Three suitable training routines to get fit at home

For those who seek an alternative to the gym or the park where you find a variety of furniture to work your body, today we bring three suitable training routines to get fit at home with simple equipment.

Sexy abs? Tips for both women and men

Is it good or bad to eat eggs?

There are voices in favor and others against about the intake of eggs, either by day or week. Some suggest that this food has many positive properties for body and others, however, they say it is not beneficial to our health. Is it good or bad to eat eggs? Know the answer in this article.

Best calisthenics to work the abdomen outside the gym

If you have recently changed the gym or haven’t got any adjustable dumbbells and bench on the street and you'

Keys to mark your abs

You've probably tried thousand and once to mark your abdomen and look so desired chocolate bar, but if you still do not get results here reveal the keys to making your abs.

Two exercises for each muscle group to work at home without any equipment

If you are still looking to polish your body for the summer and you're away from the gym or try to stay away from this and spend training at home, now we two exercises for each muscle group that

Works your pecs at home with chairs and towels as a single equipment

If you want to achieve a decent chest of admiration and mark chest with an intense but you are away from the gym, or you have decided to sign the home workout, today we show you some exercises to work pushups at home with chairs, towels, and s

Train your arms at home

If you want to achieve steel arms but no longer attend the gym, or you do not have machines or sporting goods, we give you the last alternative to training your arms at home using only your body.

Its Monday. Happy Halloween 2016.

Halloween on a Monday? To me dont feel much like a ween. I have been meal preping some Sweet pots, Brussles, Quinoa, Beans, White rice and packaged my cream of wheat in a mason jar with cool pink writing and hearts: cream of wheat.I will be using the beans for a chili. I just picked up a chili season packet at the store. So no fancy dish. Little steps not eating out and getting carbs and protein in. Also its quick and fast and hopefully it will be tasty!   

E20-007 exam prep with real questions and answers

Passing the EMC E20-007—great advantages for the IT professionalsUnderstanding the nature of E20-007 Data Science Associate ExamThe EMC Data Science Associate Exam is a well-known EMC certification exam, which is associated with  numerous promising job roles.
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