Spinach Smoothie

Ingredients:2 cups spinach1/2 cup water1/2 cup strawberries1/2 banana1/4 cup orange juice Mix together in blender and serve!

Are We Getting Healthier As A Nation?

 I recently read a brief article composed by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention regarding the health status of our nation. Question: Are we getting healthier as a nation?Answer: NO!

Give Mom the Gift of Good Health

Check out my article, originally posted on Career Girl

Yoga and Bench Press

Check out this recent post on CrossFit Chicago's daily blog:

National Posture Institute News: Functional foods from the sea

National Posture Institute News: Functional foods from the seaSeaweeds are not only tasty, but they are a source of nutrients that could be beneficial for health and wellbeing. And like terrestrial plants, seaweeds also contain significant portions of fibre that reach the colon undigested. But does seaweed fibre have similar positive effects on bacterial in the human gut? That’s the question that the HYFFI project, funded by the EU, is trying to solve.

Lethal Weapon 5 – The Pocketbook

Okay, my fellow pocketbook carriers, we have to talk! What on earth are you putting into your pocketbooks that turns them into devices that will double up for weight training and as a self-defense weapon when hurled at the aggressor? 

Relaxed is that an exercise??

So i know its been a few days but i have decided to be a bit more relaxed this weekend we have so much going onnust like everyone else, food, family,party, etc eveyrone needs a time out now and then . I was sore after fridays workout well my arms were cause like i said i wanted to increase the arm workout because my leg is still bit messed up. I did that fo sho!!!! i walked on hollywood boardwalk saturday trying to make it feel like home . I love it . Its a mini south beach I hope evryone is having a safe weekend . Make smart choices!

National Posture Institute News-remember the men and women served our country this Memorial Day weekend

Remember the men and women who died while serving in the United States Armed Forces during this Memorial Day weekend. 

Fitness Tip!!!

Eat breakfast within 15 minutes of waking up followed by a meal every 3-4hours.  You must fuel your body (not starve it) to get your metabolism revving and

Fitness tip!!

Have a Fruit or Vegetable ever 3-4 hours with every meal. Never Eat Proteinby itself. Eliminate all processed carbohydrates and you have to earn yourunprocessed starchy carbs.  
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