Are You Eating Your Feeling? (DR Oz)

Eating Your Emotions Where does all that hunger come from? Those who binge often eat their feelings, using food as medicine for stress and depression. And it may be hard to realize when that person is you. 

Smoothly running to the Fall, September 20.

8 a.m. - breakfast.Cereal,milk, farm cheese, bread, coffee.9 a.m. - visiting near my home "Stop and Shop" supermarket.When I have standed near cassier, I have noticed magazine "Fitness" I immediately have brought in my shopping cart.9 30 a.m. - I have reading article on the page 94 "Rock Star ABS"No gym required" about exclusive lower body workout from Madonna's trainer.(by Jannet Lee).

Vacation and exercise

I went on a cruise a couple of weeks back to Alaska.  Amazing trip - beautiful part of the country.  I worried about how I would fit in my workouts...continue to build my strength.  But I have been reading lately about giving yourself recovery weeks - taking an entire week off.  I have never consciously done that. There was a fitness center on the ship that I could take advantage of.  So my final thought before we left - I'll take the week off and enjoy it.  

Trainers Need Trainers (at least a teacher) Too

When I began my first job as a personal trainer, I met David.  David was also relatively new to the company I was employed with, but not new to personal training.  I learned quickly that his passion lay with strongman competition and corrective exercise-and he was great at both.  In fact, it was from him that I learned the proper technique for very complex Olympic lifts.As I got to know him, he eventually revealed that he actually had a personal trainer.  He’d been working with his now friend for many years and held him in the highest regard.


I hope the week has started off to be productive and full of energy! A lot of people dread Mondays and have psychologically set themselves up to lack energy and productivity. It's amazing what happens to your brain depending on what you are thinking and your actions and reactions follow suit. Thinking about this led me to thinking about how we avoid the "dreaded Monday", as an example and the importance of our mind set. So instead of writing about setting goals, creating a plan, and taking action, which you


I challenge you to challenge yourself physcially for the next 7 days! This means that if you are used to doing a certain type of exercise, for example, classes that are the same, same type of cardio, same machines, same workout, same route, then do something different.


You can, you will...done? Now all of you are really creative in one way or another. I'm sure you can come up with some kind of meaning for that statement. In fact, you could probably come up with something a lot more creative then what I have for you. But since I know how busy you all are, I'll just give you my own meaning behind that and you can take it or leave it. Although I'm sure if you take it and apply it, incredible things will happen in your life!

Hungry? Grab an APPLE!

The average apple is about 90 calories of nutrient dense calories! -->Vitamin C, A, B6, Folic Acid, Potassium, and Niacin.NO Fat, Cholesterol, or SodiumLoaded with FIBER--> 2/3 of the apple's fiber is in the eat the entire apple!. Benefits of eating apples:

New National Posture Institute Certificate in Family Nutrition (Approved by the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics) Earn CECs

NEW Online National Posture Institute Certificate in Family Nutrition  (Approved by the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics) Earn CECs/CEUsThe Online Professional Certificate in Family Nutrition has been designed to meet the growing demand for Registered Dietitians, DTRs, allied health/medical and fitness p

Balanced Body Workshop!

Education can never grow old. The body constantly fascinates me with all its intricacies and how movement can be a powerful healing source. This weekend I completed a Balanced Body workshop that went over movement for populations. The workshop itself ranged from Pilates for children, rehabilitation (post & pre surgery), prenatal & postnatal, the list goes on. I was so excited to apply my most recent knowledge to my clients, and they seemed to love the new variations & exercises.
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