New mom squeezing it in

So 2 weeks ago I went back to work full time. My husband is home during the day with the baby and as soon as I get home he hands her off to me. Usually she is tired and needs a nap but will only fall asleep on one of us. We can put her down after a while and she will stay asleep. My goal was to cone home each day and fit in a 1/2 hour workout but my hubby and baby have other plans. So I made yhe decision to work out before I leave for work. Right now I am following a home workout series which is no more than 1/2 hour so I can do this right?

Take Care of Your Body, It's the Only One You've Got!

Take care of your body it’s the only one you’ve got. I was recently in a car accident and it completely through off my journey to be healthier and happy. As a result of my injuries I had to stop exercising and I now rest the majority of each day. Additionally, because I can’t workout I’ve had to tighten up my diet and eat cleaner than before to prevent gaining weight from being sedentary. Being inactive is soooo unnatural for me!

Hands-Only CPR: 2 Steps to Stayin' Alive

Every 2 years I’m required to renew my CPR and Personal Training certifications.  This year when I attended an American Heart Association (AHA) CPR refresher course, I learned that the AHA has revised their CPR guidelines for the layperson. Their new Hands-Only CPR version takes just 2 steps:(1) Call 911 (2) Start chest compressions immediately 

Hello Spring!!

Longer day's mean more time to enjoy the great out doors. During the month of April I am offering 2 free Health Coaching sessions with a package of 8 Personal Training Sessions.

Why Everyone Loves Dance

You can be any size, shape, race, gender, background, income, or education level: 

Why you should interval train with ICUfit TRAINING

Why are intervals better then doing steady state cardio?

Alcohol and Your Health

Does drinking alcohol help your health or is it better to just say no? For some people the benefits outweigh the risks; for others the risks are far greater than the potential benefits.

The Office Workout

Get your workout on while you are at the JOB. Click HERE now!


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