week :)

Cajun Veggie Jambalaya

Jambalaya is dish that originated in the caribbean and it's based on meat, veggies, stock and rice. When we went to Spain our favorite dish was called Paella, which is very similiar to Jambalaya, it was just originated in Spain. It contains meat, veggies, and rice. These dishes are easy to prepare and have a great mix of protein, complex carbs, and colorful vegetables. I make my Jambalaya with extra veggies for extra nutrition, color, and flavor! ingredients:Spicy Chicken Sausage (4 links)Frozen cooked small shrimp (1 package)1 red bell pepper

Just a thought......

“Where Thou art-that-is Home.” -Emily Dickinson 

Don't Just Lay There

It's not what happens when you succeed, its when you get knocked down: what you do? YOU decide to either stay down or GET BACK UP! Fight Fight Fight for it! Success is a Struggle, but its also why so many fail. They GIVE UP on it! So Fight the good fight and Stand UP, Fight back and BE YOUR true SUCCESS!
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