Free two week trial oudoors bootcamps! starts April 19

Bootcamps are a great way to lose weight, tone, increase your cardio/endurance or just get out and have fun with your friends. Gather a few friends and try it out for free this Spring! Free two week trail starts the day you start and ends 2 weeks after that date. There are two types available, you're more than welcome to mix and match and come to as many free sessions as you'd like! Locations: Abigail Adams Park-770 Bridge St Weymouth, Ma Nantasket Beach-Hull, Ma Wollaston Beach-Quincy, Ma exact locations will be based on tides


My goal: a healthy lifestyle. It's not easy for me; the desire to workout with the intensity that makes the workout not as much fun as it feels like punishment, the avoidance of unhealthy foods that I love. But, as I try to find the balance; staying active enough and eating clean enough to boost my health inside my body and out. I am grateful for the choices I can make. 

National Posture Institute Research: Monounsaturated fats reduce metabolic syndrome risk

National Posture Institute Research: Monounsaturated fats reduce metabolic syndrome riskCanola oil and high-oleic canola oils can lower abdominal fat when used in place of other selected oil blends, according to a team of American and Canadian researchers. The researchers also found that consuming certain vegetable oils may be a simple way of reducing the risk of metabolic syndrome, which affects about one in three U.S. adults and one in five Canadian adults.

the fabulous five reason why we should switch to eating organic

Hi everyone, hope your all having a wondeful week.This weeks blog is a all about how fabulous organic food is to our bodies, families and communities and why we should all make a change to better and healthier living. Enjoy :) 1. The quality of the nutrition found in organic food produces are more then 50% better then that found in convinetional food. This means that our body can absorb and utilise organic nutrients more easily then that of conventional food, so ya our bodies will thank us ;) 2.

THE PLAN!!!!!!

 Eating healthly is often limited to the person, not information. The information is out there,although some information is better than others. The main reason you don't change is because of you. So the number one thing you need to change is adherence- your abilty to stick with the plan. So it you having trouble, make those changes slowly, and choose things to which you know you can adhere 

Is Body Weight Training as Effective as StrengthTraining with Weights?

I am a huge advocate of body weight training.  First of all, you don't need any equipment and secondly you are working many muscles simultaneously which is more functional and burns more calories. Personally, I do mostly body weight training for my upper body using the TRX Suspension Trainer and I feel I have a lot of muscle definition without being too bulky looking.  I also do pull ups for upper body weight training. 

Invest a 100 dollars a day into your Wellness!!


Be A Sport!!

MID DAY CUP OF MOTIVATION: Life is a sport called Progress. Called GROWTH. LIFE is the greatest game ever played. It takes Focused strategies, committed players, and a supportive team, that's got your back, to stay in and succeed in the GAME.

Here, There...Anywhere?

Someone recommended that I visit vegan restaurants in the Miami area and write about them, and I will, but to be honest I don't know if this is actually that helpful.  Part of what I want to do with this blog topic is not only to help educate people on health and practicing veganism (or at least eating more plants than before), but how to do it in a practical way.  Getting vegan food in a vegan restaurant is easy, getting vegan food in a restaurant where your carnivorous friends want to eat can be a different story!

Exercise outside while it's nice

I think we all need to do some type of exercise outside. For most of us it's not possible year round. It gets hot in the summer and it get's cold and wet other times of the year. Exercising outside at those times can take more planning and be less comfortable. So, why not get out and go for a hike or a jog, or do some stretching and pushups or lunges in your back yard. If you get in the habit now, it will be easier to continue when it starts to get hot this summer.   Thanks,
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