Correcting The Posture

POOR POSTUREA loss of range of motion or strength, numbness or a tingling feeling in the limbs are all symptoms that are related to poor posture. Body areas tat are most commonly affected are the upper back, neck, lower back, wrist, shoulders, hips, and knees. In short, pain and dysfuction prohibits proper walking gait, comfortable sleeping situations and effective participation in activities and recreational sports. The underlying causes:  1. the lack of exercise or poor technique  2. incorrect body mechanics

Post-Partum Fitness: Starting Off Slowly

There’s no rush to drop the baby weight after giving birth, but it is good to stay healthy. You’ll need the energy for those sleepless nights! You probably also have your hands full caring for your new baby, doing mountains of laundry and folding tiny baby bibs.

The Natural Workout Boosting Benefits of Black Coffee

A Simpler Approach to Workout Supplementation Whether you are a longtime health and fitness enthusiast or merely just beginning

Like to exercise but you haven't got the time?

TO BUSY FOR THE GYM?????If that's the case I can bring the exercise to you.

Most Common Exercise Excuses


Foods That You Should Make Use Of For Healthier Hair

Healthy and shiny hair is the desire of everyone. Hair can basically be used as an indication of your overall wellbeing and health besides working as a body temperature regulator on the head. There are numerous issues that can affect how your hair function and look along with health, mainly including genetics, emotional stress, pharmaceuticals and hormones. Fortunately, you can still play a vital role in improving how your hair feels and looks. Choice of food is among those crucial things and there are foods that are super beneficial when it comes to promoting healthier hair.

How Green Tea Can Help You Lose Weight Naturally?

All over the globe, every single day, millions upon millions of people are constantly waging a seemingly never-ending war on their waistlines. Obesity levels worldwide have now reached epidemic proportions, and sadly, that is beginning to take a real toll on our health, both physically, and mentally. In order to lose weight, people often try fad diets, exercise until they feel sick, and just generally make themselves feel miserable in the process. Sometimes however, all that is needed is a little extra help from nature.

Loaded Movement Training-Part 2

My last article introduced the concept of Loaded Movement Training (LMT) which involves moving in multiple directions under load, shifting a mass through a field of gravity. This article will describe a few sample exercises that you can apply to your own routine to incorporate LMT into your workouts. 

Loaded Movement Training-Part 1

Resistance training, or weight lifting, results in increases in muscle strength, size, and mass, as well as increasing bone density and improving the ability to perform activities of daily living such as climbing stairs or carrying groceries or children. There is also a positive carry-over effect to sport performance, balance, mental health, and the ability to effectively manage, prevent, or in some cases reverse, chronic diseases such as osteoporosis, Type II Diabetes, and obesity.
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