Balance Training

An important component of sports performance is balance and stability training.  Unfortunately, balance deteriorates with age and often goes unnoticed until it becomes a major problem.  Poor balance can result in falls and stumbles that can cause serious orthopedic injuries and even death.  This year, the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) has added neuromotor exercise recommendations for 2-3 times per week on top of their regular cardiovascular, strength, and flexibly protocols.  Neuromotor exercises are exercises that improve balance, agility, coordination, and

The Great Rorion Gracie performing knee raises on the CrossCore180®.

The Great Rorion Gracie performing knee raises on the CrossCore180®. CrossCore® is the perfect total body training tool for Rorion as it gives him everything he needs in one single tool. Get serious about your training and get your own CrossCore180® Rotational Bodyweight Trainer™ at

EXCEPT... Powerful LIttle Word

 Lately I have noticed a few extra pounds, a little less tone appearance, and a little less energy.  Like most people, I started looking around at who or what might be the problem.  After all, I eat clean, exercise most every day, and help others to do the same.  SO, I asked myself, "What could the problem be?"  

New Day

Why not start today as your first day of replacing one unhealthy choice with one healthy choice.  Take baby steps!  Decide today that you are worth it.  Each week try to add a healthy item to your diet and cut out the bad things.  Before you know it, you will be eating completely healthy and feel 100% better.  You might even add exercise, but I won't push it!!!

A Healthy Plan for Special Events

My husband and I attended the USMC Birthday Ball this past weekend.  The USMC Ball is always a special event.  Women spend weeks preparing, getting a special dress, shoes, jewelry, their hair done, make-up and the men spend extra care on preparing their uniforms.  Most of my clients who are Marine Corps spouses name the USMC Ball as an event they're training to lose weight for and look fit in their ball gown.   

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National Posture Institute just launched its membership subscription to all the fitness/health professionals, as well as the general public.  The membership will allow you to get access to all the member-only workshop discounts, product discounts, as well as NPI’s highly-demanded archived webinar library.  To learn more about joining NPI’s membership, visit:  

A Hurricane, A Marathon, and Compassion

I haven't written a blog post in a while, partly because I've been busy, but also partly because I haven't felt drawn to any specific health/fitness topic in a while.  In the wake of Hurricane Sandy, the cancellation of the NY Marathon, and the overwhelming response of the runners & other compassionate citizens, I felt compelled to share a few thoughts.

3 Fat Busting Foods

Breakfast: Tex-Mex Egg & Cheese Muffin People who eat eggs for breakfast tend to eat less throughout the day, have more energy, and lose more weight. 


What do blueberry muffins, skittles, coca cola, barbeque sauce, waffles, canned baked beans, and pumpkin spice lattes all have in common? SUGAR! Sugar is everywhere and can be located on the ingredient list of almost all processed and packaged foods.  Food manufacturers add sugar to packaged products to improve taste, customer satisfaction, and the craving for more.  To put it in to perspective, according to the American Heart Association, one can of soda is over the recommended amount of sugar for most women.

Gotta Have A Plan.

I was remined earlier today about the importance of planning, why because I recently failed to plan a series of events that had my schedule and life in a tailspin.  The most important thing I am learning at this stage of my life and career is not trying to be all things to everyone.Sometimes it is good to just say no or I will get back with you on that.  Boy is it tough to do but having my daily, weekly and monthly priorities and planning in place means I have a plan.
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