The Core of Balance


Pick up the weights ladies

I love lifting weights it is such an empowering thing for a women to come up to a barbell and know she can lift over 100lbs off the floor. Wonder women here i come! Honestly when i started my weightloss journey i didn't lift weights at all. I started with cardio like treadmills, bikes and any machine i could find. Great for endurance but doesn't do much for strength. I know a lot of women don't think we need a lot of strength or think that will make you look bulky or grow muscles in places you didn't even know you had them. Trust me ladies strong is the new skinny.

They're Listening....And So Are You!

 They're listening.  The little ones who whine that they want a snack, need help going potty, want you to pick them up...put them down....The little ones whos tears can break your heart and smiles lift you to the moon.  They're every word you say. 

Notes on obesity

My attention this week was caught by the article from “Essence” magazine, written by Jeannine Amber. The name of the article intrigued me – “The new science of weight loss”. Good, it is very relevant to me, because I am working on it every day!

Sesame Garlic Pork & Veggies

Ingredients:1lb lean thin sliced pork chops, cut into strips1 cup portobella mushrooms1 bag frozen asian veggies1 cup Sesame Garlic Sauce, Wegmans Brand Directions:1. On stovetop, spray a stir fry pan with olive oil and set to medium/high heat.2. Add in 1 cup mushrooms and stir fry for about 10 minutes.3. Add in pork, veggies, and sauce. 4. Let simmer on medium heat for about 20-30 minutes. 5. Serve by itself or with some brown rice or Quinoa!

Don't except others characterizations for you, think for yourself!-Rick Dant "THE" Trainer!

Been working on your 'bells? From Russia with love & a great physique!

"Fat Fighters" is the only weight loss contest, in the Columbia River Gorge, aimed solely at losing just fat. Why it is importan

"Fat Fighters" is the only weight loss contest, in the Columbia River Gorge, aimed solely at losing just fat. Why it is important? Do you really want to lose muscle or bone just to win? -Rick Dant "THE" Trainer!
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