Ken Baldwin-Executive Director for (NPI) selected to present at the World Fitness Business Owners Summit (WFBOS)

For Immediate Release:  Ken Baldwin, Assistant Professor (SUNY) and the Executive Director for The National Posture Institute (NPI) is honored to have been selected to present at the First-Ever World Fitness Business Owners Summit (WFBOS)!  WFBOS is for fitness business owners around the world. There are three “types” of fitness entrepreneurs that will benefit from the powerful information available at the Summit…Stay Tuned for more information about the conference and how to register!


ATLANTA, GA -VIENNA, VA-CONFERENCE UPDATES: For all NPI professionals and those interested in NPI certificate programs, please stop by our NPI booth at either the SCW or DCAC conference to update us on how your careers are going!!! Also, if you are interested in establishing an NPI Posture Assessment program at your facility-please stop by so we can answer all your questions. 

The key to life!

I met a chinesse tutor that told me that the key to life was moderation. She explained to me that in China most people lived longer because they believed in moderation. I have recently analyzed this view on life and I said this applies perfectly to working out. There has to be a balance. Too heavy weights everytime you workout will lead to injury in the long run. Working out everyday will get your body fighting you and instead of progressing you will regress. The same thing with diet.

Summer Slim Down at Sunset Park!!!

Don't forget that Summer Slim Down (boot camp) class starts tomorrow morning at 10!Remember to bring a pair of light dumbbells (5-10lbs) and water to drink!! Come to your first class for free! 10 bucks a class after that and you can earn free classes by getting your friends to sign up! 


People are influenced most by those they TRUST, ADMIRE and BELIEVE care for them. Providing great value is easy when it comes from a great place! Passion and energy put towards positive results and belief in others success is infectious. 

IDEA Health and Fitness Conference

If you really want to test your trainer, ask him how many educational conferences/seminars he attends.  Ask him how many professional articles he reads.  Ask him how many times he actually executes the exercises that he is asking you to perform.  If you get an answer that sounds a bit like, "Well, I mean to say is...." then perhaps it's time to trade in your trainer. 

IDEA Heath and Fitness Conference

what are some of the health breakfast foods on the go.

 My green shakeFruit and hemp smothiesboiled eggs w/ fruit 

what are some of the health breakfast foods on the go.

 My green shakeFruit and hemp smothiesboiled eggs w/ fruit 
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