Challenge #2- Functional Fitness

Many of my clients have a morning routine of exercises. Whether it is a 10 minute walking video, a 20 minute yoga routine, or simply just a few exercises to help get them moving. Come to think of it, my dog even has a routine. Anyway, these clients claim, along with several research studies, that it is extremely beneficial to have a go to exercise. Something that you do everyday. So, for my 3D December (see website) Challenge #2, I have decided to do 10 minutes of stretching for the hamstrings, hips, and low back.

Seeing Is Believing

Today, many people have gone from writing in their notebook journals to using applications on their smartphones that allow them to digitally save their journal entries, keep track of calories and food intake. Smartphone applications are a great way to hold yourself accountable for your individualized diet and fitness plans.  According to (Smith, 2012) nearly 50% of the U.S.

Children and Strokes

Holiday Wishes - More Tips For Managing the Holidays

We are in week two of December and the holiday parties are truly kicking into high gear. Everyone's cup seems to be over flowing with commitments and holiday cheer. Last week's blog talked about the weight gained during the six weeks of holiday bliss, which really only averages between .8 and 1.4 pounds. As noted it is the accumulation of this weight over the years that really adds inches to our waist line.Do not despair hear are a few more tips to help guide you through the season:

Bent-Over Row Why it's a winner


Beat the Winter Blues and schedule a personal training session

Far Too Long For a Simple Blog

Hi everybody!  Here I go again starting this blog with a comment saying, "It's been so long since my last post".  And as I look back at my past posts I can definitely see each time I say it the time in between posts has been getting longer and longer.  So I'm here to say I'm still alive and well. 

You Are Beautiful!!!

MORNING CUP OF MOTIVATION: Let's Become more attractive.

Setting new goals

Last year I signed up for the Warrior Dash close to Phoenix.  A pulled chest muscle and getting sick a couple of days beforehand kept me out of the race.  I hadn't been running much.  I felt like I wasn't in my best shape.  I got the email recently they will be in Phoenix this year - in April.  I've been thinking of signing up again.  But, will I be in the same position as I was last year?  I have decided I am going to do it, I will be in better shape.
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