21 Day Challenge - LOSE IT

Who's ready to spend 21 days with me and shed some serious FAT! If you have fat to lose, focus for 21 days with me- and we'll make you a fat burning machine! PALEO CHALLENGE STARTS NEXT MONDAY- JUNE 10TH! Message me if you want to be focused for 21 days. I provide you with the meal plans. You can choose between a PALEO Meal Plan or a Regular Diet Meal Plan for 21 days.

Eating Healthy on a Budget

"Flirting with Fitness" Quick Tips 1. Buying fruits and veggies while they are in season is much cheaper than buying them out of season. 2. Buy healthy foods in bulk. 3. Prepare meals ahead and freeze meal portions and use for packed lunches or meals for the weeks following. 4. Use leftovers as a different meals making sure nothing goes to waste. (Example: left over chicken breast can be cut up and used on a salad, whole grain pasta or whole grain rice the next day). 5. Become a smart phone shopper.

June 6, 2013 Summer Day

Sunny and blue skies today, just got my wifes bike ready for an afternoon workout cycling around the city. Had a great time doing the hill repeats on my bike earlier this week and thought it would be great to take the opportunity to do it again. When you have an idea to exercise, seize the moment and act on the thought before time slips away. Your body and mind will thank you for it later. In life we have to remember to live and enjoy each day. Take time to experience your surroundings and all which GOD has created for us.

Some Thoughts on Supplements

Good day, friends! In the world of weight lifting, supplements are everywhere. It's impossible to simply go to the gym without being bombarded by advertisements. Many times, gyms are linked up with a local supplement/nutrition store, adding a sense of ulterior motive to the posters on the walls informing one of the correct amount of daily protein. Here's my view on some of the various forms of supplements promoted in the fitness community: 

Total Body Workout

Now that I've publicly announced my struggle with fast food I'd like to post about something I can do right-workout. So I'd thought I'd share with you my ultra fat burning, ready for bikini weather workout. I do this after days or even a week of bad eating and sluggish workouts. I find that it's a pretty easy workout that burns a lot of calories:        -Start with 50 jumping jacks        - 25 mountain climbers

Summer Schedule - M.O.M. Fitness

Hello, Ladies!  Happy Summer:)  We've got a lot of things going on over at M.O.M. Fitness!  With all the goings on with the resurfacing of the tennis courts and swim team starting up, M.O.M. Fitness has started meeting at 8208 Dunsinane Court (Jen's house).  We still park at the pool, but we walk up to the house where Jen's garage has been turned into a gym- fully equipped with mats, weights, balance boards etc.

P.H.A.T Training Observations

Good day, friends! After training for a week using the P.H.A.T routine (described in my last entry) I can safely say it is a true form of ass-kickery. For the first time in quite a while, I was thankful for the rest day. Surprisingly, the upper body power workout session I posted earlier proved to be the most difficult. I was expecting leg day to be excruciating (and it was), but it was already somewhat similar to my current leg routine. For the record, the leg power day consisted of the following:

Welcome to my blog

Today is National Running Day, lets all get outside to add to your active lifestyle and enjoy a run for your health. There is no better day than today to start being active. If your already active why not add another run in and ask someone to join you or join a group run for the day. Sharing the time and outdoors is always better when you share it with others you care about, it`s about spreading an active lifestyle within your circle of friends and communities.  Enjoy!


Please measure improvement from what you see in the mirror. Not the buff person next to you at the gym or the photo shopped model in a glossy magazine.   

National Posture Institute News: Overweight pet owners lead pets to obesity

National Posture Institute News: Overweight pet owners lead pets to obesity
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