Is Shaking While Strength Training Harmful?

We all want to feel the burn when working out, but what about the shakes? I'm not talking about feeling dizzy from not eating enough or from coming up too fast after doing a forward bend. When your body is working really hard, either holding a challenging position or toward the end of a set, your muscles start to unintentionally quiver.

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I've been teaching Zumba® for over a year and a half now and it's been so much fun! I made great new friends and had a blast doing so. Rarely does a person get to do something they truely love as a "job", but I am blessed.

Surviving the Super Bowl

Surviving the Super Bowl Did you know that the average Super Bowl Party can cost you over 1200 calories? Just 5 Hooters wings contain 866 calories

Fat or Sugar

Crazy Weight Loss

Can you believe that tape worms were once believed to be a healthy and safe weight loss method? I dont know about you but I am glad the health and fitness industry is constantly advancing. Who knows what we will learn in the next few years. Better Body, Better Life!

""Fight Week" at Inside Out Fitness all next week after the Super Bowl!-Rick Dant "THE" Trainer!"


Eating fruit is an excellent idea. Many of them are packed with vitamins and antioxidants and are low in calories. Limit your intake of citrus fruits because over time the acid can damage your teeth.

Drive car until you're a hundred!

Now I can believe that New Year really started! And it started very strong, with cold, wind and snow. I never saw it here before! So we have to be strong, too! Like real New Yorkers, resisting this harsh weather!   My attention was caught by an article in New York Times for December 14, 2013. The title of the article is “The Aging May Have Alternative to Giving up the Car Keys”, from First Business Page.

Protein Tips

Loss of Posture in Golf

Source:                                                                Loss of PostureLoss of Posture i
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