Shoulders Back and Think Tall

Fix Your Form!  There is a reason why trainers will say shoulders back, think tall, pull those abs in, and take it slow. I am always telling my class to have their belly button become best friends with their spine. It’s not to make them feel taller, it is to help protect them from injury.

Gut Bacteria

Gut Bacteria is a popular topic right now among parents and behavior specialists. Why? It might affect your child's behavior. Here's more.

Want To Step Up Your Neck Muscles? You Need To Read This First

Even if you think that texting your phone or sitting in front of the computer might be good for you, the reality is that such activities can lead to permanent damage on your system, and this is why you have to address such issues as fast as possible. This is especially true because even while texting you can get the text neck pain, something that can lead towards serious damage in the long run.

Things To Consider Before Choosing The Right Credit Card Payment Processing Company

If you are looking to find a company which can provide you the best credit card processing services then you should know that there are so many things that you will have to consider. We are here to tell you about the things that you should always keep in your mind when you are choosing the right credit card processer. First thing that you will have to keep in your mind is that if you are running a small business and you have no idea about the services that these companies will provide you then you need to gather more and more information for yourself and company’s sake.

Weather the Winter

Hey all! Deanna Gwilt here (aka Dee) from San Diego, CA. Living here in San Diego and practicing as a personal trainer is amazing to say the least. Even the bad weather is good compared to what the Midwest and East get (thinking of blizzards, being snowed in, tornadoes, etc.). Honestly I have little to no complaints (sorry, 60 degrees is still really cold for me but I have Reynauds) and training clients and even myself is really easy to do. 

What inspires YOU?

So I am thinking alot about inspiration - we use this word alot but what does it mean to BE INSPIRED? Who inspires us? People who are super strong and fit and seem to do it all effortlessly ... or are we more inspired by those who really struggle? The people who have to work really hard to get a routine, work really hard to exercise when they truly hate to ... 

Correcting The Posture

POOR POSTUREA loss of range of motion or strength, numbness or a tingling feeling in the limbs are all symptoms that are related to poor posture. Body areas tat are most commonly affected are the upper back, neck, lower back, wrist, shoulders, hips, and knees. In short, pain and dysfuction prohibits proper walking gait, comfortable sleeping situations and effective participation in activities and recreational sports. The underlying causes:  1. the lack of exercise or poor technique  2. incorrect body mechanics

Post-Partum Fitness: Starting Off Slowly

There’s no rush to drop the baby weight after giving birth, but it is good to stay healthy. You’ll need the energy for those sleepless nights! You probably also have your hands full caring for your new baby, doing mountains of laundry and folding tiny baby bibs.

The Natural Workout Boosting Benefits of Black Coffee

A Simpler Approach to Workout Supplementation Whether you are a longtime health and fitness enthusiast or merely just beginning

Like to exercise but you haven't got the time?

TO BUSY FOR THE GYM?????If that's the case I can bring the exercise to you.
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