"Fat Fighters VI" coming soon!

Nearing my 5000 miles of running for 2014!

Ideas for Avoiding Overuse Injuries

     I have had a hard time deciding what to write about this month. Last month, I was jacked up and excited about tackling a milestone birthday. Since then, things have changed a bit and I was faced with the decision of sharing my road blocks "publicly" or keeping them to myelf and letting them go unnoticed. I reminded myself that the intent of this blog was to be real: to share my experiences - good and bad - in hopes that others could relate and be inspired.

You have been diagnosed with type 2 diabetes? Now what!

The good news is that to maximize health benefits, regular aerobic exercise and resistance exercise, combined with individualized nutrition therapy are the key weapons to combat type 2 diabetes. Diabetes related complications such as heart disease, peripheral vascular disease, stroke, high blood pressure, hyperlipidemia(high cholesterol), (eye disease), kidney disease, early dementia, Charcot foot and amputations reduces the ability to live independently as you age due to loss of functional ability and early death can be managed.

Pssst! Hey, It's Your Warm-up...I Miss You!

Warm-ups and cool downs…the forgotten siblings of your workout. I’ve seen it before, a person flexes their neck side to side, maybe a toe touch or two and a couple hops up and down for a total of 20 seconds and they think they are ready for their workout. If you want to do it right and remain injury free you really should devote more time to the warm-up and cool down phase of your training. 


BACK TO BASICS FREE DEMO BEING HELD SAT. SEPT 6 @ 9AM! DOWN TOWN LOCATION (corner 6th Ave/Grand) This is a program for all levels that focuses on movements that mimic activities of daily living, nutrition, stretching, strengthening and cardiovascular conditioning. The focus is to bring your workouts back to the basics and would be an excellent class for someone "just getting back into exercise". It would also be a great class for an athlete who wants to work through compensatory patterns.


Hello All! I wanted to remind everyone of a class that we offer here at the ITC! The BASIC Training Program! This is a program for all levels that focuses on movements that mimic activities of daily living, nutrition, stretching, strengthening and cardiovascular conditioning. Each training session focuses on a different component of fitness and is led by a Certified Personal Trainer in a group 4-8 people. I’m looking to fill a class Monday/Thursday at 4pm and 5 pm, 45 minutes each. It will be led by myself, Brenda Schwartztrauber (ACE Certified Personal Trainer and Health Coach).


“Wow! I’m actually all healed up from the cycling accident, giving myself a fairly large V shape incision on my knee, and from a scary, cancer scare surgery!!” These were the words I excitedly called and told Terri the other day! Only for her to say, “That is the first line of the blog you’re going to write and turn in to me by Friday!” (Gotta love her!) Having rheumatoid arthritis, I know all too well, what it’s like to take your body and or health for granted.

The Best Treadmill Guide

Treadmills provide a fantastic form of cardio-based exercise for individuals looking to work out in a time and space that suits their schedule. Using a treadmill can be more forgiving on the joints than running across asphalt or pavement, and the variety of treadmills that are available range from small models that barely take up the corner of a living room, to advanced machines that carefully keep track of the user’s vitals.

Blue Cheese, Radicchio, and Fig Sandwiches

 Serves 430 minutes or fewer
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