Hey ya's, Happy Cinco de Mayo! I am so excited that so many of you are IN our 40 days to Fit contest!! You can start late and even if you don't fully join in you can still benefit from the AMAZING ATTITUDES caused by this contest! I promise that you will have more mojo after these 40 days! Join us!!Celebrate my 40th with me. Join us in for our 40 days to fit contest #buffmother #motivation #contest #bikini 

How your clothes can make you feel fat

I have a rain jacket that I have been wearing more than I would like recently due to the weather. However, the last 2 days,I have felt so uncomfortable and unfit ( I will use this word instead of fat). The jacket is 3 x's too big. The reason I bought it that big was to fit over any type of clothing I wore, but when I wear it, it's so big that I feel big. Many of us have skinny clothes, comfortable clothes and fat clothes. The days I wear my skinny clothes I feel pretty great!

Coconut Oil“ Is It a Good Oil?

It seems daily I have people contacting me about my thoughts on coconut oil… Is it a good oil? I am sure that you have seen coconut oil be more prominent in nutrition articles and other nutritional information.

How To Create A Healthy Meal Plan

Do you struggle when it comes to planning meals? I thought I would share “How To Create A Healthy Meal Plan.

Roller Balance Hip Extension

This roller hip extension is a tough exercise that works your core and requires balance and upper body strength.  Live Good,Mac Dodds

Rockfish, Mom's homemade peas, and a side of greens...

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