Building the Habit: Why Exercise Is an Important Part of Addiction Recovery

Exercise is an important part of daily life, and it’s also a useful tool when it comes to battling the struggles of addiction. Whether you’re in recovery from alcoholism or illegal drug abuse, one of the most important components of treatment is to build healthy habits that replace unhealthy ones.The Dangers of Addiction

Creating a Plan for Weight Loss Success

Creating a Plan for Weight Loss Success doesn’t have to be difficult or hard.

Vitamins and minerals for older adults

Older adults over 50 will need to focus on these vitamins and minerals. Typically, these levels decrease as you age and if not maintain through supplementation, older adults will find their overall wellness decreasing.

How Often Should I Visit My Osteopath To Keep Me Pain Free?

Osteopathy is a hands-on therapy designed to treat headaches, neck and back pain, and repetitive injuries, among other problems. There are many different problems that can be resolved by treatment by a qualified osteopath.

Fat Loss and Women

Men and Women are different. I think that is obvious, but the differences don't just stop at appearances, and social behaviors. Men and women have different hormones that regulate their bodies. Hormones are also the most powerful things that regulate change in your body. 

Weekend struggles

Many people will stay on track with their workouts and their nutrition through the week and then by Friday night, everything goes out the window. This is going to cause a great deal of problems if this is a habit you face every weekend. As you are probably well aware by now, you will never get to that weight loss number because your body is going to be on a roller coaster ride. Second, your body is constantly cleansing and purifying itself. When the weekend comes, you have finally gotten your body purified and then you eat and drink the toxins right back into your body.

Workout templates PDF

Free bodyweight only workouts, plus advice.

"Let me in" exercise

Don't let a lack of a pullup unit or chinning bar be an excuse to not get some work in! All you need is a door :)

Fitness Advice: Three Bad Ones!


Carbs! The enemy! Or your greatest ally in weight loss?

We’ve all heard it—cut out carbs to lose weight.  Carbs turn straight into sugar.  Only eat complex carbs.  Never have bread!  Put down the cookie, NOW.  Sure, there may be some truth to the effects of certain carbs, but the hype has gone far beyond helpful and into the land of false advertisements.
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