Dropping Holiday Weight Gain

Let me gained some weight this holiday season?  If so, then there are some tips you should be aware of before you embark on your journey.  I say journey because it will likely take more time than you will feel motivated.  Typically, we get fired up for about 2-3 weeks and then the mood fades.  Here are some common mistakes people make and how you can avoid them.

Pregnant CPT

What's one to do with a diet and exercise regimen dictated by their personal body issue beliefs and she gets pregnant?  Rejoice!  What a relief!  This body is not just mine anymore and I have to look out for baby!  Granted, I am saying this at week 18 and have learned a lot since the news of pregnancy.  

Four Steps to Finding Your Tribe

A tribe is a group of people connected to one another, connected to a leader, and connected to an idea. - Seth Godin

Our Relationship with Food and Exercise from a Yogini's Perspective: (The 3 Legged Stool)

 One of the common themes of yoga is balance (physical, mental, spiritual). One of the common themes of my teaching when I am thinking about our connection downward to the earth, and the way we lift upward with control is the strong triangle. Shavasana is one of the major postures chosen for rest because it requires little muscular tension to maintain. Cat position may be hard if one's knees are compromised, but try lifting one limb and you can feel how you begin to tighten to hold the position. Lift two and this is more difficult.

Must Have Seasonal Supplements

Despite the rich festive diet, recent health research has shown wintertime is a season when the human organism is most prone to malnourishment and diseases. Blame it on the chilly weather and more severe virus outbreaks, ascribe it to less sun, fewer fresh food supplies and lower mobility or even tick it off to human tendency to go all lazy, lethargic and soft over the holidays, the medical facts still stand.

What Changes Does 2015 Have In Store For You?

When we think new year we think new beginning. That's a good thought but do you want to know a secret? We don't have to wait till the new year because each and every day gives us the opportunity to make change. It has to be important enough for you to make the change. You have to WANT to change. Change is hard. We struggle with it daily. I know I have these debates in my head about what I'm going to to change and stop doing or start doing and then my weakness tries to convince me otherwise. It's a constant struggle but within that struggle I realize I am getting stronger.

Jaw Alignment; How Your Bite Affects Your Biomechanical/chemical State

On my personal quest to unravel the mysteries of myofascial tension patterns, I have been learning how pivotal jaw alignment is, in not only biomechanical health, but in preventing inflammation and disease. Because of the location of the jaw, beside cranial nerves and the top of the spinal column, any malignment in one's bite can have far reaching effects on the nervous system, and hence, on overall health.

Fitness world is changing

You either move forward or get left behind. This is true in the world of fitness. The way fitness is being delivered is evolving.In the “olden days” you use to pop a Jane Fonda VCR tape in and boogie, or go the nearest health club to get physical. Do you remember those leg warmers and leotard days?  Sends a shiver up my spine.

Addiction of all sorts....

Am I addicted?  Now, I have struggled with the typical examples of addiction in my past, and I have overcome them.  So I started doing a little research, and I found that there are theories regarding positive addiction.   

Personal Best

When you think about a personal best usually the first thing that comes to mind is a person beating a time or previous record that was set by that individual.  A few weeks ago I was asked to be a buddy runner in a 5k race for a school running club event.  Prior to the event my 2nd grade buddy completed a practice 5k at a time of 37 minutes which I thought was really good time for him.  Race day comes and he was just so excited that I was able to make it and I was really looking forward to running with him.  To make a long story short he ran his 5k 27 minutes which was 10
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