Seniors Fitness Classes LIFT to THRIVE Spring Registration

Spring Quarter Class Registration for LIFT 2 THRIVE starts MARCH 17 at 7:00am, but just a little note, eager new members start lining up as early as 6:30am to get a spot. Open to all adults 55 and over, class fee is $10 for 10 classes, one every week. If you want to take my Tuesday & Thursday classes you have to register for both classes.

Questions for me?

Why does your work stand out from others who do what you do?My service is very personalized.


Another workout down for my client Melisa. Half way through, in her exhausted state of being she managed to tell me she loves working out.. She said she used to hate it when she was younger because it "hurt." She started a little less than a month ago and is already down 12 lbs and 13 total inches.Everything disappears when I'm working out. All the stress of my day is gone in an instant and the only thing i can think about is what im doing right here and now.

On My Own Again!!

Hi All,

Finding Balance

This word "balanced" haunts, eludes, inspires, motivates, and propels me.  Finding balance, being off balance, the question of balance...... I assume it looks different for everyone, and it seems to hide somewhere in the middle of crazy and calm. Confident or insecure...wise and dumb, street smart or gullible.  Manic and Depressed, strong and weak, hungry and starving, hard and soft, active and passive, motivated and lazy, drama and wall-flower, confident or paralyzed, loud and quiet, alive or dead.  Spiraling down, or spinning out of control.  Frozen or thawed.

Client Success; Clarys is realizing her dreams!

Kudos to Clarys, a vibrant young dancer who is making her dreams come true.  Training with me once a week to enhance her flexibility and core strength, she is determined to achieve her goals and realize her dreams.  She just put together this music video; catch her in the forefront with her dynamic dancing;. 

Honest Reasons

As  I was driving back from my daughter's ballet class a few years ago, I couldn't stop thinking about a certain topic that has been on my mind for some time. What are our real reasons for working out and eating right? How can this affect our results? I know we all claim to want to be healthier but is this our real reason?


Water is the most valuable element in or for the human body. By practicing wise hydration tactics, the body’s energy, ability, stamina and recovery can be optimized.Water supports our metabolic functions and as a transportation system

Release and Realign Your Back, Shoulders and Neck; Melt, Mobilize and Move Better; workshop #2

Saturday March  8, 12:15 In this series of workshops, I teach self care techniques to release deep tension, realign, and reprogram healthy movement patterns. On March 8, we will focus on releasing tension in the back, ribs and chest, rebalancing the shoulder, and feeling the effects through the torso, shoulders and neck. Do you have aching tension in your neck, shoulders or back? Are you frustrated by limited mobility or instability in these areas? Come learn to;

Benefits of Foam Rollers

One of the biggest causes of joint/muscle pain/problems is tightness that leads to misalignment and compensations. Always end your workouts with some stretching and rolling to relax the muscles used, and breakup the tight/knotted muscles. This keeps your muscles loose and able to perform their best. 
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