The benefits of partner training.

It's hard to be motivated to work out. Getting to the gym, or just hitting the deck and sweating it out. Having someone else there helps with your accountability, help you get through the rough parts and even spark a little competition every now and again. And as it always helps to know you're not suffering alone:)Here is two of my most fun clients, Sarah and Jamie working it: 

De uitdaging – natuurlijk ga ik het redden – en een eye-opener!

Zoals gezegd heb ik vandaag weer een meting gehad. Geen veranderingen, gelukkig! Waarom gelukkig? Vrijdag kreeg ik een gigantisch paasei toegestuurd – het ei is groter dan mijn hoofd en weegt een kilo – en ik kan denk ik wel zeggen dat ik een chocoholic ben die zichzelf onder controle heeft maar zo nu en dan helemaal losgaat. De kans is dus groot dat ik me helemaal te buiten ga aan mijn eitje. Maar ik heb me redelijk in kunnen houden en als toetje steeds een stukje na de maaltijd genomen. Het gevolg is wel dat ik meer suiker tot me heb genomen dan de bedoeling was.

Spring Into Weight Training!

Spring is here and now is the time to prepare your body for those Summer activities. Weight training has countless benefits and can be used in any fitness routine, regardless of age or end goal. For some women, weight training has a stigma that it will make them big and bulky, but that is not the case. While weight training can be used to increase strength, size, and definition of muscles, it also helps to combat fat gains. Since muscle burns more calories at rest than fat, having leaner muscle mass can help people lose weight.

Somos lo que comemos

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Relay for Life 2014 was a HUGE success!!


It is all in your mind!

How we think of the race we are about to do can definitely impact its results! Over the years, many studies have supported the notion that the positive imagery does, indeed, miracles in terms of the race results. And I am not only talking about the running, bike, triathlon, or swimming races. The same is true for all other sports, from winning a boxing match to climbing up for that NFL title!

7 Weeks Post: A Nail Through My Foot

Dancing again today feels like a bit of a dream, a sense of delusion, and great excitement! Imagine Dragon: "I'm on top of the World" Offical Video The past seven weeks have been filled with:

Youtube Site

ATTN: Fitness Pros. I need your help to improve my YouTube Channel. Click on the link HERE and let me know what videos YOU would like seen on my channel. I can not do this with out you. In good health, Denise Lee

Staying Fit on the Road (part 1)

With the summertime approaching, almost everyone has travel plans. The weather will be great and the kids are out of school. It's the perfect time to get away. Vacations can be great for unwinding, but can also wreak havoc on your fitness goals! Instead of completely abandoning your current fitness program, you can modify it to fit your temporary surroundings. The same applies to nutrition. You don't have to toss your nutrition plan overboard just because you're on the road. Just make healthy dining choices whenever possible while you're away.

Throw back Thursday

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