20 tips for healthy diet and nutrition programs

20 tips for healthy diet and nutrition programs Nutrition and healthy food is important to anyone who plans for a fit body and a healthy life. Although most interested in weight loss, weight gain or staying fit in general, focus on only the workout, it is also important to watch out for what you eat. Burning calories is all very well, but controlling the intake of calories and other unhealthy products is also essential to stay fit and healthy. So here are 20 tips for a healthy diet and nutrition program. Change your lifestyle

15 tips for a Real Body Transformation

15 tips for a Real Body Transformation A good personal trainer will always aim for a real body transformation and help you get there. So if you want to look leaner, more muscular and fitter in this news year, here are 15 tips to help you get there. Choose a personal trainer who can get you the transformation you need. Make sure that he/she has been able to achieve real body transformation with other clients.

Bodybuilding & gaining muscle

Bodybuilding & gaining muscle If you plan to get buff in this New Year, bodybuilding and gaining muscles will be the best option for you to follow. You can hire a personal trainer to help you get into a training program for bodybuilding and gaining muscle, but make sure that you are choosing a trainer who knows what they are doing. Training for bodybuilding and gaining muscle and training for losing weight requires different workout regimes. Your personal trainer needs to be aware of this.

Mobile personal training

Mobile personal training Are you among those who plan to start working out every week, but fails to do so because of your busy schedule. Now you need not worry about that time crunch anymore. For those of you who are too busy to find the time to travel a personal trainer’s gyms or the studio, there is another way to get about it. If you can’t go to the trainer, the best thing to do will be to get your trainer to come to you. Experienced and reputed personal trainers have schemes to get you fit right at home. These programs are called mobile training programs.

12 Tips for New Year Weight Loss Resolution

12 Tips for New Year Weight Loss Resolution Does your New Year Resolution include the plant to lose weight? Without making it just another number in your New Year resolution, how do you really make it happen this year? Here’re 12 tips to help you stick to the Resolution.

10 Tips to Eat Healthy During Holidays

10 Tips to Eat Healthy During Holidays It’s that time of the year again, when you have to pay extra attention to what you eat. Meet ups, family gatherings, parties and one celebration after another. It is the season of food. So we have the perfect tips for you to stay healthy and eat healthy during this holiday season. Holiday season is not the time for grand aims. Focus on what is realistically possible during this time of the year. Instead of trying to lose weight, try to maintain your current weight.

10 Tips for Losing Weight

10 Tips for Losing Weight Most people understand a weight loss program to mean starving yourself and doing cardiovascular training. But have you noticed that most of your friends who spend hours on cardiovascular for months, rarely manage to lose any weights. This is because they do not understand that a combination of resistance weight training and a powerful diet is 20 times more effective than a cardiovascular training. Here are ten tips covering all aspects of a good weight loss program which will involve, Understanding proper nutrition

Chicken Nuggets

This is really not about food,well kind of. A fellow trainer recently sent a FB post on frozen chicken nuggets. It had 3 different names but stressed full of Omega-3 and whole grain. It reminded me of someone ordering a triple cheeseburger, extra fries and a diet coke for good measure. Some foods, especially processed are just not good for you, no matter how it is dressed up it appears, Bon Apetit

FB Page

I am so excited to start my own Facebook page!  Kristen Kindred Personalized Fitness Traning. I hope that people feel comfortable checking it out, writing about their fitness journeys, good or bad and using this as a sounding board to post workouts, get advice, give advice and encourage others.. Getting fit is a constant day to day job.  We need to eat clean, take care of our bodies, feel good about ourselves and never stop trying.  We are all Worth NOT giving up.. we will have set backs, tons of them actually, but never give up on yourself..

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