Is breathing important when working out?

I have a lot of clients ask me this and I even remember thinking when I was a beginner that it really wasn't important.  I couldn't have been more wrong.  More and more research keeps coming in about the many benefits of deep breathing with the diaphram.  It has been proven to reduce blood pressure, reduce stress, work the core more, give much needed oxegen to the muscles, reduce soreness, and makes exercise more doable and enjoyable.  When lifting a heavy weight, that is the time to exhale either through the nose or mouth.  When releasing the weight that is


Did you know that chronic high blood sugar levels age your body faster, inside and out? That is why overweight kids almost always look older. SUGAR IS THE ENEMY!!!!!!! 

The Promise of a Push

 I say "push yourself!" a lot.  I use it in every Spinning class I teach.  I use it in many personal training sessions with clients.  I even use it in regular everyday conversation with friends, family, and even strangers.  I do not say this to be cliché.  I say it because I believe in it, and I know that when you push yourself, amazing things can happen.  

Keys to Fitness

by Marc D Thompson Wellness is a tricky business. We are individuals and need different disciplines to succeed. We must think, move and eat right. A general starting point is helpful, and here then are some VirtuFit proven tools for a successful future in securing your health and wellness.1. Target all muscles2. Improve all components (strength, endurance, balance, speed, etc.)3. Keep routines progressive, functional and integrated4. Keep routines varied5. Include proper recovery periods

National Posture Institute News:Could playing 'boys' games help girls in science and math

National Posture Institute News:Could playing 'boys' games help girls in science and math?

Golf Fitness

Although my golf clients have seen great results with their golf conditioning, I still sense a bit of caution among many golfers when it comes to their workouts. What are you guys afraid of? All of the top golf pros are training in the gym with golf-specific exercises. The results are usually seen within weeks during your golf game. Whether you need to improve stability, mobility, balance or your mental game, a golf fitness routine is beneficial. I highly suggest a TPI-based assessment.


 Running can help relieve allergy symptoms, according to a study from Thailand found. After running for 30 minutes( steady state cardio ) the allergy suffers had a 70% decrease in their symptoms. Something to consider if your suffering. Providing you with one less excuse! 

Good Form for Jogging or Running

Summer is upon us and it is a great time to enjoy the outdoors and get in a good run! Cardio is the best way to burn calories and keep your heart healthy! The recommended amount of cardio to maintain your health is 30 minutes most if not all days of the week. It's time to start moving! 

Large Group PT Schedule

Monday 9:30am ... CardioKick 6:00pm … CardioKick Tuesday 9:30am … CardioPower (bootcamp) 5:30pm … CardioPower (bootcamp) Wednesday 9:30am … Booty 'n Abs 6:00pm … Booty 'n Abs Thursday 9:30am … BURN 5:30pm … BURN Friday 9:30am … Core N Stretch 5:30pm … ZUMBA (rotation) Saturday 8:30am … Walk/Run Club (rotation) FREE

It's UP to the end of the DAY!!

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