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Check out my 3 strength  exercises that will help build core strength and great posture and a great stay at home training for when you lack time but still want results  

7 Questions to Ask a Bethesda Personal Trainer

In today's blog, we are talking about 7 questions to ask a Bethesda (or your respective city) personal trainer before becoming a client. You obviously want the best results possible from the personal trainer you choose, so it’s critical that you interview them with these questions:

Compound movements, train like an athlete

Sometimes individuals will use the excuse “I’m not athletic,” as a way of avoiding exercise. But you don’t have to be an athlete to train like one.

6 Essential Tips for Building Muscle

Gaining muscle mass is a goal that many people are striving for today. There are still a lot of people who obsess about losing weight, but gaining muscle is by far the most popular request people have when they look to get the help of a personal trainer.

Let me take a selfie

When it comes to marketing and exposure there's no doubt that social media outlets including Facebook, Instagram and YouTube are invaluable to fitness professionals. You can reach an incredibly large and diverse market, and communicate all kinds of information quickly and effectively. Obviously I utilize these resources through my occasional blogging and Facebook posting and my recent YouTube adventures. It has been suggested to me by multiple that I should open an Instagram account but I just can't bring myself to do it, and here's why. 

Prone Back Extensions

A friend in knead is a friend indeed

INJURY TREATMENT Inevitably, injuries occur. Often we incur overuse injuries due to improper form or even too much of a good thing. Depending on the injury and the medical professional, there are a number of methods to help treat injuries. Here are a few to consider. AcupunctureCompression and/or ElevationContrast therapyHeat (sauna, steam, hot tub etc.)Massage therapyLymphatic drainagePhysical therapy


29th of April and my 29th Day in a row for workouts!! If you have never tried this EVERY DAY workout mentality you should! Something every day changes things in my brain-- so many less excuses, no loss of momentum and such a sense of pride!Today was 21 mins of bike in the morning, then 20 mins of lifting just now: inverted pull ups, bicep curls and pull ups- plus some core work for both my abs and lower back.Yesterday, I had a good solid run for 20 mins-- a couple intervals at 8mph, then 10 mins straight at 8. It was good and no quad flare up!!

National Women's Health Week 5/10 - 5/16/2015

Here are 10 things you can do to show your support for women’s health:  
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