Stick to your work out plan!

Motivation. We all want it, especially when it comes to eating healthy and exercising. So why are we always at a loss—looking for it, losing it, feeling helpless without it? I came across this article this morning that lists three key things that can help you stick to a workout plan: positive reinforcement, self-control, and social context. Here's how you can use these psychological principles to increase your own workout motivation. 

Heading on Brighton Beach.August 3.

Tomorrow I am going in Brooklyn for two days.Two days I wiil be non-stop running, swimming, walking throught neighborhood.What I have to put in my backpack?List of the supplements and creams:  - Neutrogena Sheer Dry-Touch Sunblock SPF 30  - Walgreens Dry-Touch Sunscreen SPF 55  - GNC Aloe Vera  Moisturizing Cream  - GNC Vitamin C Moisturizing Cream List of antioxidants:  - beta-Carotene 15mg  -alpha-Lipoic Acid 100mg  - L-Glutatione 50 mg  - Vitamins and minerals :

Think Before You Speak

Hey everyone sorry it has been a few days since my last post but I am in the final week before my big certification exam so I have been hunkered down preparing.I had to take a moment and acknowledge something a friend wrote on Facebook today and I can't beleive this happens but it does all the time.The root of the story is a woman approached my friend and asked her if she was pregnant.  A little taken aback said no.  Then the woman proceeds to ask if she just had a baby then.


The only way to fail is to give up, so fix your eyes on the goal, and persist. Your vision, your commitment, and your actions will take you there. See every moment as the opportunity that it is and KNOW precisely where you wish to go and why. Keep going!  

RVLution (Ditch the Diet)

Best Ideas about Fitness Training - Any Time of the Day


The Real Truth about Fruit

 Is Fruit Too High In Sugar To Be Included In A Fat Loss Diet? Here’s The Real Truth!<

Supersize and Build Your Muscles

 A common question that a lot of men ask when it comes to lifting is…

My Routine Today

So today for cardio I took my bike and rode around the neighborhood and through a local park with a mountain bike trail. In total, I rode for an hour and a half. Came home and did a shoulder routine with 3 sets of 20 front raises, 3 sets of 15 lateral raises, 3 sets of 15 rear shoulder raises followed by military raises to muscle failure. Here is how to do these exercises:Side Lateral raises

Fad Diets? Big No No!!!

5 Ways to Spot a Fad DietLots of today's popular diets take advantage of our desire to drop weight quickly. Unfortunately, though, "quick-fix" diets don't work.Here are 5 clues that a diet may be more about empty promises than real results:
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