A Look Back: Piedmont Hills becoming California State 4x400 Relay Champions 2013

Piedmont Hills’ women’s track & field began the 2013 outdoor season on a mission. A mission to upset the order and prove that Piedmont Hills track is a force to be reckoned with in the California state track and field scene. Piedmont Hills Track & Field had major talent and major coaching and wouldn’t be confined to Central Coast Section success and be content with collecting awards in our area.

Birthday Celebrations - Do you really need a cake?

A little food for thought today.  It is NOT meant to offend anyone - the purpose is to get you thinking in a different direction.Birthday Cakes!  Did you ever wonder where/why the birthday cake tradition started?  I did, so this morning I dug a little, you can dig too and maybe find something entirely different.  I'd love to hear if you do!

QUICK E-POLL: Can you spin like the bottom boy below spins?

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Fitness and beauty tricks for the summer

When most people think about the combination of summer and fitness and beauty, they usually think about getting ready for the summer, getting fit for the bikini or the swim trunks and getting all sexy and beautiful for the summer months when the romance is always in the air. The really smart people actually see the summer months as the perfect time to get more attractive and fit with a few tricks that are only possible in summer. So what are these tricks?Swim and run outside


Bridge the gap

Juice Plus+



Repeat and practice: "I don't know the whole story"

In the wake of the death of Robin Williams, I was surrounded by many an incredulous statement:  "I just can't understand that kind of sadness"  "How could a man with EVERYTHING do something like that?" "It seems the ultimate act of weakness" and "It just doesn't make sense"
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