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Why a Plant Based Lifestyle Modification works

First, you stop poisoning yourself.  Artificial chemicals, such as preservatives, flavors, antibiotics, growth hormones and more, cease to infiltrate your body.  Second, you give your digestive system a break. Substances like the ones I just listed are confusing for your body to deal with.  For example, too much sugar intake contributes to a warn out pancreas. Next, your naturally detoxify your body and your intestines by sweeping out toxic debris that lives there, through clean, whole, plant-based eating. Another reason would be healing.

Grand opening for Happy Hour Fitness

Congratulations Ana wishing you all the best!

Grand opening for Hapoy Hour Fitness

Congratulations Ana wishing you all the best!

Health Risks with Math Anxiety


Am I eating enough

This topic came up last night and, as a trainer, is something that can be very frustrating for the trainer/client relationship. You are working as a team and workouts and cardio are going great and gains are being made and the body shape is changing.... BUT... the client isn't losing weight. My personal work with a client starts with setting a fitness/activity goal and a weight goal (if need be).

Life is about choices...

On each of the famed "Real Housewives" reality shows, the featured characters have a tag-line.  They state this succinct phrase, almost as if a summary mission/vision statement at the beginning of each episode.  My personal favorite begins with "Life is about choices, and I choose..."Do you know how you'd finish that sentence?

4 The Health of It- Led by Brenda at Infinity Training Center

4 The Health of It played in the dirt last night!  Hiking the well known mtn biking train "Hillside!"  If the hills weren't bad enough, using logs for push ups, wooden overpasses for burpees and rocks for mtn climbers will definitly count as a leg workout!  If you are in need of accountability managing your weight and nutrition, want some camaraderie with like minded folks and be pushed to meet your exercise goals...Contact me at 515-770-7143 or!  Plus we're just about making the healthy

What to eat when your pregnant

You need extra calories, and nutrient as you go through your pregnancy. These extra calories help to build your baby's bones, tissues, and organs. If you exercise regularly add 500 extra calories. If your not very active add 300 calories. These extra calories should be made up of protein, healthy fats, vitamins and minerals. Your weight gain should be between 15-40 lbs. if you are underweight, you would expect to gain 40 lbs. if you are overweight you should gain 15-25lbs. Also, if you are 5'2 or shorter you should aim for 15-25lbs.

What is This Blog All About

Hello everyone! This should have been the first blog post but better late than never. So, what is this blog all about you ask? Seeing that I have varying interest in the world of fitness, here are some categories of what I will write about in my blog. Most of it is opinion based, so take it with a grain of salt. If I do make a strong assertion, you can ask me how I got there or show me evidence that I am probably wrong. I don't mind that at all. So here is what you can expect from my blog:- helping consumers navigate bullshit from good advice
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