No Princess Left Behind

That was the motto for my TNT Princess Half Marathon Team.  I am so very proud to report that of the 13 team members, who were all first time endurance athletes....all 13 successfully crossed the finish line, with no injuries!  I was more proud at that moment, than I was when I completed my first half marathon.  It was remarkable to see the vast array of ages and health backgrounds that came together with one goal in raise funds for blood cancer cures, one mile at a time!  Way to go girls!

Positivity & Accomplishment

 As I took off for my long run last weekend, I passed a duo of ladies finishing up their run and overheard this: Lady runner #1, “Wow!  I never thought I would be able to run 8 miles!”Lady runner #2, “I knew you could!  Great job today!” I smiled to myself, because thoughts and conversations like this are so common among runners, beginner or experienced.  


 If your are struggling to lose weight, stuck in a 'rut' or want to maintain your current weight let me help you with 3 take homes that you can apply right away.

Five Tips to Avoid Skipping Your Workout

 Five Tips to Avoid Skipping Your WorkoutAs New Year’s resolutions start becoming stale around this time of the year and opportunities arise to trade in daily workouts for work and personal extracurricular activities, you may be tempted to skip your workout and derail your health and fitness goals.

Procrastination is not in itself evil, and bless the American Dream, it can even be slightly fun in the moments when all your work is complete and the choice is yours to be lazy for an hour or two.  But the events that evolve from putting things off that can be severely detrimental: low activity leads to lower energy levels, not speaking with family for years adds to depression, missing deadlines leads to higher occupational stress...   

Nutrition, Detox, and What it Means to You

The topic of Nutrition and Detox Diets is a common theme among avid fitness enthusiasts and fitness professionals alike. Not only are there promises of a better you through drastically changing your diet for a week, but many people tend to lose sight of they really should be focusing on. Proper nutrition is the key to almost any successful fitness endeavor. Let's take a look at Nutrition, Diets, & Detox this month to see what it can do for you. 

Facebook and AlamoShape and Alamo Shape!

Recall I have 2 FB accounts, a personal one spelled two separate words, Alamo Shape, and our business Facebook page, I feel strongly about issues that ensure liberty and equality in our great country.

Anything worth having in life requires dedication, motivation and a plan

Anything worth having in life requires dedication, motivation and a plan. If you are not required to work hard at it, is it really worth having? For those who have had babies, was it easy? Probably not!

Healthy or Easy Menu

 Do you want to eat healthy; but, it is too much work that eats up precious time?Then take the easy way out, which is usually not healthy. Now what do we do?Both; you can still choose healthy while enjoying convenience. Please, do not skip the produce section of the grocery store. It is very simple to clean and chop fresh fruits and vegetables. Once that is done, you will see how much food there is to serve.
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