Stroops Fit Stik Pro for core strength and explosive power.

Stroops Fit Stik Pro - There is beauty in simplicity, and there is power in beauty. Introducing the powerful, simple Stroops Fit Stik Pro: your ultimate tool for building core strength, explosive power, flexibility, and endurance. Made in America of steel, this lightweight, portable, scientifically engineered Fit Stik Pro consists of a 43-inch long handle with professional grade grips with swivel eyelets that attach to Stroops’ patented Slastix™. (one or both sides at a time), which are then anchored to a stationary object or your own feet.

Fitness Flare - NEW GYM!!

I am now offering a variety of classes at Fitness Flare. Check out their classes and rates on the website below. Let me know if you would like to attend any of the classes. Please email me at Please note, the schedule is not permanent. I will be adding more classes and times in the future. Please let me know what days and times work best for you! Miley

Swimming through the rain, June 25.

7 a.m. - salmon, bread, coffee,fruit.9 a.m. - 9 30 - waiting in the Riverbank State Park for opening. Everybody looking in the window - thunderstorm passing by.9 40 a.m. - I am in the water!9 40 - 10 20 a.m. - swimming in the fast line...slowly.10 45 a.m. - waiting in another line - in McDonald's.Ordering McMuffin, coffee, fruit salad.Eating and reading food's label:Calories - 300Protein - 18 gFat - 12g

Are You A Prisoner of Your Home?

This blog post is directed mainly at women, because it seems that a fair amount of female self- worth is tied up in the ability to have a nice home.  I personally hate clutter and do enjoy being in a clean environment.  But I’ve known a number of women who have focused on decorating and cleaning to the exclusion of their health.

Ken Baldwin and (NPI) enjoyed Hosting a CEC Posture Workshop in Hawaii this past weekend

Ken Baldwin and The National Posture Institute (NPI) enjoyed Hosting a CEC Posture Workshop at the Honolulu Club in Waikiki Beach area in Hawaii this past weekend.  Thank you all for attending and I look forward to staying in touch with you. 

American Made Fitness Equipment – American Made Gym Equipment – CrossCore®

CrossCore® War Machine® Rotational Bodyweight Trainers™ were invented for the US Military and are proudlyMade In The USA. The War Machine® will give you fitness training consistency in any part of the world, indoors or out. See the CrossCore® War Machine® in action 

Sign up today to become a CrossCore® Rotational Bodyweight Training™ Dealer

Your customers will thank you for educating them on how to more than double the functionality of their racks, Smiths, cable crossovers, etc. for as little as $250. Include a CrossCore® with each and every sale. Sign up today to become a CrossCore® Rotational Bodyweight Training™ Dealer 

June 24 - "Easy Sunday Morning Run"

3 p.m. - woke up because somebody's car alarm sounding.Running immediately to the kitchen to drink glass of milk / to prevent muscle breakdown/Sleeping to the 8.30 a.m.9 a.m. - breakfast.Cereal, glass of milk, banana, eggs, coffee.10.30 - 11 45 - run.Van Cortland Park was full of people, children, sportsmens. First 10 min. - easy run, looking around.Then starting concentrating only to the road where I was running. Drinking water from water fountain.Today not so hot, so I had skipped carbo - electrolyte drink and running only on water.

What is TRX?

I wanted to post this because I often find myself trying to describe what the TRX suspension system is, but there is really no way to describe it until you see, or even better, try it. So, here is the best description I can give and a link to watch some people using the system and what clients are saying about it. Enjoy! What is TRX?

Back to running

Still trying to get back into running on a regular basis.  I would much rather run outside than inside but with daily temperatures over 100 degrees I don't find myself doing that at all.  And running the treadmill...I just dread it.  I worked out at home yesterday rather than hitting the gym because I didn't want to run on the treadmill.  I want to love running again and starting small I thought would help.  But the thought of getting into the over hot car to get to the gym only to sweat it out didn't appeal to me yesterday.
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