Get your free Quest bars!

Quest is bringing back their free sample program. Be sure to get your bars. I love this stuff. It's clean, has anywhere from 18-20 gramms of protein, filling and makes a perfect post/pre workout snack. My personal favorite is the white chocolate raspberry. Just be advised that if you happen to be allergic to almonds, most bars do contain them. Try them out and let me know what you think! ->

Real Food Is King

The New Word For Sweat

London Marathon: What Costumes are the Most Popular?

For many people 30 minutes of cardiovascular exercise is enough to achieve significant health benefits. Perhaps one of the best fitness activities to fit around a busy lifestyle is running. There is no gym membership required, you can do it at almost any time of the day or night, and it is not weather dependent (running in the rain is incredibly exhilarating!) It is also really addictive.

Little changes = big results!

 What is keeping you from becoming what you want to be?  For our purposes, let’s think simply in terms of our overall fitness and health.  What will it take for you to get on the path of becoming better?  And how will you stay on that path?

Snow Day is now Administration Day

Today I rescheduled my appointments in anctipation for the snow. I rather rescheudle appointments than risk my client's safety due to inclement weather. It doesn't help my bottom line, but it eases my conscence.  So today I will make the most of my day and update my client charts, read articles, and refresh my website. I don't want any day to be a down day. Every day should be used to learn, grow, and polish up my image.  What do you do during your administrative day?

1668 Miles ran this year! Over 1/3 of my goal!---Rick Dant "THE" Trainer!

Running and Your Knees


VIPR is a great functional training tool! Originally from England, they are rubber with internal handles so that nothing is sticking out to get in the way. You can lift, throw or run with them!---Rick Dant "THE" Trainer!

Rhabdomyolysis and why you should care about it

Rhabdomyolysis and why you should careDenise Lee (7/13/13) Get fit fast --perfect combination, right? As a trainer I have seen it all, baby-stroller fitness to NAVY seal training. But unfortunately a poorly developed program could result in Rhabdomyolysis, which offers a potentially fatal result. 
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