Is Your Mobile Phone Causing Forward Head Posture?


Shock Sets

Hi all, I hope that this entry finds you well and enjoying your weekend. In this entry I want to discuss the importance of shock sets. Let's face it, we have all hit plateaus before, and at that point it's very important to shock your body. So how do we do that? The answer is shock sets.

The Importance of Medical Alert Systems for Seniors


Five Steps to Keeping Your Fitness Resolution

This time of year, many people around the world will make a New Year’s Resolution to get in shape.  For some, it is an exciting time, for others, just a reminder that another year has gone by since the last time they made the attempt. Regardless of which of these describe you, making the commitment is the hardest step.  The rest can be easy if you know where to find the proper nutrition, health, and exercise advice.

When should you choose breast lift or augmentation?

4 Reasons Cold Is Good For Your Body

 As temperatures drop in the winter, most people turn up the heat, snuggle under a fleece blanket, and wait for the warm weather to return. This makes sense if your only goal is to stay warm, but sometimes a little cold can do wonders for your health. 1. Ice baths reduce the risk of injury 
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