2015 has been amazing!!

Happy Holidays and Thank You to my clients.  You continue to move me to MOVE YOU!!!!

Moving in the Right Director

I've been a little busy since my last blog!  I am attending a boot camp 3 days a week, holding a boot camp 2 days a week and having SPIN classes two nights a week.  All this and working full time. I am very excited about launching my SPIN program.  I am trying to get the word out throughout my small community.  I only have 3 spin bikes to be used so classes are small but some people like that!

Mistakes that Keep Millions Overweight

Two-thirds of all American adults are overweight. More than 110 million Americans are on weight loss diets. The average person makes four or five attempts to lose weight each year!

Women - Toning Up Your Muscles 'Down There': The Top 3 Ways

Ladies, as you get older, you may become concerned with increasing and maintaining the muscle tone of your vagina so you can remain healthy, sexy, and youthful, especially after giving birth.What can you do to ensure your vagina remains as youthful as possible for as long as possible? Check out the tips below to get started.

Foods That Are Rich With Probiotics

Probiotics are digestive enzymes that balance good bacteria especially in the stomach and intestines.  There are many affordable foods that are rich in probiotics that can be found all over the world.  Children and adults can eat these kinds of foods safely and they can have a variety of choices available in stores.  Probiotics can be found mostly on fermented or dairy products.  Listed below are some of the most common 

Why You Should Add Moringa to Your Diet

Moringa is a surprisingly powerful plant that's packed full of the nutrients that your body needs to combat disease and remain energised and healthy throughout the day. So it really is no surprise that moringa powder is becoming so popular in countries all over the globe, and many people are adding moringa to their diets in order to reap its many incredible health benefits.

Why Vaping Is Becoming So Famous These Days?

Vaping happens to be quite famous these days, particularly among all those who need to quit smoking. Vaping is the demonstration of inhaling fluid vapor that contains glycol flavorings, nicotine, and various other substances through a pen shaped device. As it warms up, you can breathe in it and go about as though have been smoking the real deal. There are a large number of shops and stands around that offer vaping devices and it is rapidly getting on.

Melt The Fat Away Quickly And Easily

Okay, here we go again. Plastic surgery techniques are improving and availabe to just about anyone; but, does the outward appearance result in overall health? Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder, besides, we are our own worst critics. You still need to take care of your health after the procedure; so, why not save money and the risk involved, by taking care of your health from the start? Think about it: what good does shrinking the fat cells surgically do if you are going to revert to the poor habit lifestyle? 

Toxic Cocktail

Ok - here it comes - the shortest BLOG I will ever write- why? The controversy - of course.These are the things that I never mix with fitness training whether working with a client one on one or in a class. Just not the place !Fitness and religionFitness and politicsNow I'll just shut my big yap .....................  

Learn How To Avoid A Sports Injury

Even the most physically fit sport enthusiast seeks to avoid sport injuries. The paramount way to do so is using consideration before participating by preparing the body before strenuous activity. 
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