Loaded Movement Training-Part 1

Resistance training, or weight lifting, results in increases in muscle strength, size, and mass, as well as increasing bone density and improving the ability to perform activities of daily living such as climbing stairs or carrying groceries or children. There is also a positive carry-over effect to sport performance, balance, mental health, and the ability to effectively manage, prevent, or in some cases reverse, chronic diseases such as osteoporosis, Type II Diabetes, and obesity.

Getting serious

I worry that I rarely blog. What does that portray? Am I not good at my profession? There are so many great fitness professionals out there finding the time to blog. Where do I fit in? That last question is a constant thread that runs through my head. My whole life I have wondered "Where do I fit in?".  There is not a simple answer. I have come to realize I am in a constant state of change. Always striving to learn more and evolve. It occurs to me that if you are reading this, you too are always striving for improvement.

Best Pregnancy Pillow For Lower Back Pain

Pregnancy is one of the most beautiful things happen to a woman but it can be most uncomfortable one too. As the weight of the body increase the center of the gravity shifts forward and the posture of the body changes. The weight and pressure of the baby compress the nerves in the spine. This causes the lower back pain. To deal with such problems a sound and peaceful sleep is required.

Zeerk - The Micro Jobs Website

Fiverr has been the most popular freelancing and online marketing site over a number of years. However, an alternative to Fiverr has been developed. Zeerk was created in 2014 and gained quite an attractive ranking by the Alexa.

How To Treat A Yeast Infection

How to treat a yeast infectionVaginal yeast infections commonly referred to as candidiasis has become a common female condition. This condition is associated with swelling, irritation, as well as intense itching. The condition is however treatable. It is treated according to its severity and complications. This article will give you simple tips on how to treat a yeast infection.

Vegas Bottle Service


Radio Frequency Skin Tightening Machine For Home Use

Radio frequency skin tightening machine for home use

Standing In The Gap By Offering A Prayer For A Friend

Standing in the gap by offering a Prayer for a friend 

Remote IT Services

Remote IT services

How To Market To Doctors

How to market to Doctors
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