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well I have been struggling with a sore hip for about a month now. I decided to stop running and let it heal and I have also been seeing a new chiropractor. I have really eliminated food/beverages that cause inflammation and tried to up the antioxidents to FIGHT inflammation - all of it has helped. I ran yesterday with no pain. I had some soreness in my hip later in the day but that is still PROGRESS. 

Reviews About Different Kinds Of Knives Available For Helping People

Keeping best collection of knives:

3 Things to Look for in a Green Fitness Facility

Nowadays, the “green” discussion is louder than ever, especially after recent reports revealed that greenhouse gas emissions have hit record highs this year. This is concerning for more than just the health of the environment. This issue could also have a profound impact on your personal health and wellness. Over time, carbon emissions can have a negative effect on lung capacity and even cause carbon poisoning in the human body. 

What Are Sinus Infections And How Do You Know You Got One

The sinus infection means that the tissues that are covering the sinuses, located in the nose, under the eyes and above our brows, get inflamed due to various reasons. Sinuses help our breath, and they are usually filled with air. But, due to certain circumstances, the sinuses can become clogged with fluids and bacteria, or viruses, and cause us difficulties in breathing and discomfort. Are sinus infections contagious? No, they are not, as it is a condition caused by frequent colds or a particular anatomy of the sinus ducts.

Powders and Potions and Pills...Oh My!

WARNING!! If you take protein powders or other “nutritional” supplements then I may offend you with this blog…STOP reading now if you don’t want to be offended. Or, if you want the truth, keep reading.  

Shoulders Back and Think Tall

Fix Your Form!  There is a reason why trainers will say shoulders back, think tall, pull those abs in, and take it slow. I am always telling my class to have their belly button become best friends with their spine. It’s not to make them feel taller, it is to help protect them from injury.

Gut Bacteria

Gut Bacteria is a popular topic right now among parents and behavior specialists. Why? It might affect your child's behavior. Here's more.

Want To Step Up Your Neck Muscles? You Need To Read This First

Even if you think that texting your phone or sitting in front of the computer might be good for you, the reality is that such activities can lead to permanent damage on your system, and this is why you have to address such issues as fast as possible. This is especially true because even while texting you can get the text neck pain, something that can lead towards serious damage in the long run.

Things To Consider Before Choosing The Right Credit Card Payment Processing Company

If you are looking to find a company which can provide you the best credit card processing services then you should know that there are so many things that you will have to consider. We are here to tell you about the things that you should always keep in your mind when you are choosing the right credit card processer. First thing that you will have to keep in your mind is that if you are running a small business and you have no idea about the services that these companies will provide you then you need to gather more and more information for yourself and company’s sake.

Weather the Winter

Hey all! Deanna Gwilt here (aka Dee) from San Diego, CA. Living here in San Diego and practicing as a personal trainer is amazing to say the least. Even the bad weather is good compared to what the Midwest and East get (thinking of blizzards, being snowed in, tornadoes, etc.). Honestly I have little to no complaints (sorry, 60 degrees is still really cold for me but I have Reynauds) and training clients and even myself is really easy to do. 
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