What are you waiting for to start living healthier?

For those of you still waiting for the right time to start an exercise program, what are you waiting for? Are you waiting until Monday so you can start the week off right? Or maybe you're busy at work, so your waiting until things calm down. Or maybe you're waiting until the beginning of the month so you can start fresh. Or maybe you're waiting for the kids to get out of school. How has that been working for you so far? How long have you been waiting for the right time? How much weight and inches have you lost? How much better do you feel?

NPI staff at Waikiki Beach Hawaii to Film Exercise Videos & conduct Posture-Resistance Workshops at 24 Hour Fitness Facility

NPI staff will be arriving over the next week to Waikiki Beach Hawaii to film new posture/resistance training videos and also to conduct NPI’s Posture & Resistance Training CEC workshop 24 Hour Fitnessports Club in Hawaii.  Learn more:   

Today's Fitness/Health Tip : EXERCISE COOL DOWN

It is important to cool down after a moderate- to high-intensity exercise session. This prevents sudden pooling of blood in the muscles as well as sudden drops in blood pressure that can lead to dizziness and falls. During the last 5-10 minutes of your workout, gradually decrease your exercise intensity and gently approach your resting heart rate before coming to a complete stop.

Grill Up Heart Health for Dad!

This Sunday, June 16, is Father’s Day! Why not give dad the greatest gift of all -- the gift of heart health?

Don't know how to exercise or what to do? Find out and get moving!

Even the greatest people were beginners at their crafts when they tried it for the first time. Don't let a lack of knowledge keep you from exercising. You have several choices when it comes to learning how to exercise. You can do research using the Internet, you can hire a personal trainer like myself, or you can go to your gym and ask for assistance. Most gyms will offer an equipment orientation to show you the basics on the machines there. That's enough to get you started. So get out there and get moving!

Lessons Learned From My Daughter

My oldest competed in her second triathlon last weekend.  It was wonderful being a spectator to such a sport!  A sport I love competing in and now get to share with her.  

One Size Does Not Fit All

There is not a true one-size-fits-all approach that will result in effective training, nutrition and supplementation, but most importantly there never should be! What works for one, may not work for another. And why would we want it any other way? 

Exercise and pregnancy

So its official, I am 11 weeks pregnant.  I am also 40 years old.  My doc wants me to continue to exercise but keep my heart rate from getting crazy not over 140 bpms.  Wow, really?  I mean, in Turbo Kick my heart rate can easily get to 150 in the warm up.  I sub both Turbo Kick and Cycling for 24 Hour Fitness, neither being low intensity classes.  So I have asked for a leave of absence since I won't be able to sub those classes for a while.  And Turbo Kick is my sole mate workout.  

Push Yourself To A Sexy Upper Body

Push Yourself to a Sexy Upper BodyTarget your shoulders, chest, triceps, back, and core with this killer do-anywhere pushup routine.

Keeping Score: Lawyers 11 – Chiropractors 9

I have nothing against lawyers and chiropractors. I use a chiropractor myself when I need this kind of treatment, and lawyers can provide valuable assistance to maneuver the legal jungle. I was in a car accident last Saturday. Rear-ended and then pushed against the car in front of me. Nobody got hurt but my car got the short end of the stick. After I got home, I MELTed and found that all the components were where they have always been. The insurance company took over. My car is in the shop to get fixed, I have a rental car, and my life resumes as normal. 
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