Fitness Myths Busted

Ok,  with so much misinformation out in our big wide world, The Balance Guy will set you straight. 

Good Morning! Who Are You Working Out For Today?

When you workout what goes through your mind? Is it a certain size that you hope to obtain or is it to be a good example for your family? Huge difference between those two, right? The outcome of what your end game might be all depends on what is going on in your head when we make these choices for your goals. Fitness isn't a destination, it's a journey...a lifestyle! It's a way to prevent becoming sick hopefully. 

BEAUTY AND FIT TIPS FOR WOMEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1. The perfect body is created by proper proportions.  For example, if the shoulders are smaller than the hips, the hips will appear larger than they are. If the to of the thigh is too much larger than the knee area, the top of the thigh will appear larger.  Reducing is not always the answer. Sometimes adding muscle is.  2.  An over acidic body chemstry (i.e. too much acid from fruit ) can result in blemishes on the face (pimples). 3.  Too much protein can be converted by the body into fat. 4.  Sugar cravings are real.

1000 miles ran so far this year!

1000 Miles ran so far in my "5000 Miles for the Big 50!". I turned 50 years old today! 4000 miles left to run!-Rick Dant "THE" Trainer!

Season Preparation

Golf season is fast approaching and even though it is cold, now is the time to start preparing for your rounds. Science now knows what you always have; that golf is an athletic pursuit, and just like any athletic endeavor, your body needs to be physically ready before your first monster swing.

Add Some Power to Your Workout

Add Some Power to Your Workout

Personal Trainers

If you wonder if investing in a personal trainer is worth the price, I would have to say yes.  Of course I am a personal trainer BUT when I go to the gym and watch some people lift weights or doing exercises all wrong, I just want to go up to them and correct them.When you are just starting out in the gym, I would recommend you hire a personal trainer even if it is one session.  If you are doing the exercise wrong, you could not only hurt yourself but you are not getting the benefits from the exercise.Think before you lift and you will thank me :)

Proper Kettlebell Swings

 When different fitness trends become popular, it is very easy to get caught up in fitness routines and programming that make no sense or, worse yet, that are harmful for your body.  One of the most popular trends in the early 2000s was the “kettlebell” trend.  Kettlebells have been around for centuries, since the early 1700s if my memory serves me correctly, but, to this day, they still are not used correctly in certain areas of exercise programming. 

Closed vs Open Chain Exercises

 Today I want to talk about closed chain versus open chain exercises.  You are probably wondering what they are and if they will help you get in better shape, but, believe it or not, you actually cannot perform an exercise without it being termed either a closed or an open chain.   Knowing the reasons why you do them is very important to best understand your exercise programming. 

"THE" Hood River News story about Inside Out Fitness

RUNNING MAN Rick Dant planned to put in 25 road miles on Friday, bringing his 2014 total
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