Bikes for Orphans

 I am so excited to share my experience as a volunteer for Bikes 4 Orphans 1st Annual Fundraiser.  How it all began:

Danilo Gallinari with the Denver Nuggets uses the CrossCore180® Rotational Bodyweight Trainer™

Danilo “Gallo” Gallinari with the Denver Nuggets performing rehabilitation exercises on the CrossCore180® as directed by his strength and conditioning coach, Steve Hess.

5 Ways to Feel Better Today

5 Ways to Feel Better Today 1.      Workout: A good workout will boost your mood, release anxiety, relieve stress and give you an energy boost to start the week.

A Long Road this thing on? I never thought two years ago that I would be sitting here getting ready to offer advice and guidance to anyone on fitness and nutrition.  It's been a little crazy around here and a bit of a whirlwind. So I guess the best place to start is with the name. After all what's in a name? For me everything.

Walk the Plank

Get Going!!

I am still training..Are You? 

Do you Have one of these Posture Problems?

Many of us have some dysfunction and asymetry in our backs. That usually causes us pain. Sometimes we can correct those imbalances with exercise. Here is a neat article that shows some of the common dysfunctions that you might identify with. Live Good,Mac Dodds,


I am usually heard saying that I live a very stress-free life, and it is true that very little fazes me. It helps that I have complete control over my schedule, and if I pack too much on my plate it is my own doing. I also limit my exposure to the news and do not watch on TV scenes of catastrophes that I can do nothing about. 

Yoga is good for you!

Hi there, I just wanted to share this cool link about some of the nice benefits of yoga that you may not have considered. Thank You and Live Good,Mac Dodds Live Good Fitness

There is always a reason why...

Have you ever had a day when things did not go as you had planned, where it seems like Murphy's Law is at work (If things can go wrong they will) well I had such a day but I must say I learned a few lessons from it. On the day in question I clicked on the wrong address in my GPS, this took me to sickleville New jersey instead of Princeton (1.5 hrs away). My phone was acting up and off course I was using it as a GPS.
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