Enjoy a Fit-Fit Weekend!

The weather cannot be more purrfect: let's go out, have a great run or a walk, or a bike ride. Enjoy your weekend! Your Favorite Fit-Fit Trainer, M.


 Just a quick tip. If you over indulged last night please drink plenty of ice cold water. It will cut down on the carb bloat and limit your weight gain.    


People always ask me ' what is more important, diet or exercise?' My answer is both. You cannot have one without the other if you want to realize all your health and fitness goals. 

Tabata Training

Have you ever heard the word "tabata" around the gym? Maybe, maybe not?  Either way, it is a word EVERYONE should get familiar with.

The Terminator: Fact or Fiction?!

I love action movies! So as one can imagine, and I of course LOVE the terminator series of movies!  But have you ever thought of what would happen if machines really DID take over our world?  I do!  And the more I think about it, the more I realize it has already come true; maybe not in the gruesome way the movie depicts, but in a more subtle yet equally destructive way.  Machines do run our world now.

Primal Movement Patterns

Traditional weight lifting practice urges you to design workouts based muscle group isolation.  Dumbbell curls for your biceps, bench press for your chest, crunches for your abdominals, etc.  Have you ever questioned the practicality of this workout style for YOU?  Well, what if I were to tell you that this methodology comes from the bodybuilding world.

Get Fit and Dance In May, New Mexico!

Check out these wonderful charitable fitness events, dance classes, and performances this April and May at  All events below are located in Albuquerque unless stated otherwise. If you have a local event we missed, email me and we will add it to our post.  Let's get fit and dance, New Mexico!  

STRESS!!!!!!!! :)

Today is "Study Day" at UCA, which marks one special day of the semester when students will call/email/text to ask "When will you be in your office today.... I need to discuss my grade/talk to you about what I can do to get an A in your class....", to which I get to reply "I won't be in my office today."  Oh, the stress of being a student and/or a teacher (and/or ANYONE in the world today, really!)....

Exercise and Traveling or Moving....They Can Co-exhist!

It's PCS season again as we say in the military, or for you civilians...moving season. Each year at this time I prepare to say good-bye to clients who have become more like friends and family, than just clients.
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