Functional Training

Most of my clients need to improve their balance, core strength, and alignment. All of these issues can be addressed with functional exercises. Although the machines are useful for strength gains, I suggest using a variety of tools instead if you are trying to make functional gains. Medicine balls, TRX straps, stability balls, the bosu, rocking boards, foam rollers...the list goes on and on. There are many ways to change up the routine and have some fun during your workouts if you are trying to gain functional strength.

spinning my wheels

 had a good breakfast, proteit oatmeal pancakes, with one egg mixed and 1/2 cup milk, topped it with peanut butter, 2 strawberries and 5 blackberries. so yummy!!!!!!!  then i made it through spin class but holy moly the sweat keeps dripping, Do you know the more muscle you have the more fat you burn after. hmmmm you say , Its true. we keep burning calories even when we finish our workout. Thats a goal you can try. Push your self a bit more...

So Many Exercise Tips!

Everywhere you turn today, you will find the latest exercises being demonstrated as a way to lose weight, tone up, and get "flat" abs. TV shows may devote 30 seconds to three exercises that you have to do. The newspaper has articles once a week showcasing a fitness professional and his/her exercise recommendations.

Thresholds and plateau

Have or are you wondering why you've hit a plateau? Or do you feel like your workouts just aren't taking you anywhere? If you have regular medical checkups and know that your health is in good condition then it's time for some feedback on your current routine! Get with a trainer for professional feedback. Be honest with yourself and your trainer! Do you read while your on a cardio machine? Put that book or magazine down and get involved mentally on your workout. Pay attention to your body and how it feels. Take your focus to your intensity level.

feeling it already

I came home after a hard workout at Fitness time, wow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!, I can't believe how sore I am though, the intake of protein will have to increase. I had talapia,salad wth tomatoes and onions. I was starving but had the pleasure of having my dinner made for me. Yes I am lucky. so back to my workout, yikes this is going to be hard, but I am determiined I might have to up it 45 days. But anyone have feedback they want to give me , feel free to join on in.

Brain Games!!

I recently completed a Webinar Educational Series on the effects of Exercise & Cognitive Thinking. Considering the increase in life expectancy latest research on the effects of physical exercise offsetting or delaying the onset of Dementia is SO exciting!!

There is NOT a One-Size Fits All Approach

Open up any fitness magazine these days and trust me you will discover more than 1000 different ways to lose x amount of wieght in so many days or weeks. Eat more protein, eat less protein. Add fat, cut fat. Don't eat carbs, eat carbs. Caffiene is good, wait a minute caffiene is bad. Run high intensity intervals, no do walking to promote fat burning. Drink water as if there was no tomorrow, oh wait but not bottled water. Well, as you can see, it's a wonder we have the issues we have when it comes to health, fitness and wellness.


 1.With only cardio you will go from a big pear to a smaller pear but you will still be a pear. Weights will help change your body shape not to mention all the health benefits. 2.Weight bearing exercises are great to help against and prevent osteoporosis. It also helps your nervous system stay alert and active.

got though it

 Hell ya, or shall I say heck ya, for all the appropriate peeps out there. so 1 hour and 10 minutes later I finished my 35 min walk/run session, plus weights. I am trying to go back to my older routine of heavier lifting, Whaaaaaatttt? some will say, why? the answer my dear is that  I seem to do better with this training for my body type. I teach 4 classes a week but its not enough especially since Im getting a wee bit older.  . I am writing this blog to keep my self accountable.


Change is inevitable. Everything changes. Each day is a new day with new opportunities. But to take part in those new opportunities means change. Change can be frightening. Change can be hard. When I went back to school to study fitness, that was a big and frightening change but so well worth it. I hadn't been at college since 1993. But I made new friends and experienced new opportunities. I have had so much fun and have done so many new things. Now I'm stepping out of my comfort zone again. I'm building my own personal training business. I've accepted a position at the YMCA.
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