2014 Fitness Trends

So the news is out: The top two fitness trends for 2014 are high-intensity interval training, (ie P90X) and body-weight training (push-ups, pull-ups, sit-ups and planks) according to a recent annual fitness trends survey. So how long do we think these trends will last? Push ups and pull ups have been around forever, so is it like fashion, and if you wait around long enough, it will come back 'in style'? I'm just glad it's back because these workouts can be done anywhere, anytime! For the record, I expect TRX to be BIG in 2014 as well!

My Yoga Practice

I have enjoyed a rich and deep yoga practice for most of my life. My mother practiced yoga when I was young and my sister and I would relish the shoulderstand pose throughout our childhood, if we could keep from giggling at the same time. I trained concurrently in dance and understood the importance of balance in movement--for safety, for beauty. As I have evolved, I have experimented with many different schools within Hatha Yoga and love them all for different reasons. I relish the gym yoga classes where we would collectively power and flow through the most challenging poses.

Men, Sweat, & Workout Class...

Yep, that's right, the word is finally out, and more and more people are showing up to try my functional fitness tone & condition classes in sleepy little Hilo Town.

Should I First Weight Train or Should I First Go for a Run?

I received this question from one of you. The choice is yours and it depends on your personal goals: both long-term and goals for the given day!


The Virtues of Health and Wellness

SELF-DISIPLINE BRINGS FREEDOM-  Many people think that controlling our desires and going without is painful and hard.  YES!!  This is the point.  Discipline is like a muscle that gets stronger as you use it.  Being able to control yourself is the first step to freedom from the bonds of unproductive habits.Healthy Thinking Leads to Healthy Habits  -  Be aware of your thoughts; Don't dwell on the negative;   Expect the best and be positive.  Accept whatever happens, learn from it and move on.  What we ar

Khaled's 5 Secrets to Supermarket Shopping

 It’s Sunday morning, and typically on Sundays I do all my grocery shopping for the week and plan my meals out. That way I can stay focused on my fitness goals and save a little money as well. During my grocery shopping adventure I couldn’t help but notice all the people that were walking up and down the aisles trying to figure out what healthy foods to buy while attempting to read the nutrition facts some of which I still have a hard time reading. 

Plateau Busters

  Hitting a plateau is a common experience. It can be one of the most de-motivating things that can happen in fitness.  Plateaus are the number one reason why people abandon exercise.  They bring on feelings of discouragement, confusion, and utter frustration. Thankfully, overcoming them is easy... so long as you are prepared and know how overcome them. 

What is the best wall mounted chin up bar or wall mounted rack?

The CrossCore® Wall Mounted Rack is built using all heavy- duty commercial materials and can be placed in any location including residential, commercial, military and rehabilitation. In addition to the single CrossCore® user, this rack can accommodate up to two heavy bags. Add-On Kits can be connected together to line an entire wall.

The Science Behind Why We Binge

 At some point, we've all awoken from some kind of binge, perhaps surrounded by beer bottles, candy wrappers, or shopping bags, and asked ourselves: What the hell happened? How can rational, functioning adults totally lose control of their impulses?
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