All in the Hips

 Runners need strong hips to support the movement of their feet, ankles, and knees. Strengthening this joint can cure a host of running injuries.

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Getting close

3 more weeks - I am almost there.  I am ready for this baby to be born.  I miss my workouts - kickboxing, cycling, weights...I miss it all.  Even walking!  Some times when I sit for a while then I try to get up my legs just hurt.  Everywhere.  I have a hard time walking after that.  Its been a long almost 36 weeks and I'm ready for the nausea to be over.

Worst Things to Say To Someone Trying to Lose Weight

Thankful have you all been doing with your health and fitness programs? Believe it or not, I still have times that require me to slow down and read my own blogs, as well as other sources. I am a person, too, who deals with life getting in the way of "plans".My motivation mostly comes from all the wonderfully diverse clients and their families who have kindly entered my life...truly, something I am and always will be grateful for...appreciative and beautiful people who lift me up with their accomplishments.

The 7 Best Healing Foods to Eat to Reduce the Effects of Stress

In today’s fast paced, hectic world, stress is common and considered a normal part of life. However long term, chronic stress can lead to a host of health problems if left unchecked. Constant mental and environmental stress can take a big toll on your health.


I usually encourage everyone to use their FREE MEAL strategy on the weekends because this is an opportunity to spend time with family and loved ones over a meal without worrying about diet, calories, macros, and eating off of plan. Food is so much more than nutritional sustenance and we've all spent the majority of our existence eating in a relaxed atmosphere with the most important people in our lives. One (or two) meal(s) off of plan will not disrupt your fat loss goals if the rest of your week has been spot on with your program.

Achieving health and fitness goals for the New Year!

Have you ever made that New Year's resolution to get fit and healthy in the upcoming new year? Sure, we all have. What normally happens is you start off with this amazing motivation and plow full steam ahead to the gym. After two weeks, that motivation has dwindled into "Well if I have time after I do this or that I will get my workout in." Trust me I know how that works since I was guilty of that excuse for years!!


Earn a Certificate in Sports Nutrition & Performance (faculty led cert)-Approved by the Academy of Nutrition & Dietetics & ACSM

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