Movin on up

So many changes have occured for me in the last month.  Good changes!!   I ventured back into the in-home training market and am enjoying the intensities of the workouts,  the challenge to my creativity  and the more intimate relationship built between my clients and myself.  Within the space of an hour's time and the perimeters of our workout areas, I have been able to get the most out of my clients;  better than I could in the gym.

Self-Commit...Commit to Others

Brand new to this world and in need of motivation! Healthy living the number motivator for me and I wish that a ton more folks would respond to this! Busy juggling school and two full time jobs...a familiar tale! This blog is only the beginning, just wanted to get my fingers wet! Looking forward to this IDEA summer!

Time to Start Baking Bread Weekly Again

I normally post once a week as I like to mull things over and do not want to post just to increase the total number of words I churn out. However, this is something I really wanted to share. I just watched a segment of the Dave Rubin Report. He was talking about some additives in commercial food, and I was so surprised (and I do not surprise easily about what big food will do) I had to look for some other sources. 

New classes starting soon

If you're in the LA area,come and join in!

You choose

Trending?? Take a builder of buildings, for example. There are two ways to have the tallest building in town #1- spend the time and money on your own building or #2- demolish your competitor's building!

A Personal Trainer, a Yoga Teacher, and a Nutritionist Walked into the Room....

If you go to a doctor you know a few things about their background: they have a college degree, an advanced degree, have passed exams both oral and written to be licensed, have a number of years of training beyond their medical school, (first an internship and then residency... which differ... a surgeon may be a resident seven years, a dermatologist two or three), and that after their training they will be required to re license and take continuing education as long as they practice. 

Vaping: Is there a future?

In the 20th Century, there was a huge boom in cigarette sales, mainly due to the successful advertising campaigns. Smoking became wide spread, with advertising companies using health professionals and celebrities to endorse their campaigns. It was “cool” to smoke and was apparently recommended. 

Thought for today

Thought for today


Has Spring sprung?  My daughter is confused since it was snowing on the first day of Spring.  Her cousin, also 5 yrs old, must have been mistaken she said because "Spring is when its sunny and warm."  Well, it is sunny today, so Spring must be here.  So, I decided to read a portion of today's mail outside thinking I could get a little vitamin D.  In doing so, it occurred to me how long it has been since I soaked up some rays.  Sometimes I read or hear, "YOU CAN GET ALL THE VITAMIN D YOU NEED THROUGH THE SUN AND A REGULAR CONSUMPTION OF CERTAI

Recovery- The Forgotten part of fitness

Most if us,  have pulled up sore after exercising. The first step in the morning .........
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