National Posture Institute Research Review-BMI linked directly to hospitalizations: 4-year study, 250,000 people

BMI linked directly to hospitalizations: 4-year study, 250,000 peopleInt J Obes (Lond). 2012 Sep 18. doi: 10.1038/ijo.2012.155. [Epub ahead of print]Prospective cohort study of body mass index and the risk of hospitalisation: findings from 246,361 participants in the 45 and Up Study.Korda RJ, Liu B, Clements MS, Bauman AE, Jorm LR, Bambrick HJ, Banks E.Source

Taking on the challenge

I ran my first Tough Mudder this past weekend. It was awesome!! So now I have officially completed the Warrior Dash, The Rugged Maniac (twice), The Fugitive Run, The Spartan Race, and The Tough Mudder. All of them have had their challenging moments but I'd have to say the Tough Mudder and the Spartan Race were the most challenging. A few years ago I took the challenge of losing weight and becoming healthier all over for myself. Since then I've been constantly trying to challenge my body and have found that these races provide me with a way to do just that.

You Are Who You Are!

We are what we choose to focus our attention. Make that focus be all that you DO want in your life. Decide, Focus, and never give up on that will happen. If you found 1,000 ways not to do something, than imagine that 1001 way that did! Stay at it! It will be a success!


I saw a post that asked,What healthy choice did you make today?  If you can do something healthy every day, that is a start to a better way of life.  The problem I see a lot is my clients trying to change everything all at once.Take small steps and work your way up to big ones.  Before you know it, it will become a lifestyle instead of a chore. 

a true wellness leap

I made the leap. That leap from leaving what is unhealthy to what is healthy. My unhealthy was cramming 4 college courses (Physics, Anatomy&Physiology, Chemistry, and Human Grown & Development), teaching 5 college courses, and being a full time mom and wife. Yes, what was I thinking? 

Mushroom Chicken Salad

Chicken Salad is great on a sandwhich or eaten by itself with a side of vegetables or fruit. I like adding some veggies into my chicken and tuna salads for extra nutritional value and I always use GREEK YOGURT instead of mayo.... Ingredients:Cooked or canned shredded chicken (if canned,  make sure you drain it first)non-fat vanilla greek yogurt --> I love the sweetness from the vanillachopped portobella mushroomscrushed red pepper flakescracked black pepperdiced onions 

5 Week Eat Clean Program

I am so excited to introduce my 5 Week Eat Clean Program.  Read more about it and contact me if you're ready to reach your fat loss goals.

New Program

I am so excited. Today I talked to a psychologist/nutritionist Cheryl Butler that works with people who need to lose weight and together we are going to develop a program to help people change their lifestyles so that they can live healthy lives. She will work mostly on nutrition and issues in the head that hold people back from their dreams and I will work more with the physical strength movement and fat burn. This is an excellent opportunity to really make a lasting and long term difference in people's lives. So many people think that weight loss is really one dimensional.

One EXTRA day...

We are home!! After ONE EXTRA DAY of travel due to flight issues, I'm so glad to be home and back to my "farm" lol!! It's gorgous here right now-- beautiful fall colors plus tons of green still!! I love fall!!While I was gone I got in 2 runs for my workouts-- NO LIFTING-- so this week I'll be hitting the weights.

Why Me? Why NOT Me!

You’ve figured out how to get it done. Now figure out how to do it even better. Expect the best of yourself. Then find a way to exceed those expectations. Challenge yourself to exceed yourself. You deserve the best, and you deserve to keep making the best even better and better.
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