Mediterranean Pasta Dish

This is quick and easy pasta dish! The whole family will love it and it beats high calorie take-out! Ingredients:1 box Whole Wheat Pasta1 can Garbanzo Beans (chick peas)1 can diced tomatoes1 bag frozen Mixed Vegetables1 can tomato sauceseasonings of your choice (garlic, oregano, red pepper, onion powder..etc.) Directions:1. Cook pasta according to directions on package.2. In a saucepan, throw in veggies, tomatoes, seasonings and beans.

Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Protein Bars

Another new recipe for Protein Bars! These have MORE protein and less carbs if that's the kind of protein bar you're looking for...minimal ingredients..and still tasty as usual! Ingredients:3 scoops of protein powder (I used Chocolate)1 tsp. Cinnamon1 tsp. Pumpkin Pie Spice1/2 tsp. baking powder1 cup canned Pumpkin2 eggs1/2 cup olive oilDark Chocolate Chips Directions:1. Preheat oven to 350*2. Mix all ingredients together.

Good Habits Are Hard To Break

MOTIVATION: If we keep talking, saying, thinking and doing the same things, eventually those things become a HABIT. 

New Year

With all the saddness that has happened this week, it gives me an opportunity to realize how great life is.  You must live like this is your last day on earth.  Every day/hour/minute is so special. Last night I went to our small town's parade with my grandson.  I held him more then ever.  I am even more focused on making my life better and longer.  I have committed to healthly choices and making the best of what I have to work with!I hope everyone has a wonderful Christmas and a healthy New Year! 

Team Work

Teammates have a common cause that brings them together. Doing something with someone else and winning is much more rewarding than doing it alone.

Journey to becoming a Personal Trainer

Finally starting my own blog! Here goes - my own journey to becoming a Personal Trainer and how this career had brought me all the way down here in the beautiful city of Munich, Germany.

2013 Is Your Year!

Hello!January 1 is just around the corner. 2013 can be YOUR year. Dream something BIG and dare something NEW for 2013!Is this going to be the year that you get in shape and lose the extra weight or are you going to put it off AGAIN? Quit making excuses and do something about it! Now!What should you do? Check out this list.1. Go to the gym almost every day. Rest when you need to. You know that, so do it. Keep tracking your food intake. Make these healthy habits into a lifestyle. It's just who you are.

Blueberry Apple Banana Bread

 This bread is moist, sweet, and nutritious! It's great with breakfast, as a pre/post workout snack, or for dessert.  

Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Oatmeal Cookies

These are delicious,nutritious, packed with protein, and hard to stop at just ONE!   

Happy Holidays!!!

http://www.phoenixrising2013.comI challenge you to a 10 day Push-Up Challenge resulting in a grand total of 1,000 PUSH-UPS!take 5 - 10 minutes a day for the next 10 days and keep track of how many Push-ups you can complete.  My suggestion is 100 a day, and it would be easier if you did 5 sets of 20 per day. This is a very possible goal for all levels of fitness.  Lets challenge ourselves and see just how close we can get to 1,000!  Good Luck!
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