Yoga is good for you!

Hi there, I just wanted to share this cool link about some of the nice benefits of yoga that you may not have considered. Thank You and Live Good,Mac Dodds Live Good Fitness

There is always a reason why...

Have you ever had a day when things did not go as you had planned, where it seems like Murphy's Law is at work (If things can go wrong they will) well I had such a day but I must say I learned a few lessons from it. On the day in question I clicked on the wrong address in my GPS, this took me to sickleville New jersey instead of Princeton (1.5 hrs away). My phone was acting up and off course I was using it as a GPS.

What do you look for on nutrition labels?

Don’t be blind and see through the la-bull.. Hey everybody! All of you know that I am a preacher when it comes to clean, healthy eating. My question to all of you is: how much thought do you put into what you eat? Really, think about it.

Defuse The Monkey-Mind For November

Gratitude is contagious.  People get it.  They receive it and more often than not, people will pay it forward.  Gratitude by definition means, "a feeling of thankfulness and appreciation".  When I am in the presence of gratitude, there's a distinct "feeling" of appreciation and thankfulness.  Many times I have no words to wrap around this awareness, only what is intuitively felt.  Gratitude awareness is a learned attribute.  The brain is hardwired to default to the "monkey mind", the land of scarcity, the frenetic place I

Weight loss surgery

I'm currently studying the ACE Health Coach materials to hopefully become certified.  Currently I'm reading about different things people have tried to lose weight - pharmacological products, surgery, fasting, etc.  I was shocked to find out that 45-65% of people who have had weight loss surgery of some sort (the material discusses 4 different surgeries) regain the weight after their 2nd year of having the surgery.  It really proves the point that nothing can replace healthy eating and exercise to lose and MAINTAIN weight.

High Energy Workouts to Lose Weight?

You will find an article in the November 2013 newsletter about a study comparing weight loss among participants who either exercised with high energy expenditures and those who did a more moderate workout. Those who participated in the moderate workouts lost weight without as much effort. Keep in mind that this study used aerobic exercise sessions, not resistance exercise sessions.

Reviewing your workout program after blood test results

Most people including myself have their blood cholesterol checked once or twice a year. The results can provide your health fitness specialist information on how to adjust your workout program to optimize these numbers. In addition taking your blood pressure (both arms) and your resting heart rate are important.

Beautiful Weather

 With the beautiful weather outside, this is a great time to start a walking program.  Start off slow and work your way up to 3-4 miles a day.  Once you get that accomplished, try to add some sprints into your program.  Walk one block and run 1/2 block.  Work your way up and you will be running the whole thing before you know it.  It also burns a lot more calories when you run intermittently.


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