You know you need between 6-8 hrs. of quality sleep each night to help your recovery from your awesome training session today. Here are some foods that will help you get there. 1.Almonds: A handful contains muscle-relaxing magnesium and sleep-inducing tryptophan, which increases the brain's level of feel-good serotonin. 2.Skim milk: Mom was right -- a warm glassful will help you sleep better. The milk's tryptophan has a sedating effect.

Pilates for a Symbiotic Mind and Body

Wellness Matters Magazine May/June 2013 Issue You've Got to Move It, Move It!Pilates for a Symbiotic Mind and Bodyby Monique Molino 

8 Reasons Hills Make You A Better Runner

8 Reasons Hills Make You a Better Runner If you’re one of those runners who shies away from the incline button on the treadmill or picks an outdoor route that specifically avoids any type of hill, then you could be missing out. Taking on the challenge of running both uphill and downhill is a surefire way to make you a better runner, and here are eight reasons why. Uphill: 

National Posture Institute- Mother's Day Sale on Certified Posture Specialist & Certified Resistance Training Professional

Give moms the best gifts and help her stay healthy & pain-free! Sales include Certified Posture Specialist™, Certified Resistance Training Professional™, Posture DVDs and More! 

A Positive

It’s easy to make excuses and to avoid effort. Life has taught you that when you accept the risk, take action, and live with integrity, there’s no limit to the great things you can accomplish. Have the courage and faith to step forward and live Life to the fullest.

Robin Spence & Maegan Suzanne!

  Robin's new niece.                                     ..Maegan Suzanne 7lbs  10oz and 20 inches long  :))

Blackshear Run

  Don Varnadore scores 1st place on his run with 24:40 in his age division!! Congrats Don!!!

It's like pealing a fava bean

I love fava beans so I baught a huge bag of them at my farmers market last week.If you have ever pealed a fava bean you know it's a time consuming two step, rather tedius process.First the outer pod layer then the inner shiny shell. It takes longer to get to the actual bean than it does to saute and eat them.As I was pealing them, I started equating it to exercise. Implementing and or starting an exercise program can be daunting, it can be frustrating, it can be time consuming and tedius yet once the rewards come along it's so worth it's while.

5 Ways to Smash Your Biggest Exercise Excuses

 5 Ways to Smash Your Biggest Exercise Excuses 1. No Time: Schedule in exercise every single day into your appointment calendar. Wake up 30 minutes earlier, get to the gym at your lunch break, or go straight to the gym after work. Stick to this schedule every day and it will become a routine.2. No Motivation: Try something new. For example, sign up for a 5K, try a yoga or barre class, or join a small group fitness camp class, like mine at Pelham Bay Park.


MYTH BUSTING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Remember all that advice you received(maybe even some from me) that told you to eat your carbs during the day rather than at night to avoid weight gain. Bogus According to researchers who compared people who ate their carbs in the morning with those who ate them at night, the nighttime carb muncher's lost more body fat and experienced less hunger overall. Food for thought. 
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