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Gisteren heb ik beloofd het recept van het Kokos Frambozen toetje op mijn blog te zetten, dus bij deze:Nodig:6 eetlepels kokosolie6 eetlepels kokoscrème1 mok vol met diepvries frambozen (of ander diepvriesfruit)2 rijpe bananenBereiding:

Reprogramming after injury; Pilates Reboots the Neuromuscular System

For those of who have experienced injuries, pilates provides a fantastic platform for healing and "rebooting" the system. It is important to respect the highly efficient neuromuscular pathways and brain maps in understanding this.   When an area of the body is injured, the area shuts down -physical inflammation and neural inhibition occur--to allow healing.  To keep a person functioning, the nervous system diverts its signaling pathways around the area, like a detour on the highway, until the area being "worked on" is healed and once again ready for action.

Falling Leaves are Beautiful! Falling People are Not!

 I can’t help it. When fall arrives (and it has struggled to get here this year), I can only think of one thing--fall prevention in seniors! A couple of weeks ago, I attended a workshop about exercise and osteoporosis. The speaker’s primary message was the importance of preventing falls, especially in seniors who may have osteopenia or osteoporosis.  

It's All In Your Mind

We know that exercise and living a healthy lifestyle is good for us.  It improves our physical health, affects our mental health by reducing stress and depression, and improves our body.  So why do so many of us struggle with staying on an exercise program or staying away from high sugar, high fat, and high sodium foods?


Attention!!! The days of celebration are quickly approaching - it's a time for celebrating Jesus NOT food.

National Posture Institute-Posture Points Newsletter October 2012 Edition

National Posture Institute-Posture Points Newsletter (October 2012): Featured Article Oh Baby My Back Hurts, NPI Now Offering Career Development Programs (CECs/CEUs), Dr. Lisa Mastersons TheraFit Shoes Launch, Ken Baldwin's Interview with The Fitness Professional Radio Show on Posture, Online Certified Posture Specialist Program new CEC approval, and more! Click to learn more- National Posture Institute-Posture Points Newsletter October 2012 Edition  

Benefits for Muscle Hypertrophy

Athletes and serious exercise enthusiasts often engage in extreme intakes of one macronutrient while de-emphasizing others. Although there may be a need for an acute increase of a particular macronutrient, chronic dietary imbalance may result in decreased performance, loss of muscle and overall fatigue. For example, elevating protein intake (a common practice for building muscle) may decrease fat and carbohydrate consumption to levels that can hinder performance and ultimately inhibit optimal muscle growth.

7 Not So Scary Halloween-Inspired Exercises

 7 Not So Scary Halloween-Inspired Exercises

National Posture Institute NEWS STORY-Lower extremity pain linked to poor physical and mental health in overweight kids.

NPI NEWS STORY:  Lower extremity pain linked to poor physical and mental health in overweight kids.  Pain in the lower extremities – feet, ankles, knees and hips – contributes to both poor physical function and a reduced quality of life in obese children, according to a new study by Dr. Sharon Bout-Tabaku and colleagues, from Nationwide Children’s Hospital and The Ohio State University in the US.
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