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Recent Postings One thing to keep in mind with this article is that push ups, though they can be performed anywhere, are not for everyone. You should always consult with a professional before performing push ups to make sure you have the flexibility, strength, and no other health issues that may get in the way of performing a good push up.

Health and Negative Psychology

New E-book Corrective Exercises for Golf Fitness

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Stretches for the Hand and Wrist

Click HERE for more stretches to decrease tension in the hand and wrist

Considerations Before IVF Treatments

Making the decision to financially commit to fertility treatments from infertility doctors requires research and knowledge of all your options before this late stage treatment is considered. Exhausting all other opportunities is a smart financial choice before making IVF or other advanced fertility treatments your last option. Low tech and low cost fertility treatments can often be provided by fertility clinics before advancing to the final options provided by IVF. IUI 

Train your Mind

Your mind and thoughts will direct you toward success or failure. Minding your thoughts is fully in your control and one of your most powerful choices you have. Mental training is as important as any physical fitness endeavour you attempt.

Guest blog – My Favorite Tips For Healthy Vacations by Kendra Thornton

I'm always happy to have guest bloggers and have them offer some insightful tips to stay fit and healthy. We put our forces together with Kendra Thornton this time to bring you some helpful solutions to stay healthy while on vacation.

Van de eye-opener naar een slapeloze nacht

Die eye-opener is een nadenker geworden. Hoe ga ik mezelf weer leren tijd voor mezelf te nemen? Of is het eerder ‘hoe ga ik mezelf weer tijd voor mezelf gunnen?’ Hoe het ook zij, ik heb er wakker van gelegen en een slechte nachtrust is niet goed voor een heleboel dingen vooral niet voor de uitdaging waar ik midden in zit. Aan de ene kant probeer ik mijn vetverbranding te verhogen maar dat help ik om zeep door slecht te slapen, niet goed dus. Nu hoor ik vaak dat ik niet hoef af te vallen en daar ben ik het niet helemaal mee eens.

Basketball Cycle with the Germantown Lady Panthers

I felt blessed to work with this amazing group of young athletes and show them how they can put in specific relevant work on the bike while giving their joints a break.  What an amazing experience and what a talented group of young female athletes.  I was shocked to see how many of these young girls already had ACL tears and they are still in High School!  We have to do a little better as porfessionals on educating not just the kids but the parents  about why cross-training is important for young athletes.
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