5 Tablespoons of Coconut Oil a Day Can Reverse Alzheimer’s

I’m sure most of you have read about the benefits of coconut water, but did you know coconut oil has a much more extensive list of health benefits, including stopping and reversing Alzheimer’s disease.  Dr. Carolyn Dean has a great summary of research conducted by Dr. Bruce Fife ( 

5 Week Eat Clean Program

 I’m passionate about the nutrition program I teach. It’s not shaped around crash-dieting or weight loss supplements. It’s focused on eating whole foods (real foods, not processed!) that bring your hormones into balance and specifically encourage fat loss. In 5 weeks your dietary habits will undergo a transformation and so will your body. 

New Challenge

One thing that I always try to do is keep myself challenged. I have a tendency to get bored when its always the same ol fitness thing. Then when I'm bored, I get into a rut and head back down that old path that I really don't want to take any more. A challenge can be anything. Training for a 5K, or something simple like taking the dog for a walk every day this week. I know I have been quiet for most of this month. But it's because I've been working on a challenge. I have applied for a job at the local YMCA. This week I received an offer to be a substitute water aerobics instructor.

Mirrors in Yoga

I have had several conversations lately about using mirrors while doing yoga.  I come back (as I do so often) to Aristotle and the golden mean.  Mirrors can absolutely help with finding alignment.  "Ah, my hip is dropping and my ribs too far forward".  But if we always use a mirror it can be harder to strengthen our connection to the internal kinesthetic cues.  The eyes are for most of us a primary vehicle of information (just look at our language "I see" is equivalent to "I understand").

Pilates Strong at Suncoast Pilates


Being stronger is better. Makes everything easier. Better balance. Better looking body. Stay injury free longer. Giving you more energy. Do it!

Secret to Success?

Rarely if ever is success handed to you. YOU have to go after it, work hard for it and stay focused on it. Attention to the details. Each days training and effort is that small step toward the bigger accomplishment. Stay dedicated today, you deserve all the rewards coming your way.

First Believe, then ACHIEVE!!

MORNING CUP OF MOTIVATION: "We don't achieve anything that is profitable and positive, without giving ourselves the time, the commitment, the focus and the discipline to do that." -John C. Maxwell

Aging Gracefully? Are You Kidding?

 I always wondered what that term about ‘aging gracefully’ means. Similarly: what does it mean to ‘act your age’? What is allowed and what is forbidden? I guess it really depends where you stand when you look at those questions. I am 58 now, and I have been spared those health challenges that come out of nowhere and that disregard the fact that you have done nothing to bring it on. 

Stretches for Positive Aging

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