. Did you know it takes quater of a million crunches to strip away a pound of fat from your mid section. Wow! Hardly seems worth the effort right? You here so many do and donts when it come to core training. Here are 3 basic guidelines that governs the core work I and my clients do.

CrossCore, Inc. Taps Marty Gallagher, Highly Acclaimed Powerlifter, Coach, And Fitness Author As Senior Advisor.

CrossCore, Inc. Taps Marty Gallagher, Highly Acclaimed Powerlifter, Coach, And Fitness Author As Senior Advisor. Read on.... 



Easy Butternut Squash

This is a quick, easy side to eat with a lean protein. Ingredients:1 cup chopped butternut squash (Frozen Bag Chopped Butternut Squash)1 handful of baby spinach (rip into small pieces)1/4 cup raisins or craisinsabout 1 tablespoon minced onions or fresh chopped onionDash of sea salt Mix all ingredients in a microwave safe dish.Microwave for about 3 minutes, stirring every minute.  

3 Weeks to Flat Abs Diet and Exercise Program

Hey guys!Today I am starting my 3 weeks to flat abs series. I'll be posting pics ALL DAY on my instagram feed (michellecfitness) so hop over and follow for all the goods :)This is the beginning:

Crazy Weekend?????

Did you weekend go something like this???  Wake up late Friday morning so instead of taking a morning class you decide to skip it and workout right after work, no happy hour tonight!  But somehow your co-workers "twist" your arm and all of a sudden it's 7 PM you are 4 drinks deep and craving a slice of did this happen?  But you promise yourself you will hit it hard in the morning so 1 clice won't kill ya.  Saturday morning rolls around and allthough you are feeling sluggish you manage to drag yourself to the gym for a half hearted walk on

Spring is Around the Corner!

How are your fitness goals coming along? Are you staying motivated? Keeping inspired? Tomorrow is March 1st! Spring is right around the corner! Are you where you wanted to be 2 months from possibly having set that fitness resolution? I would love to help get you where you want to be before capri weather comes about! Or help get your motivation back and get you back on track!

Eating to Loose Weight.

Since I'm new to blogging but have had many clients asking me to blog, I decided to open with a topic that has been bandied around my desk by myself and several of my team members. Eating too little can lead to weight gain.Several of our clients were not listening to our advice about eating enough calories and were gaining instead of losing. We challenged them to eat more often. Smaller meals several times a day and reach their caloric goals. Guess what? They all lost weight. 


 YOU ARE NOT TAKING ANY 'TIME OFF'- Very good strength programs have a 'overeaching period' to push your body to where it has never been before, followed by lowered training stress to allow your body to recover and get stronger. You cannot hit your PR every training session. I used to be guilty of this. Till i figured out this why i was worn out and injured all the time. Dont make the same mistake.   


 Bored with your training? Stalled progress? Take these 3 tips and bust through your plateau. 1. Instead of reps, do exercise for time. Do had many reps for 30 seconds instead of pumping out your usual 12. 2. Change your exercise order. Do bicep curls before your chin up. Or reverse the order of your training. 3. Use a different tool. Do dumbbell presses instead of barbell. Use a medicine ball for your core training. Use the bike instead of the treadmill. Anything to keep your body guessing.
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