Did you wake up today feeling like a heavy log once the alarm went off?

"Start by doing what's necessary, then what's possible, and suddenly you are doing the impossible." St. Francis

Fat Burning Equation

In order to build muscle and burn fat you need to keep your body in "negative balance"  which means that you burn more calories than you consume.   Here's a little logical secenario that puts fat burning in perspective for you.  1 lb of fat = 3500 Calories. 20 lbs of fat = 70,000 calories. So in order to lose 20 lbs of body fat you need to burn 70,000 calories.

Your Body the Bugatti

i]Your Body: The BugattiBy Crystal Lovell  

Harker Heights Fitness Boot Camp

I'm so excited to be bringing my Fitness Boot Camp program to Harker Heights!  We will be meeting at Carl Levin Park on Tuesday and Thursday mornings.  Check with Harker Heights Parks & Rec for registration details!  Get ready to work hard and burn some calories!!!

National Posture Institute Posture Grid Training Tip

National Posture Institute-Posture Grid Training Tip-Trainers and rehab specialists can analyze a client’s posture while they perform exercise/rehab movements such as squats, lunges, dumbbell biceps curl, and DB lateral raises. NPI's Posture Assessment Process™ recommends you take a picture of the client in the starting, middle, and ending phase of the exercise movement to detect imbalances during these 3 phases.

Spicy Apple Oriental Stir Fry

This stiry fry is a great mix of oriental veggies, freshly chopped apples, chicken, quinoa, & spicy seasonings. Ingredients:2 chicken breasts--cut into 1 inch pieces2 small handfuls of quinoa2 handfuls of spinach2 apples chopped1/2 bag of frozen oriental veggie mixdash of olive oildash of garlic red wine vinegarabout 1 cup waterseasonings-->couple of dashes of each:garlic saltcrushed red pepperminced onionchili pepper 


Ever heard of glutathione?

The End of an Era

September 27th is a beginning and an ending for me.  It was my hire date and now ironically, it is our closing date.  I spent 15 years getting to know most all of whom walked through the doors of Highland Park Hospital Health & Fitness Center.  Both the team and the members.  I've seen them come, go, grow up, and move on.  For the last few days, it has seemed like a death has occurred.  I've had to wrap my proverbial head around the fact that once again things were changing.  I could refuse to accept it or adapt.  My decision is quite clea

Fall has come... Kind of

As of Saturday, it is officially Fall. But it doesn't feel like it. The weather is still beautiful. The sun is shining and I can still go out in shorts. This weekend I enjoyed going into the yard to rake leaves and mow the grass. The sunshine even makes picking up after the dogs more enjoyable. I plan on taking advantage of this sunshine for as long as I can because here in the Northwest, the winter comes with a vengeance. Still, I don't let the rain stop me. I still walk the kids to school and try to do things outdoors.

Exercise and Balance

I believe that exercise and balance goes hand and hand. When you have balance in your life you acheive greater things and your time is your own. Without balance you feel unsteady in how you are handling your life. When you take the time to exercise, eat properly and get enough rest that is balance. You embrace your life in a more positive way that is balance. This is how I break down the word balance. B- believe you can start today and every day in yourselfA- allow the proper time for yourself with exercise.L- learn new routinesA- allocate proper form
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