Causes of Female Pattern Baldness

Female pattern baldness refers to the most common type of hair loss that occurs in female. It occurs when the hair follicle shrinks. Hair follicles are tiny holes in the skin in which each hair strand sits. When the hair follicle shrinks, it results in shorter and finer hair. When this happens, the follicles may not grow into new hair. Finally, the follicle stops growing new hair. Reasons for Hair Loss In Women. However the follicles remain a live meaning that new hair can grow at some point.

Meet the Trainer of NAPS 2 B Fit

Email:    Phone: 610-294-8296.  Hello, I am Natalie, of NAPS 2 B Fit...Customized Health + Fitness Programs. Please contact me directly by phone or email, which are provided above, to speak about your needs and wants.This is a free service that gives you the chance to become acquainted with me and what I can do for you.I look forward to speaking with you.Thank you and good-bye.

Hydrating and the Health Benefits of Water

Us Floridians have entered our hottest months. Summer can have brutal heat. One of the things so important to our health, and particularly during these months, is keeping ourselves hydrated. Human bodies consist of 60% water. During these hotter months and exercising outdoors, remember to pre-hydrate, hydrate during, and rehydrate. Be aware of the signs of dehydration, ie., thirstiness, dry mouth, and energy depletion. Worse symptoms could be cramping, headaches, nausea, etc. Check your urine color. The lighter the better. Sipping all day long and carrying a water bottle with you is best.

New Ways To Enhance Health With Herbal Supplements

Let’s face it:  everyone wants to be healthier than they currently are.

Perfect Backyard Studios For Your House

Every household can deal with several different problems. However, the problem of space is always the kind of problem that you want to meet. We all know how frustrating we do have to throw away your memories just because you have no place to put them. If only there was a way for you to have more space around your house to store your favourite things without having them all around, all the time.

The Most Common Issues Runners Have with Their Feet

Running is a wonderful way to improve the health of your whole body. It works to prevent heart disease, type 2 diabetes, obesity, stroke, high blood pressure, and more. Running can also help people to deal with stress and worries in their life. While it offers a whole host of benefits, unfortunately it can sometimes lead to injuries and issues with your feet. Here’s a look at the most common issues runners encounter with their feet.

Coming Back from a Sports Injury: 5 Things You Need to Remember

Anybody who leads a physically active life will eventually suffer from some form of sports injury or the other and coming back from those will always be tough. A shoulder dislocation during football practice, a torn hamstring in the middle of a soccer match, or maybe a ligament injury at the gym; the probabilities are numerous, but these five tips will help you come back strong from most sports injuries.

The 6 Pillars of Physical Therapy

There have been many innovations in the field of physical therapy over the years, which have contributed to the treatment being more effective than it ever was before. Nevertheless, the older techniques are still considered to be the basics of physiotherapy that constitute the core of the discipline. A good physiotherapist combines the old and the new to create the perfect treatment plans for its clients and they revolve more or less around the following methods:

Is Laser Eye Treatment Right for You?

Vision correction of one form or another is something that 75% of people in the U.S. can relate to, according to the Vision Council of America. Of that percentage, about 64% wear glasses. While glasses have their pros, they can also be a hassle to wear. There are plenty of situations where glasses just aren’t ideal, but you may not feel comfortable wearing contact lenses. This is exactly why so many people are now turning to laser eye treatment. 

Are weighted blankets meant for elders?

Weighted blankets are becoming a popular treatment for patients who need calming. Autistic children, psychiatric patients and the elderly suffering from anxiety or dementia disorders may find relief from weighted blankets.
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