Keeping your new years resolutions

Resolutions gotta love them. A time to start over make new goals, try new things this is your time. I love the chance for us to start new. You may think resolutions are silly but how many times a year do we truley get to feel like we get another chance to make great goals? 

Bridging the Gap between You and Your Personal Best.

Day 7 of our Personal Best 30 Day Challenge and you are still on the path.  That in itself is a victory!  The energies that inundate our daily lives; mental, psychological, physical, biological, hereditary, social, environmental, ethical, political and metaphysical, all have positive and negative forces competing for victory. 

284 Miles ran last 12 days! 5000 Miles for the Big 50!

Turning 50 & thinking of giving up on some things? I am here to tell you that you don't have too!-Rick Dant "THE" Trainer!

There Are No Guarantees In Life

The Only Thing You Are guaranteed for a Life Time is Your Body.

“If you want to lead an extraordinary life, find out what the ordinary do–and don't do it.” ― Tommy Newberry

Weight loss by practicing good nutrition

I am convinced that people are not meant to be fat and obesity is more of a modern condition caused by consuming too much unhealthy foods while being deficient in micronutrients.

Just Make it Work

Day 5 of our Personal Best 30 Day Challenge and my attempt at eventual transformation has proven more difficult than anticipated.  ARGG!  I am the leader!  I’m the one that has thrown down the gauntlet!    Am I going to let this challenge make minced meat out of me? I have stayed true to my 30 minutes of evening meditation however; my day game is way off.  Ordinarily, I wouldn’t beat myself up about this however; my goal is to augment my spiritual acuity, not redistribute it.   

21 Day Detox begins January 13th

I was very lucky enough to attend an amazing dinner with one of my favorite holistic nutritionist and nutritionist consultants. She has inspired me for the last three years to clean up my diet and make some changes that have really affected the way I look at food for fuel and nurishment. I've always been an advocate of The Zone but am slowly integrating some amazing paloelithic ways of eating. No, I am not eating weird meats and fully off of carbs, but I have eliminated legumes and some grains.

Guiding Principles of Contrology

Yesterday I mentioned in class that practicing Pilates is Not like driving an ambulance, ambulance as metaphor on how we practice on the reformer and generally go about the practice of the physical art of Pilates.  Sometimes I use the metaphor "like a tai chi movement." or, "like a gentle wave back and forth" or "work with opposition, control the movements coming and going.."  Today I stumbled on this: "Study carefully. Do not sacrifice knowledge to speed in building your solid exercise regime on the foundation of Contrology.
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