Change You Must....

Change you must...

Useless Gym Activities


Get Fit With A Friend

Many of us find it hard to stay motivated to exercise. We know we need to, but we put it off for tomorrow, or next week, or longer. It’s hard to hold yourself accountable. If you don’t have a personal trainer then this is when you call a friend or neighbor. That’s right, grab a buddy. Who knows, that person may need you for the very same reason.

Quick Desk Workout

Is work stressing you out? Are you short on time? Do you want to feel better during your day?This quick workout at your desk will help you feel better mentally and physically.

5 Exercises To Stay On Track This Holiday Season

With the holidays being a busy and stressful time of year the first thing that seems to get kicked off of our to-do-list is our workouts.

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Ran 146 miles this week training:"5000 Miles for the Big 50!"

Yoga, Being Well

Yoga seems very simple. Yet, yoga engages the most complicated kinesiology that a human body is capable of doing.

Aloha -- Knee replacements are successful!

I'm reporting back to you, my dear and special fitness friends, that my two knee replacements have been very successful, and that I am up and walking, dancing, hiking, biking and generally enjoying life.     I have written several articles about preparing for knee replacement surgery and one article about my rehabilitation process.  If you or any of your friends would like to receive these, I would be happy to e-mail them out.  Just e-mail me and let me know.   

Physical Fitness Benefits

by Marc D. Thompson. Most of know we should exercise regularly. But specifically why should we? Well here is a basic list of some of the physical, physiological and psychological impact fitness has on our bodies and our lives. Physical Benefits1. Reduced/maintenance of body fat2. Increased strength3. Increased power4. Increased endurance5. Reshaped body/body composition changes6. Increased musculature7. Improved joint stability8. Increased flexibility
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