Prepare for Impact

Active people take hits.  They get bumps, bruises, aches, and pains.  Some are ER worthy in which case the patient will undergo physician’s care.  Others are mere inconveniences that cause pain, swelling, discoloration, and irritation.  Instances of pain are normal, chronic pain is not.  There are solutions and preventative measures that can be taken to reduce the body’s reaction to active lifestyle occurrences.  

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Time to Soldier up!

Alright, people! Where are all of my runners? I need a bigger turn out for my 5k than what it looks like now. I know that you can set aside a few hours for a good......GREAT cause. Sign up at Could really benefit the Wounded Warrior Program at Bragg. Plus, 3.1 miles is of great benefit to yourself as well. Hell, if you can't run...... WALK! I don't care. Just show up. You will be giving up $10 McDonald's money, that you don't need anyway.Our troops in need of support need that support more than you need a Happy Meal!

Today's Fitness/Health Tip: SMALL CHANGES, BIG RESULTS

Are you having trouble making changes stick when it comes to your diet? A small tune-up, rather than a complete overhaul, to your eating habits is a good place to start. A study done by Shape Up America found that making one simple change when preparing meals, like substituting lean turkey for certain cuts of meats, resulted in an average savings of 108 calories per meal.  This might not seem like much but other studies have shown that by simply eating 100 fewer calories a day, the U.S. could have about 70 million fewer obese/overweight individuals.

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During vigorous exercise, you may experience a side stitch (cramp) that causes an intense, stabbing pain under the lower edge of the

Plan Your Meals to Prevent Temptation

I make most of my meals at home on the weekends to prepare me for the week.  I lead a pretty busy life, so the weekend is the only time I can shop and cook meals for the week.  The beauty of home cooked meals is that they're good, they're cheaper than going out to eat, and you know what the ingredients are because you bought them!  You can also portion control your meals.


. Foods that increase inflammation will increase your joint pain and delay your recovery. These include: 1. Trans fat (the WORST fat there is) 2. Sugar 3. Processed foods 4. Gluten (for gluten-sensitive people) 5. Dairy (for dairy-sensitive people) 6. Alcohol (even your glass of red wine) ...


 When it comes to food, diet, nutrition, fads, it can become all a little bit to confusing. We are overwhelmed with contradictory information. What was good for you today, can be bad for you tomorrow. Keeping that in mind here, are 3 food rules to make your decisions simpler.
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