Can you "CHEAT" and still lose weight?

"cheating" is such a negative word. Most activities that involve cheating are not positve. But when it comes to cheating on your workout/nutrition plan it seems to get a different reaction. I get asked a lot about having cheat days & cheat meals when trying to lose weight. Some people just want that one day where they don't have to count calories and for others they want to eat something they crave. Whether the reason is...I'll break down the various scenarios of having a "cheat day" and give you my advice: 

Piloxing Update

Want to try something new? Piloxing has now made its way into mid-Michigan! This new form of exercise combines boxing with Pilates and a little bit of dance to make it even more fun. Hour-long class includes about 45 minutes of cardio with a 10 minute butt/abs toning segment and relaxing cooldown. For more info, visit For Piloxing info, visit


Now is the time to act. Now is the time to live.  Now is when you can make a difference. Now is when you can bring your intentions to life.

National Posture Institute (NPI)-Upcoming Onsite CEC Posture Workshops (2012 - January 2013)!

The National Posture Institute (NPI) has released upcoming Onsite CEC  Posture Workshops schedule (2012 - January 2013)!  This one-day or two-day workshop  teaches personal trainers, all group exercise instructors (Aerobic/Strength/TRX/Pilates/Yoga etc...), and allied health/medical professionals to assess, correct, and educate their clients in all areas of posture and body alignment.  Learn More:  National Posture Institute (NPI) Onsite CEC Posture W

Calorie burning at its best!

I finished my workout an hour ago. I showered, and got ready for work and still, 60 min later I am still not done perspiring and taking deep breaths. this is called EPOC (Excess Post Oxygen Consumption) this is what makes interval training so effective. for the next several hours and up to 24 hours after I finish my workout my muscles are taking in oxygen and burning calories like crazy to recover form the work  I did.

5 Reasons Why Qigong and Tai Chi Are Good For Your Health

 A regular practice of Qigong or Tai Chi brings numerous health benefits to body, mind and spirit and here are 5 reasons why. Qigong and Tai Chi movements: 1)Prevent stagnation in the body

Disney’s Skinny Minnie Mouse & Daisy Duck on a Crash Diet?

Disney’s Skinny Minnie Mouse & Daisy Duck on a Crash Diet?by Ellen Shuman, Emotional Eating Recovery Coach; A Weigh Out September 1, 2012

You ALWAYS have time to workout!

Aim for at least 30 minutes a day--it is only 2 % of your day!  I know you can make that happen!1. Plan your workouts ahead of time.2. Set a reminder in your calender to remind you it's time!3. Add variety to your workout--cardio, strength, core & stretching4. Change your mindset--if you BELIEVE it and see it in YOUR mind will achieve it!! If you are really stranded for time perform this quick mini workout for 3 sets:   20 jumping jacks20 squats20 push-ups

Prepping and Planning

No...there's no easy pill, drop 10 tea, or magic potion. It takes hard work and dedication but the reward is priceless!  Start by prepping your food for the week and adding your workouts to your calendar.  This will avoid the feeling of defeat when you get hungry and can't decide what to eat or when you debate on how you will fit a workout into your busy life.  Plan ahead and make the decisions easy!   

If You Can Only Imagine

Imagine yourself being the best you can possibly be. Make your image of yourself a positive one, and you’ll program yourself for success. Imagine yourself at your very best. Hold that image firmly in your mind, day after day, moment by moment, and you’ll absolutely find a way, and live the life, that will make it real.
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